Top 25 useful devices needed by allto parents

Being a young parent is a big responsibility. Have
new moms and dads have a lot of fears and fears for life and
baby health. If you just started going through this hard
path, you need to learn a lot and have a lot of things to do. For
parents who would like additional help –
We offer an overview of the Mast of things.

1. Mattress for swimming. Unusual way
Adopt water treatments for the baby offers Blooming Baby
Bather. The soft and gentle sink bed will turn bathing in
safe process.

2. Silicone bottle with a spoon for
complementary foods.
Silicone bottle with a spoon very
compact and easy to use.

силиконовая бутылочка с ложечкой

3. Hammock for traveling on airplanes. To not
keep the child constantly on hand, especially during long periods
перелетах, можно уложить его на специальное сидение-гамак и
enjoy the journey with comfort.

4. Baby bed for traveling. Belgian
designers came up with such a bag-bed for a comfortable sleep in
the road. Now mom has nothing to fear that her child can go somewhere
accidentally “roll” at night.

5. Bag for stroller. You probably know
how many little things mom or dad takes for a walk.
Now you can attach the bag to the stroller handles, and enjoy
walk light.

6. Children’s urinal (or bidet). Useful
device for teaching the child to the toilet.

7. Feeding bottle. Parents are often not
enough extra hands, because you need to control the machine and the child
to feed. Now you can attach the food bottle to the car seat.
and calmly drive. Baby can at any time

8. Medicine bottle. Such
the device will help to take medicines without hysteria and tears.
The potion hides in a colorful cup, and maybe a child and not
notice the substitution.

9. Reminder for the bra. Such
the fixture is used in order not to forget which
breast mom fed for the last time. Young parents are so
tired and exhausted, that sometimes they forget about the simplest things.
The little reminder provides a great service.

10. Portable ultrasound. If you are preparing to become
mom, and you want to watch your future baby,
There is a home personalized ultrasound machine. You can use it
using a smartphone.

11. Support chair. Chairs are different
shapes and all sorts of colors. Very comfortable for the child and calm
for parents, because the baby will not crawl anywhere.

12. Bath mat with pockets. Such
The useful rug is suitable for parents with newborn children.
Во-первых, мамам удобно стоять на коленках пока купаете
baby Secondly – you can keep in your pockets all the necessary
items for swimming.

13. Dummy with protection (Self-closing
This dummy does not need to be washed after
the child dropped it on the floor, because it closes automatically during
fall time.

14. Чехол для автокресла. Case saves
the normal temperature of the chair when in the cabin in the summer occurs
steam room

15. Diaper in the form of a cocoon. “Woombie” –
original and easy way for swaddling small children. WITH
so cocoon does not need diapers.

16. Cycle car. For активных родителей нет
nothing is more pleasant than spending free time in four walls,
and in the fresh air with the child, and at the same time keep yourself in good
physical form.

17. Radio nanny. Now iphone can
use even to monitor the baby (how to choose
baby monitor).

18. Separator for a bath. To not тратить
plenty of water to fill a full bath – use
delimiter. Now you do not need to buy a baby bath, because you can
make it yourself in just one minute.

19. Kengurushka for mother and child. In the cold
the weather and mother and child will be comfortable and warm to walk in such

20. Haveдлинитель для боди. All parents understood on
experience how fast young children grow and how often they need to buy
im bodie WITHпециальные удлинители продлят время службы детских
of things.

21. Children’s Remote for TV. Colorful
a baby remote will entice your child for a while. Besides
красивого дизайна, его еще можно запрограммировать
на 5 возможных детских каналов. The child learns himself
include cartoons – and this is a small step towards independence.

22. Dummy thermometer. WITH такой пустышкой
It’s incredibly easy to change a child’s temperature (detail).

23. Blanket envelope for car seat. Highly
comfortable blanket for the car seat, which can be wrapped
пристегнутого baby

24. Extra bed. Culla Belly – perfect
bed for a newborn at arm’s length from
moms. Now you don’t have to get up at night and go to another room,
because the baby is near you (how to choose the added bed).

25. Adapter for bottles. Such адапер
turns any bottle into a nursery. If the child needs to drink, and
You do not have a baby bottle – the adapter will provide you with a great service.

This is not the whole list of useful things, but the most basic. Can I have some more
Add SaddleBaby, a device for young dads. Such thing
make walks more fun.

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