TOP-5 adult products: food from the common table,which should not be given to children

In pursuit of modern fashion trends, parents are not always
correctly assess the risk and benefits of the introduction of new educational
techniques. For example, a pedagogical supplement that is invented for
more rapid adaptation of the child to adult food, it often becomes
source of health problems in the baby. Moms are trying to give children
try hard, difficult to assimilate food, because she herself
It seems quite harmless.


1. Meat from the common table

Giving your child a try of meat is possible only when
boiled or steamed. If the mother is on a plate
fried pork chop, then nothing but carcinogens baby out
she won’t get it. Even if the baby has no teeth and he can only
suck a piece of meat, then all the most harmful substances
formed during frying, easily get into his body.

2. Canned food

Preservatives in any food are contraindicated for
fragile child’s body due to its carcinogenic effect
negative effects on digestion and high risk of development
allergies. In addition, often cans are covered from the inside.
a special compound containing Bisphenol-A is also very harmful
a compound that, according to a number of European studies,
increases the risk of cancer, causes developmental delay and

3. Sauces


Mayonnaise, ketchup, salad dressings are a list of products,
which, as a rule, children like very much, but not only they are harmful
by moms and dads. In most cases, shop sauces
contain artificially synthesized substances that cause
allergies, disturb digestion and lead to obesity. In that case,
if you make homemade sauces from products from your garden, then
you can be sure that there is no excess “chemistry” in their composition and the child
they won’t hurt.

4. Mushrooms

Mushrooms – food is very heavy. For their digestion the body needs
use a large number of enzymes that the child has
just not enough. Until the age of three digestive
the system is considered immature for such experiments. Also need
take into account that even completely edible mushrooms can accumulate
toxic substances that grow along highways, near
industrial enterprises. Buying these products “with hands” need
be very careful.

5. Semi-finished products

Any semi-finished products (dumplings, khinkali, fish and meat patties,
meatballs, nuggets, etc.) contain chemicals harmful to
children’s body: preservatives, flavor enhancers, soy additives.
Soy is especially dangerous for boys as it increases the content in
female hormones and can cause a violation
puberty processes. We must not forget that all this
�A “bunch” of supplements often serves one purpose: to mask the taste.
poor quality product. Thus, manufacturers get rid of
from the “stale” product.

Additional list

It is possible to list products harmful to children for a long time, but to create
a short reminder for moms, we mention the most dangerous of them:

  • sweets – up to three years can not be categorically;
  • cakes and pies, especially with flavors and
  • sweet sparkling water is harmful both to children and
  • alcohol – goes without saying!

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