Top 10 tricycle modelsbicycle wheelchairs for children

The most popular “vehicle” for children from 1
up to 6 years old – wheelchair. Models of modern production
equipped with amenities for both the little owner and

  • Azimut, model of a 3-wheeled bicycle wheelchair
    Lamborghini AIR

Your attention – bike “Lamborghini” from the company Azimut.
The name is pathetic – let’s see, “what a beast”!


Wheelchair has a safety seat equipped with straps.
security. Задвинув ручку (управление рулем),  родитель
can turn it into a real tricycle.

Advantages of “Lamborghini Air”: wheels with bearings,
three-level seat, roof, bag and basket.

Designed for children from 1 to 5 years. Cost varies from 4
up to 7 thousand rubles.

  • 3-wheel Jaguar bike

Wheelchairs are often given not “bicycle”, but “automobile”
the names.

Proof of this – the tricycle is great “Jaguar”.

3-wheel Jaguar bike


Jaguar has a special sun awning (not all
models). The seat is reliable and durable, there is a handle for riding
child (steering). In the “tricycle” worked out and
entertainment part: there is a music module, amusing
ребенка в процессе прогулки (не все models). The bike possesses
good construction and wheels, which increases its stability on
the road.

�”Jaguar” is produced in many versions, so parents
easily be able to choose a model for their offspring.

The price is great low – 2-3.5 thousand rubles.

  • 3-wheel bicycle Lexus

�”Lexus” is designed for children from 1 to 4 years. Transformed
in a bicycle or gurney.

Lexu Trike велосипед каталка


The bike itself weighs about 7 kg.

The seat of the bike is medium in size. Имеются ремни
safety, protecting the child from various ills.

There is a removable roof-visor (decorated with dynamic
graphic 3D drawing) for protection from the sun. When it is useless
You can fold or remove altogether.

The parent handle controls the movement of the steering wheel, removable,
height adjustable and welded so that not
getting loose when turning.

A metal frame is installed on the Trike and, depending on
модели надувные / пластмассовые колеса.

The average price of Lexus Trike: 3800-10 000 rubles.

  • 3-wheel Injusa wheelchair

This wheelchair is made from high quality materials;
producer – Spain.

Injusa City 3-колесный велосипед каталка

A feature of the model is a universal purpose: you can
Use for children as 5 months, and 4 years! For baby
all conveniences are provided: a back and a seat with an opportunity
regulation (3 levels), reliable wheels, bright and interesting style

Mom will be pleased with the purchase, because the handle in Injusa City
rebuilt into three positions: the parent will be able to pick up
The best option for its location.

In the gurney there is a canopy, luggage bag, special foot
brake and the option “free wheel” that allows you to pedal in both
side and do not interfere with the parent to control the bike. There are 2
fasteners for bottles – on the steering wheel and the parent handle

The price of Injusa City, however, is high: about 8,000 rubles.

  • 3-wheel bike

Chip “Geobi” – a horn on the steering wheel, thanks to which
the child can feel like a real car driver.

3-колесный велосипед- каталка


The bike is light and good in design. Designed for children from
one and a half to three years.

All conveniences are standard: basket, handle (steering),
подставки для ног, руль с подъемом и удобная спинка
the seat.


Price – from 2.5 to 4 thousand rubles.

  • 3-wheel bike

Kettler is an expensive and reliable “tricycle”. He is the brainchild
German bicycle company.


He has his own peculiarities. A child, for example, “rules”
gurney itself. Parent handle is needed to follow the process.
Steering wheel adjustable.

Weight German engineers have done as little as possible
possible: 4-7 kilograms depending on the model.

Comes with a basket for things. Safety straps
bought separately from the wheelchair itself.

The average cost of “Kettler” is about 10 thousand

  • 3-wheel bike

There are no additional options in Chizhe. It is perfect in quality.
wheelchairs that can be used constantly and “ruthlessly” as
often come with things most children.

велосипед каталка Chizhik

Простой но прочный, «Chizhik» выдержит несколько лет испытаний. Of
advantages can be distinguished by the presence of a handle for the parent, rubber
lining on all three wheels, light weight, as well as miniature
The kit comes bundled.

This three-wheeled friend is relatively inexpensive: 3 or 4
тысячи rubles.

  • 3-wheel bike

German manufacturer of bicycles. Created for
children from one and a half to four years: depending on the model.



Puky wheelchairs are equipped with steering wheel lock and main wheel,
adjustable handle, seat belts, brake, reliable
спинкой the seat.

The gurney is controlled in two modes. Lead puky can like a child
through the pedals, so and mom with the help of the handle and “free
wheels. “

Цены на Puky варьируются от 3500 до 20 000 rubles.

  • 3-wheel bike

Wheelchair designed for children from two to four years.


On “Smobi” arranged a security system: present
special brakes and options to allow mom to steer the bike
in case of emergency. Smoby is equipped with reliable wheels.
awning from the sun, a basket for things and a parental handle.

Smoby produced many modifications of gurneys of varying cost and

Цены на велосипеды «Смоби»: от 3 до 10 тыс rubles.

  • 3-wheel bike Малыш

The model is maneuverable and durable. All features and additions
standard: handle, seat with backrest, wheels with rubber
tire linings.


The only caveat is the inability to move on the “Kid”
over long distances: this model is unsuitable for this. She is
ideal for small routes so that the child ride and
learned to pedal.

�”Kid” is recommended for children from two to five years.

Комплектация: ручка для родителей без управления
рулем, сиденье со спинкой, подставки для
ног, страховочный обод, руль с подъемом.

Стоимость его рекордно мала: не более 1500 rubles.

Instead of epilogue

We reviewed the most famous and significant species.
bicycle wheelchairs. We hope that the article helped you decide
with a choice. If the reader has his own questions or options – we are happy
hear it in the comments!


ДАЛЕЕ: Как научить ребенка кататься на
bike (tricycle and two-wheeled) – tips and


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