Top 20 best toys for children 4-5 years old (toysbestsellers)

If at an early age, children are more likely to simply master different
skills and actions with objects, then at the age of 4-5 years obvious for
all becomes the real child’s play. In the game baby
comprehensively develops: physically, emotionally, intellectually.
A five-year-old child is already a preschooler who needs to learn.
think logically, make relationships, abide by the rules,
find solutions to different problems. Toys in this process play
very important role, because with the help of them the child models the future
�”Adult” reality, receives the necessary experience and
just the fun of the game process. In this article – rating
20 самых лучших игрушек для мальчиков и девочек 4-5 лет.

По теме: влияние игр на развития детей.


10 toys for girls

  • 1. BABY Born doll

Кукла BABY Born

Girls start playing “daughter-mothers” rather early. Of this
interactive baby can not only roll in a stroller or
swaddle. Baby doll Bon “knows how” to twist water, eat porridge, write in
pot, blink, wiggle hands and feet. In addition, the doll
You can purchase various accessories from clothes to diapers. By playing
such a doll, the girl learns to care for the baby, “training”
the instinct of caring for a helpless being. During these games girl
is already beginning to prepare for the main period in his life –

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girls in 2015

  • 2. Easel

мольберт детский

Drawing for a 4-5 year old child is not just a way
pass the time. It is an integral part of development and knowledge.
the world around us. Drawing on the easel allows the child
feel like a real creator. Easels great easel
many: floor and table, with a surface for drawing
markers, crayons or paints on an attached sheet of paper.
Most models combine several functions. To drawing
on the easel you need to adapt, because it has some nuances
compared to drawing on a horizontal surface, but children
easily overcome all barriers.

  • 3. Cubes for learning to read


At the age of 4-5 years, many children already know the letters, so you can
move on to the next stage – learning to read. For such babies
There are copyright teaching methods of reading, with which
In a playful way, you can teach a child to put letters in syllables, and
syllables – in words. Well proved in this topic cubes
Zaitsev and Chaplygin’s cubes. Both methods are suitable for home use.
learning, but among themselves they have differences: on the Zaitsev cubes
syllables are written, and on Chaplygin’s cubes there are separate letters.

  • 4. Dance mat


A great option for rampant fun – dance
platform or dance mat. The toy will be good for
companies, and for single player. You can choose a dance mat
for every taste: on a soft or hard basis, on batteries or from
network, with the ability to connect to TV or without it. Such a toy
develops a sense of rhythm, speed of reaction, and also gives the sea
positive and gives a good physical load, so necessary
modern children. A rug is a great way to occupy children and
отвлечь их от компьютера (читаем
 10 признаков зависимости детей от
компьютерных игр и интернета: вред от компьютера)

  • 5. Kits for needlework


Now that manual labor is becoming less and less,
girls just need to attach to needlework. Kits for
crafts are convenient because in one box there is an instruction right away,
and all the necessary materials. In specialized stores you can
choose a set for every taste: weaving bracelets of rubber or
beads, creation of accessories for hair, jewelry, embroidery
crosses and more. In addition to the development of fine motor skills, classes
handicraft trains perseverance, accuracy, develop
the ability to patiently sit at the hard work.

  • 6. Kits for сюжетных игр


In the role-playing game, the child loses familiar situations
from the “adult” life. For girls there are wonderful play sets on
the theme of household affairs: kitchen, kitchenware, laundry and ironing,
cleaning. A great option would be sets for story games in
Professions: doctor’s set, hairdresser, cash desk and baby scales for
games shop.

  • 7. Board games


Board games have always been popular with children. Except all
famous lotto and dominoes, now there are a huge number of games
developing different abilities. For example, expressive girls
I always like the board game “Aktivity”. The game suggests
several participants, each of which needs to be explained
word or concept with pantomime, pattern, or synonym. This
the game contributes to the development of figurative thinking and emotional

  • 8. Puzzles


Puzzles haven’t lost their popularity for a long time. If kids
collect puzzles from 2-3 elements, then children 4-5 years old are already capable
collect pictures from a variety of details. Collect puzzles –
meditative exercise, it is very soothing. In addition, in the process
this occupation develops attention, figurative thinking, motility
hands Picking pictures from individual parts involves
almost all mental operations.

  • 9. Kits for творчества


Of course, it is the creative component in such sets that is a bit
lame, because the child does not create anything new, but acts on
instructions, but, nevertheless, such sets are very loved by children. They
allow rather not to develop creativity, but to work out some kind of
skill and concrete action. Depending on what it is to
baby, these can be plaster kits,
pictures from sand, drawings by stained glass paints, etc. In some
Kits are available: photo frames, piggy banks, wooden
figures to be decorated. After working certain
skills on the finished set, the child can safely proceed to
own creations.

  • 10. Soft toy antistress


Soft toys with a special “ball” filler literally
не хочется выпускать из hands Such toys can be strongly crushed and
compress, it is very soft, pleasant to the touch and never loses
form. The effect of this toy is extremely positive: removal
emotional stress, the output of emotions, and in addition to this –
development of fine motor skills.


10 for boys

  • 1. Designer LEGO

конструктор лего

The designer is a versatile and very useful toy.
Games with the designer contribute to the development of fine motor skills,
fantasy, engineering thinking. A great option for a 4-5 boy
years are the designers of Lego and their analogues. Such constructors
issued in series, so you can pick up on topics and subjects:
pirates, knights, etc. From the parts of the constructor, you can build the whole
cities are not limited to manufacturer instructions. Usually this
occupation does not leave indifferent and adults, therefore
Lego design is the whole family.

  • 2. Designer dinosaur on
    radio control

Конструктор-динозавр-на-radio control

Designer dinosaur, which after the assembly and installation of a motor
able to move himself, already very fond of boys. In the process
assemblies can try different combinations of parts, using fantasy
and imagination. The work with the designer develops fine
motor skills and logical thinking.

  • 3. Radio-controlled machine

Радиоуправляемая машинка

In 4-5 years, the boy is already able to comprehend wisdom.
remote control, so the machine on the remote necessarily
will delight. Such a toy отлично развивает координацию
movements, reaction speed and spatial thinking.

  • 4. Railway


Despite its age, this toy has not yet lost
its relevance. Any boy will be very interesting at first.
build a railroad and then watch as it moves
composition. By the way, usually toys suggest several options.
traffic patterns so the child can develop skills
design, choosing a particular scheme.

  • 5. Auto track


Any boy loves auto racing, so the autotrack
be sure to like. You can play this toy like
group, and one. Construction of the track is fascinating
occupation, developing design skills. Team play
accompanied by rivalry, and this is a very important experience for the child:
take victory and lose. A huge plus of such a toy is
that it is able to supplant a computer game, because the real
Racing is much more interesting.

  • 6. Table hockey or football

Настольный футбол

Another great alternative to computer games is
table football or hockey. The rules of these games are quite simple, and
the benefits are enormous. In addition to the sports component – excitement and
competitiveness – such games develop the vestibular apparatus,
reaction speed, motility.

  • 7. Board games для мальчиков


Boys are very interested in logical board games in which
you need to find the right paths, make decisions, look for
exits from dead ends. Very suitable for a boy of 4-5 years will be
games “Pathfinder Kolobok” and “Pirates hide and seek”. These games contribute to
development of spatial, logical thinking, cognitive
способностей и даже моторики hands

  • 8. Sports area


At the age of 4-5 years, the boys are very mobile. Their activity is better
send to a peaceful course, especially since the child himself becomes
It is interesting to experience the possibilities of your body: climb the tightrope,
pull up on the horizontal bar, hang on the “wall of Sweden.” The most
the main thing is to make the sports area safe: securely fasten and
put on the floor mats. In the minimum option in the sports area
should be rings, rope ladder, wall bars and horizontal bar.
If budget and space allows, a corner can be equipped
slide, swings and other “chips”.

  • 9. Children’s synthesizer

Детский синтезатор

Children’s synthesizer is a great toy for bringing a child to
music You can start playing by numbers (find notes of songs,
recorded in figures, can be on the Internet), and eventually get
to musical notation. Plus the synthesizer is that it does not reproduce
only sounds of the piano, but also allows you to apply other options

  • 10. Twister


По теме: ТОП 10 видов спорта и спортивных
entertainment for children from 0 to 5 years

This весёлая игра нравится и взрослым, and children. Except so
physical activity necessary for all, it contributes well
development of coordination of movements, dexterity, and also develops
social skills. In the process игры исчезают многие коммуникативные
barriers, there is a rallying of players.

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children’s toys

The youngest preschool age is the best time for
comprehensive development of the child. One age crisis has passed,
the next one is still far away, the child is full of strength and energy for
new knowledge, skills and experience. Properly selected toys
contribute to the harmonious development of the child and help parents in
a difficult matter of education.

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