Top 11 best children’s trampolines for home andstreets

Probably, there is no such child who would not like to jump on
trampoline This activity is not only fun and fun for children.
Trampoline is a real sports equipment, and jumping on
trampoline give a lot for the physical development of the young
little man. At the cottage or on the site of a private house to install a trampoline
no difficulty, but first you need to understand their types
and choose the model you want. This is what we do now.


What is the use of trampoline?

For children, playing on a trampoline is a delight and a sea of ​​positive
of emotions. But this effect is far from main. Trampoline’s main use
that it improves health and has a good effect on the physical

  • Prevents the emergence of excess weight (modern children often
    suffer from a lack of movement with all the consequences of it
  • Improves the activity of the cardiovascular system (jumping to
    trampoline – excellent cardio load);
  • Promotes increased endurance;
  • Develops the vestibular apparatus and coordination of movements;
  • Helps the development of all muscle groups, the formation of good
    �”Muscular corset”, correct posture.

Types of trampolines

Despite the fact that many trampoline is associated only with
children’s entertainment, it can be a serious sports simulator
for real professional athletes. Depending on the
The format of use can be divided into several types of trampolines:

  • Спортивный батут нужен профессиональным
    to athletes. On this trampoline is preparing for the competition.
    On a sports trampoline, a person can jump to a height of 10
    meters, so this simulator can be used either under the open
    sky, or in a special room with high ceilings.
  • Любительский батут необходим любителям прыжков
    in height or for aerobics. As a rule, amateur
    trampolines are smaller in size compared to sports ones, and are made from
    more “simple” materials. This trampoline is suitable for home
    use, can have a cheerful “children’s” coloring, and for
    safety during the game it is equipped with a protective net.
  • Надувной батут идеально подходит для children
    Usually such trampolines have the shape of a play complex with slides,
    labyrinths and various attractions. Huge plus inflatable trampoline
    in the fact that it is easy to store: in a deflated state, the trampoline takes
    little space.

The best models of trampolines for children

Read the prices, read reviews and order
батут можете в интернет магазине

и в магазине акушерство.ру — надувные

Sports shops offer many different types of children’s
trampolines. This product is so in demand that the creators of trampolines
try not to stand still, improving existing models and
regularly offering new items. Before choosing a trampoline, it’s better
just decide where and how it will be used. When is it already
came to purchase – be guided by the manufacturer and availability

1. Детские trampolines Hasttings

Детский батут Hasttings

Детский батут Hasttings с защитной сеткой

Hasttings brand itself is British, but trampoline productions
is located in Taiwan. Hasttings mainly produces sports
trampolines, для которых качество и свойства важнее дизайна. Such
trampolines внешне выглядят достаточно просто и строго, поэтому малышам
may not be very interesting. But a school child
Be sure to appreciate this trampoline. Trampoline safety
ensured by installing a protective mesh.

Разбег цен на trampolines Hasttings от 2000 до 35 000 рублей
(determining factors: trampoline size and equipment).

2. Безопасные семейные trampolines Springfree

батут Springfree

Springfree trampolines are best known to customers.
quality – security. The trampoline does not have solid parts that
may injure a child while jumping, the frame and the springs of the trampoline
Absolutely safe and hidden under the hopping surface. Family
trampolines suitable for both children and adults. For the little ones
home model of such a trampoline can be used as a playpen,
since it is equipped with a strong protective mesh. Reliability and
the solidity of the Springfree trampolines is undeniable: the trampoline stands
weight up to 500 kg and can serve 10 years. Springfree releases
как домашние, так и уличные trampolines разных форм. Street trampoline
resistant to cold and can be used at temperatures up to -25C. AT
unlike other manufacturers, Springfree is experimenting with
shape, offering a choice of round, oval, square

Диапазон цен на trampolines Springfree от 35 000 до 160 000 рублей
(домашние trampolines более бюджетны).

3. Американские детские trampolines Tramps


AT Америке прыжки на батуте – очень популярный вид спорта у
children Tramps trampolines are made from quality parts and tailored
all requirements, so they are very durable. Trampoline material not
loses its elasticity and does not sag. Only minus
Tramps children’s trampolines can be considered too simple and strict
design, because children love colorful and bright things.

Цены на trampolines Tramps варьируются от 5000 до 30 000 рублей
(depends on the size and configuration).

4. Крупногабаритные усиленные trampolines Oxygen


Most Oxygen trampolines are designed for outdoor use.
use, but in the product catalog can be found and home
models. Trampolines of this brand are equipped with a reinforced frame, therefore
suitable for both children and adults. Trampoline strength
reinforced with a propylene jump surface.

Цены на trampolines Oxygen колеблются от 3000 до 30 000 рублей
(depends on the size and configuration).

5. Голландские trampolines Berg


The range of trampolines Berg is very wide: from classic trampolines
to inflatable in a variety of colors and forms. Security and
the quality of trampolines is not in doubt: both child and adult
almost impossible to get hurt while jumping.

Диапазон цен на trampolines Berg от 12000 до 46000 rubles.

6. Надежные эстонские trampolines Garden4you


Reliability and качество материалов, из которых изготовлены детали
trampoline make it durable to use and safe:
the basis – galvanized steel, a jumping surface –
polypropylene. By the way, the trampoline mat does not deteriorate under ultraviolet
radiation, so the trampoline can be on the street

Цены на trampolines Garden4you колеблются от 9000 до 20000 рублей (в
depending on the size and configuration).

7. Классические детские trampolines Kids Exercise


Детские trampolines Kids Exercise изготовлены согласно всем нормам и
safety requirements. The design of the trampoline is designed with
physical features of the little jumpers, so the trampoline will become
for the child a wonderful trainer and diversifies his leisure.

Размах цен на trampolines Kids Exercise от 8000 до 19000 rubles.

8. Inflatable town Happy Hop


Надувные детские trampolines Happy Hop отлично подходят для дачи или
playground Their safety is confirmed by German
researchers and no doubt. Inflatable trampoline Happy Hop –
This is a full-fledged inflatable town, so the baby, he must
will like

Диапазон цен на trampolines Happy Hop от 2000 до 50 000 в зависимости
on the size and configuration.

9. Недорогие надувные trampolines Intex


Trampolines – only a small part of the range of inflatable products
Intex company. Specialization on inflatable products –
quality assurance and safety of children’s trampolines, since the whole
products are thoroughly tested and undergo a comprehensive
study. Intex trampolines are durable and safe for babies, and
besides it is very affordable.

Цены на trampolines Intex лежат в диапазоне от 1000 до 5000

10. Bestway trampolines for children from 3 years



Надувные trampolines BestWay предназначены для установки на улице. Their
compactness in the deflated state allows you to take a trampoline with you in
the trip. Надувные trampolines BestWay безопасны для детей старше 3 лет.
ATсе они прошли необходимый контроль и соответствуют требованиям
reliability and safety.

Цены на trampolines BestWay колеблются от 900 до 5500 rubles.

11. Надувные trampolines ATектор


Кроме батутов компания ATектор производит разные надувные
rides. Прочные материалы позволяют батутам ATектор служить
very long and be completely safe for the child. Bright
The colors and intricate design of these trampolines are very popular.

Цены на trampolines ATектор варьируются от 1300 до 2000 rubles.

ATыбирая надувной батут, не забудьте позаботиться об
electric pump: with the help of it a trampoline can be inflated
a few minutes while inflating with a hand or foot pump
have a long and hard. In addition, before buying
find out the exact dimensions of the trampoline and choose a place for it to
after the purchase there were no unpleasant surprises. If everything is ready – you can
choose a trampoline and go shopping, and then enjoy
acquisition and “rip” with the child.

Read the prices, read reviews and order
батут можете в интернет магазине

и в магазине акушерство.ру — надувные

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Trampoline my childhood :)


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