Top 20 best films for pregnant women

Pregnancy – очень ответственное и сложное время
for women, when hormonal storms rage in the body, mood
меняется по 100 раз в день, а иногда в голову лезут не самые
pleasant and helpful thoughts. Emotions of the future mummy directly
reflected on the state of the baby, making the crumbs nervous,
spin and kick. To cheer up and morale, no
nothing better than watching positive and good movies with happy
end, especially if they are devoted to pregnant women, children,
love, kindness, fun adventures, funny situations and leave
after a pleasant emotion. We present to your attention collections
из 20 лучших фильмов для беременных.

1. A little bit pregnant (2007)


Slacker in the prime of life and careerist Alison. What can they have
to be in common? – A child who was born after one
single night Will young parents be able to raise their
an unexpected child and build a difficult relationship?

2. Junior (1994)


Two male doctors are working on a new cure for miscarriage.
Studies have been conducted, tests on monkeys were successful, but
supervisory board freezes the project. Dr. Arbogast incites
his colleague on the unthinkable scam – drug testing in humans,
more precisely – on the doctor Alex! For this, he kidnaps the donor
an egg cell in a university lab, fertilizes it and
puts Alex in the abdominal cavity …

3. Nine months (1995)


Young happy couple from San Francisco – child psychotherapist
Samuel and dance teacher Rebecca have been together for five years. Rebecca,
like any normal woman, dreams of a child. Samuel is afraid
change. Begins the countdown of nine months of pregnancy. Friend
Samuel, the unfortunate artist, broke up with his beloved, because
не хотел иметь children He says that an unexpected pregnancy –
a knife in the back of a man, and only low and vile
women. Quarrels begin between lovers because it is necessary
look for a big apartment, a big car, get rid of
the cat. Rebecca decides that he will leave Samuel if he doesn’t
put up with the thought of a child …

4. Juneau (2007)


Sixteen-year-old schoolgirl Juno McGuff finds out that she is pregnant
from his friend Paulie Blicker. First she wants an abortion
later refuses this thought and decides to give the child to
adoption. But in the future everything will happen differently …

5. Oh, who would say (1989)


Meeting customers is bad form, let alone getting pregnant at all
nasty business So it happened. Albert, a former lover, throws Molly
in position, choosing a new object for admiration. On the way to
Molly’s hospital meets a good taxi driver, James. The doctors
allowed the young man to attend childbirth, deciding that it
her husband. But childbirth is only the beginning of the adventures of the nurse, James and
born karapuza …

6. Plan B (2010)


Artificial insemination is the only chance to become a mother for
a lonely 30 year old Zoe. The plan was a success, a long-awaited pregnancy
it has come, but here Zoe meets the love of her life …

7. How long? (1988)


Another story about teenagers, where young heroes decide to give birth
child against the will of the parents. Young people just finished
school and received scholarships in prestigious universities, but waits for them completely
another fate. Hard work Wall and Darcy Depression after childbirth –
a heavy burden on the shoulders of youth …

8. Big Dad (1999)


32-year-old Sunny Koufaks – a big child, shifting everything
chores on the shoulders of his girlfriend. By chance he needs
look after the little boy. Sunny’s life is full of fun,
he carries the boy with him everywhere, he resolves everything and he ottyagivaetsya
full, but gradually comes to him the awareness of responsibility
for a child …

9. Intuition (2001)


Outside is Christmas Eve, and turmoil reigns all around, because everything
rush to buy gifts. It was at this time that fate drives heroes.
film, two complete strangers. Jonathan and Sarah
meet in the store when they try to buy the same gloves.
They spend a wonderful evening together during which
they talk incessantly, getting great pleasure from it, and
Each of them is waiting for a loving person at home. However when fit
time to say goodbye, before them is not an easy choice: continue
relationship or forget about everything and live on as if nothing is
it happened. And then Sarah suggests leaving the solution to this dilemma.
fate, because if it pleases, then by no means
will meet …

10. You have a letter (1998)


Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly are chatting over the Internet. U joe
there is a girl, Kathleen has a boyfriend, but only a friend can pour out her soul
to a friend. Kathleen owns a small children’s bookstore
literature called “Shop around the corner”, passed to her from
mothers. For her, her three employees and customers is not just
The place of work is an oasis of warmth, humanity and culture. Joe
owns a network of huge Fox and Sons bookstores. is he
opens such a complex next to the Kathleen store and comes to her
supposedly buy some books for children So their “live”
acquaintance. A little later, Kathleen learns that Joe is the owner
the supermarket, which threatens it with inevitable ruin – the prices there are much
cheaper. Naturally, she immediately hated the soulless
competitor. And on the Internet, their romance continued …

11. Love and Doves (1984)


Simple village man Vasily, head of a big friendly
family, lives a normal life, loves wife and children, work, and has
He has a great hobby – he breeds pigeons. Wife is not always
it shares his passion, sometimes they even swear because of the empty,
in her opinion, wasting time and money on romping with birds. once
Basil, after an injury at work, gets a ticket to
sanatorium, goes to the south, and there meets a woman who is under
the influence of the moment seems unusual to him, understanding him … And from the resort
he is not going home, but to her. His family takes it so badly.
betrayal, and he, being cut off from his usual
life, already myself would be happy to return. Because in new life,
incomprehensible, no his favorite people, no wife, no pigeons …

12. Love by the rules and without (2003)


Playboy and conqueror of women’s hearts, Harry, even in adulthood
not ready to part with my passion. After a stormy night his
struck a heart attack. Young Marin leaves her lover in
country house with his mom Erica. Ladies the same age as him
they were not like a lady in love, but then he looked at the women
differently …

13. Oh, mummies (2008)


Two completely different women in the same apartment and nine months,
that will forever change their lives. Beautiful, successful and lonely
businesswoman Kate (Tina Hey) has always put privacy on
last place. And so, at 37, she finally realized that it was time
have a baby. There are one in a million chances of getting pregnant with her, and
Kate decides to hire reckless Angie so that she endures
a child for her … But a calculated plan and a well-organized life
Kate fly to hell when pregnant appears on her doorstep
Angie, who has nowhere to live …

14. While you were sleeping (1995)


Shyness prevents lonely Lucy from meeting a man
of her dreams, which she sees every morning. But helps case
and the girl saves a stranger’s life. Now she can admire him
all day long: saved Peter is in hospital without
of consciousness. The family mistakenly takes her for the bride, and Lucy does not
wants to dissuade these lovely people. After all, she had already become attached
to them, especially to brother Peter. And while unsuspecting
�The “groom” is sleeping, his “bride” no longer believes in a beautiful dream. Soon
Lucy will have to choose between a fairy tale and such a real one.
love …

15. Best friend (2000)


The years go by forever. Все попытки увядающей красотки
Эбби как преуспеть в делах, так и найти идеального
мужа пока тщетны, а времени на то, чтобы завести ребенка,
остается все меньше и меньше. The only close soul
в чью жилетку можно поплакать, кто поможет словом
и делом, — это лучший друг детства Роберт. True,
он гей, но ради дружбы готов на многое… Выход
из сложившейся ситуации нашелся неожиданно быстро…
Вечером — праздничная пирушка с лучшим другом,
утром — провал в памяти у обоих о событиях
прошедшей ночи, а через некоторое время
диагноз — Эбби станет матерью. Как выйти
из сложившейся пикантной ситуации? Life demanded adoption
difficult decisions …

16. Offer (2009)

Margaret is not just the boss. According to subordinates, she –
real bitch. They fear her, they hide from her,
hate Assistant Margaret, Andrew, is forced to perform all
her wishes and requirements – from a cup of coffee to after-hour work.
He is tired, but the dismissal is not included in his plans. Fate
unexpectedly changes everyone’s life: Margaret is threatened with deportation, and she
persuades Andrew to a fake marriage. Andrew carries a “young wife” to
relatives, confident in their universal love.

17. The Ugly Truth (2009)

The main character named Abby Richter works in television.
She produces the morning show and is proud of her resourcefulness –
quality, which in such work is indispensable. Alas, in personal life
she has nothing to be proud of yet: for some reason she cannot find her own
love and build a happy and long relationship. Abby like
bad luck: every date turns into a real
a disaster. Recently, and at the work of Abby, not everything went smoothly:
ratings fall, and the management of the channel hires Mike Chadvey –
special correspondent, who starts to lead the show with a speaker
“Naked Truth”, under which
provocative manner tells women how to attract and
keep a man The style in which Mike leads the show, and scabrous
Jokes throw Abby into shock, but she has nowhere to go – you have to
share with Mike the studio, because with the advent of his show channel ratings
soared to the skies. Maybe Mike’s advice would be useful for Abby herself?

18. Michael (1996)


His name is Michael. He lives somewhere in the backwater, in a burning down
motel in the middle of iowa. He loves booze, women and idle
of life. He is just an angel … Do not believe? He, as expected, has
крылья… Трое разочарованных в losers get their lives
the task of bringing him to the editorial office … The hunters for sensation meet
a man in a dirty T-shirt, with a penchant for cigarettes, drinking,
women’s charms, bad language and idle life, but with huge
white wings …

19. Там, где сердце (2000)

Tam gde serdtce

17-year-old pregnant girl Novali rides from Tennessee to
California with her boyfriend. However, in the town of Sequoia
boyfriend decides to drop her. The girl does not know what to do, but
finds the original way out of the situation: she is hiding in one
shop and secretly live there until she gives birth to a child …

20. Exchange Leave (2006)

Iris Simkins works in the London Daily Telegraph and
leads a popular wedding heading, lives in an English province and
loves a man who does not reciprocate her. Far from here in
Southern California, American Amanda Woods finds herself in a similar
situations. She owns a successful advertising agency and not
complains of a career, but in his personal life there are problems:
it turned out that the beloved is cheating on Amanda. Both women dream
change the situation and go on a little vacation, and search
a possible place to rest bring them to the site for the exchange of housing.
Acquainted in the Internet space, Amanda and Iris immediately
feel in each other soul mates and decide on two
weeks swap houses. Amanda finds herself in the snow
English province, and Iris – in the forever sunny state, to
celebrate Christmas and tune in to a new way. And fate gives
each one has a little Christmas miracle: lets find love
and feel the joy again.

Positive emotions from viewing good and bright pictures
help correct a fallen mood that changes so often in
gestation period. And bright thoughts, reminiscent of love and
kindness, give strength and help adequately withstand pregnancy and
upcoming childbirth.

Learning and learning can be interesting and useful for pregnant women.
познавательные фильмы: «В ожидании аиста», «Три периода родов»,
�”Conversations with Dr. Komarovsky”, “Happy

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