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Folic acid is extremely important for normal
the functioning of the whole organism. She is often called “female
vitamin. ” And although the B9 does play a big role on
throughout pregnancy, participating in the formation of a nervous
tube of the fetus and placenta, nevertheless the substance is necessary for
any person regardless of age or gender.

Best if folic acid is ingested
in a natural way with food. However, this is not always
happens enough, then come to the aid of medical

Folic acid function

Впервые фолиевую acid обнаружили в листьях шпината, отчего и
its name has gone (folium from an armor. “leaf”).

The main functions of vitamin B9 are as follows:

  1. The formation of red blood cells. Thanks to the vitamin in
    hemoglobin protein synthesis occurs, containing iron. With
    folic acid deficiency develops anemia.
  2. Повышении иммунитета. Vitamin B9 allows
    increase the body’s resistance to viruses and infections.
  3. Укреплении сосудов и поддержании нормального
    heart rhythm, as well as reducing the risk of developing diseases such as
    atherosclerosis, stenocardia, heart attack, stroke.
  4. Оказании благотворного влияния на рост и развитие детей
    and teenagers.
  5. Ensuring normal flow
    и формирования плода.
  6. Улучшении переваривания пищи, а также
    preventing diseases such as ulcers, gastritis, etc.
  7. Нормализации психологического состояния,
    because folic acid helps produce serotonin.
  8. Регуляции женского здоровья – отодвигается
    menopause, improves the flow of menstruation.
  9. Налаживании мужского здоровья – формируется
    the correct amount of chromosomes in the seminal fluid; and
    improves production, good condition and concentration

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Key recommendations

Some recommendations for consuming vitamin B9

  1. With приеме аспирина количество фолиевой кислоты в организме
    going down.
  2. With употреблении препаратов для лечения туберкулеза и
    epilepsy, as well as during estrogen replacement therapy is necessary
    take extra vitamin B9.
  3. Corticosteroids flush the substance out of the body, so together
    it is better not to take them.
  4. The action of folic acid can be enhanced with vitamin
  5. Under the influence of light, about 50% of the vitamin is destroyed,
    содержащегося в products.
  6. Folic acid is destroyed during heat treatment. Under
    high temperatures lose about 70-90% of the vitamin,
    contained in vegetables, 95% – in meat, more than 50% – in eggs.

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Vitamin complexes with folic acid

With нехватке фолиевой кислоты ее следует получать дополнительно.
This can help vitamin complexes, as well as vitamin B9 in
pure form.

If the body lacks only folic acid, and the rest
элементы в норме, то достаточно приобрести только фолиевую acid
in pills. With покупке важно обращать внимание на дозировку. Alone
funds can be used for prophylaxis, while others only for
treatment of severe vitamin deficiency as prescribed by a physician. To them
include drugs Folacin, Apo-Folic, containing 5 mg of folic

There are also comprehensive tools to restore
lack of several vitamins. Among these drugs can

  • Folio containing B9 and iodine;
  • Foliber – B9 and B12;
  • DoppelGerz active Folic acid – B9, B6, B12, C, E;
  • Maltofer – B9 and iron;
  • Folic acid with B6 and B12 from Evalar – B9, B6, B12;
  • Hemoferon – B9 and iron, etc.

For pregnant назначают, как правило, поливитаминные комплексы,
containing an increased dose of folic acid, as well as other
useful in the period of carrying a baby vitamins. To such drugs

  • Матерна, содержащая В9 в количестве 1 мг;
  • Элевит, В9 – 0,8 мг;
  • Витрум пренаталь форте и Витрум
    пренаталь, В9
    – 0,8 мг;
  • Прегнавит, В9 – 0,75 мг;
  • Мульти-табс Пренатал, В9 – 0,4 мг;
  • Алфавит Мамино здоровье, В9 – 0,6 мг;
  • Компливит Мама, В9 – 0,4 мг и т.д.

In any case, before using folic acid tablets
you should consult a doctor. Only he can determine
optimal preparation and dosage, depending on age,
health, lifestyle.

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What foods contain folic acid?

Folic acid is found in large quantities in the following.

  1. Greenery. Especially dark green lettuce leaves
    contain a large amount of vitamin. Consuming
    daily onions, parsley, spinach, lettuce can be provided practically
    the daily rate of substance.

  2. Asparagus. Of all the plants, asparagus is the most
    nutritious and dense product with vitamins B9. All varieties of asparagus
    rich not only folic кислотой, но и витамином WITH. Очень полезен
    celery, especially if added raw in a salad. He is not
    only rich in folates, it also fights kidney stones.

  3. Broccoli. In addition to vitamin B9 contain a lot
    other nutrients. However so that they do not collapse
    it is better to use the product either raw or slightly
    boil for a couple.

  4. Fruits. Papaya, grapes, banana, melon, strawberry,
    – источники фолатов. However, their greatest
    the amount is contained in citrus fruits – oranges, grapefruits,
    tangerines. Only one orange provides 15% of the daily requirement.
    vitamin intake.

  5. Бобы, фасоль. A lot of folic acid
    found in lentils, beans, beans, green peas. Large
    part of the daily norm can be obtained at the expense of a small bowl

  6. Avocado. This is not only a source of vitamin B9,
    but also fatty acids, vitamin K and dietary fiber.

  7. Cabbage. It contains not only folic
    acid, но и витамин С, позволяющий ей лучше усваиваться. Most
    useful Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. Only 250 mg boiled
    Brussels sprouts make up a quarter of the daily norm
    vitamin A. Cauliflower is best added fresh in salads.

  8. Seeds and nuts. Among the nuts are the richest
    vitamin – almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts. Adding seeds
    flax, sesame, sunflower in salad and other dishes, you can
    significantly increase the levels of folic acid in the body.

  9. Vegetables. Beetroot – one of the best sources
    folate, as well as a good product for removing toxins from the body.
    1 cup of corn contains approximately 9% of the daily requirement.
    vitamin A. Carrots are recommended to be consumed raw in snacks.
    or salads, as such, its 25 mg will give 5% of the daily norm.

  10. Liver. Especially helpful is lamb liver and
    calfskin Only 100 g of the product meets the daily need for
    folic acid. In addition, it is an additional source of iron.

  11. Eggs This is not only a source of vitamin B9, но
    also protein and other beneficial vitamins.

  12. Cereals. One serving ready to eat
    злаков содержит примерно 100-400 мкг фолиевой acid. Enriched
    Vitamin also bread, rice, oatmeal. Wheat, buckwheat, rye better
    is in germinated form, so a large number
    of vitamins.

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Table of folic acid (vitamin B9) content

Ниже представлена таблица содержания витамина в products
power supply.

Product Vitamin B9 in g per 100 g of product
Beef liver 0.24
Spinach 0.08
Hazelnut 0.068
Kidney 0.056
Salad 0.048
Wheat 0.04
Cottage cheese 0.035
White cheese 0.035
Crackers 0.021
Brussels Sprouts 0.031
�”Black bread 0.03
Oranges 0.005
�”White bread 0.028
Perlovka 0.024
Hercules 0.023
Manka 0.023
Pasta 0.02
Eggplant 0.0185
Sweet pepper 0.017
Pumpkin 0.014
Processed cheese 0.014
Green pea 0.012
Tomatoes 0.011
Cream 0.01
Horse mackerel 0.01
Carrot 0.009
Sour cream 0.0085
Watermelon 0.008
Kefir 0.0078
Sour milk 0.0074
Egg 0.007
Radish, turnip, melon 0.006
Cod liver 0.11
Walnuts 0.077
A heart 0.056
Cocoa 0.045
White mushrooms 0.04
Flour 0.035
Buckwheat 0.032
Sausages, sausage 0.0405
Pork fat 0.02
Oatmeal 0.029
Russian cheese 0.0235
Cauliflower 0.023
Peaches 0.008
Biscuit 0.021
Pic 0.019
Green onion 0.018
Brain 0.014
Beet 0.013
Cod 0.0113
Butter 0.01
White cabbage 0.01
Strawberries 0.01
Onion 0.009
Beef 0.0084
Potatoes 0.008
Rabbit 0.0077
Canned fish 0.0071
Tomato juice 0.006
Milk 0.005
Dried apricots 0.0043
Cucumbers 0.004
Mutton 0.0051

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Daily folic acid requirement

In order to avoid lack of folic acid in the body,
it should be given daily in a specific dosage.

Infants up to half a year should receive 65 μg of vitamin a
day, from six months to 1 year – 80 μg, from 1 to 3 years – 150
mcg, from 3 years old and adolescents – 0.2 mg. Adult
optimally requires 0.4 mg per day. Dosage in the period
pregnancy increases to 0.6 mg.

However, not only during gestation does the need increase
folic acid, but also in old age, after
suffered injuries and surgeries during active sports.

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Folic acid deficiency and its excess: manifestations

To determine the level of vitamin B9 in the body, you can use the analysis
blood. If the indicators are normal, they are in the range from 3 to
17 ng / ml. If the level is higher or lower than this value, then
возникает избыток или дефицит фолиевой acid.

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Which ones are irreplaceable?

As a rule, lack of vitamin B9 causes the wrong
nutrition. However, it may be associated with intestinal diseases or
dysbacteriosis, as well as the use of certain medicinal
drugs. Deficiency may manifest itself in the form:

  • folic acid deficiency anemia, which is expressed in lesions
    digestive tract, headache, lethargy and numbness
    limbs, weakness, fatigue, etc .;
  • problems with carrying is spontaneous abortion,
    premature labor, placental abruption;
  • difficulties with conception – infertility in both spouses, violation
    menstrual cycle;
  • congenital abnormalities of the fetus – low birth weight, cleft
    lips and palate, dropsy of the brain, etc .;
  • nervous breakdown, depression;
  • cognitive impairment – poor memory, insomnia, fatigue,
    irritability, aggression, increased anxiety.

Unlike folic acid deficiency, which suffer from 20
up to 100% of the population depending on the region, the excess is found
very rarely. This is due to the fact that vitamin B9 is water soluble,
therefore, if it is exceeded, it is simply excreted in the urine. An exception
are people suffering from severe liver and kidney diseases.
In this case, an excess can cause:

  • during pregnancy – excessive weight gain in the fetus, and
    greater risk of developing diabetes, asthma and a tendency to
    allergies in the baby;
  • in men, an increased risk of developing prostate cancer;
  • insomnia, irritability, irritability, etc.

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