Top 10 things and means to care for yourbaby

Disputes around the necessary cosmetic products for children first
life has become commonplace. Especially do not agree
pediatricians and representatives of the older generation. As a result, young
Mom, who already does not have enough experience, finally
is lost in the recommendations. Some on this basis are starting to buy
half of the pharmacy, so God forbid something not to miss.

уход за новорожденным ребенком

We decided to explore what kind of cosmetics are
minimum required. So, the top 10 tools that should be
in the arsenal of every young mother.

Cotton buds

They will be useful to you for the hygiene of the ears and the treatment of the umbilical wound.
To clean the spout try not to use sticks, but rolled ones.
from cotton wool flagella.

Ordinary cotton buds for crumbs, of course, will not work. You
you risk injuring mucous membranes of the infant or leave
a piece of cotton in the ears of a child. For kids of the first year of life
cotton swabs with a special limiter were on sale,
which reliably prevents unreasonably deep penetration and
related injuries.

ватные палочки для новорожденных

ватные палочки для новорожденных

Обращайте внимание и на качество приобретаемого
«инструмента». In high-quality wadded cotton sticks
securely fastened to the base, and the container itself closes

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    One of the first questions for young moms is how to properly
    process the umbilical wound so as not to harm the baby – read
    detailed article;
  • Care for the newborn’s ears requires strict compliance.
    rules because it’s easy to hurt them. Read about proper care.
    ears of a newborn baby;
  • The question of how to properly clean your nose
    newborn baby from bastards or snot cares every
    new mother, read how to do it.

Wet wipes

This item of care should also be chosen carefully. Napkins not
should cause allergies, and the concentration of impregnation should be in
limits of normal.

влажные салфетки для новорожденных

Give preference to napkins impregnated with vegetable
extracts (chamomile, lavender, aloe). Pay attention to
The composition was absent alcohol, chlorine, various fragrances and preservatives.
The ideal packaging is considered a plastic container.


Without baby shampoo, you can safely manage only the first
a couple of months of your karapuz’s life. Then it is desirable to purchase
baby special shampoo for kids up to a year. Using it, you
easier to cope with various contaminants, excess fat and
crusted on the head crumbs. In addition, shampooing
This is an additional head massage that will strengthen the hair.
bulbs and will stimulate the growth of volovikov.

шампунь для младенцев

Do not buy shampoo in any case, if you
noticed the presence in its composition of the following substances:

  • diethanolamine;
  • 1,4-dioxane;
  • carcinogenic formaldehyde;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate.

Give preference to the means labeled “no tears.”
Such products do not cause allergies, have mild detergents.
properties and do not contain fragrances.

Детская присыпка

Средство используется в качестве адсорбента. Soaking up
excess moisture powder prevents your baby’s skin from
various irritations and reddenings.

детская присыпка

The classic powder powder is no longer as relevant as
earlier. When wet, it forms lumps, which is
An additional factor for the appearance of irritation. Now become
liquid talc is popular, which is not distinguished by the formation of lumps
and creates a protective layer on the skin of the infant.

жидкий тальк для младенцев


For kids under one year old, the best option is
use liquid soap. The composition of this soap should include
emollients such as glycerin or lanolin.

mylo dlya novorojdennyh

When choosing baby soap, pay attention to its compliance
State standards and the absence of perfumes in the composition. Give away
preference to remedy based on plant extracts with
dispenser bottle.

Baby oil

Oil for kids – a universal tool. Use it in
daily hygiene of baby’s skin, in order to remove crusts on the head,
in the process of massage and water treatments.


Baby oil

Oil should not contain dyes, preservatives and others,
substances harmful to the baby. When choosing it, pay attention to
the presence in the composition of plant extracts and the lack of smell.
The bottle should close tightly and have a dispenser.

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  • korochki-na-golove-mladenca

    Кожа новорожденного ребенка нежная и склонна к
    irritations, therefore, requires special attention. In order to
    avoid problems and inflammatory processes need to be carefully
    take care of it – the right skin care;
  • Perhaps every second baby has his head
    seborrheic crusts regardless of whether there are hairs on the head,
    or they are not – read in detail about the crusts and how for them
    look after.

Moisturizing cream

Apply this cream after water treatments. He is obligatory
order must be based on plant extracts and contain
in its composition glycerin. Mineral oils in the cream
undesirable, give preference to almond, olive or

Moisturizing cream для младенцев

Youбирая крем, pay attention to shelf life. If he
small means the product is really natural and passed

По теме: Как выбрать детский крем для
the smallest.

Diaper Rash Cream

The folds of the baby are unlikely to avoid such a frequent phenomenon
as diaper rash if you do not start using special

Diaper Rash Cream для грудничков

Youбирая такой крем, также обращаем внимание на его растительное
origin and absence of harmful substances. Do not forget about the term
shelf life.

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How to apply a cream under the diaper (+ rating of the best creams
diaper rash)


Detailed article about diaper rash and how with them


Hair brush

We do not need it to comb. We and comb something
so far nothing. Brushes for babies are purchased in order to massage the skin
головы и удаления надоевших корочек (ссылка на статью о
корочках выше)
. Therefore, choose the one that has a soft and
frequent nap It is desirable that the handle of the brush was made of
quality material.

щеточка для волос новорожденных

In a more “adult” age, when the baby will be more than six months,
You can buy baby scallop with rounded teeth.

Nail scissors

маникюрные ножницы для младенцев

In order to ноготки крохи постричь аккуратно, приобретать
Need scissors with rounded tips. Such a performance will help
prevent possible injuries. Pay attention to the blade – it
should be thin.

По теме: как подстричь младенцу ногти.

маникюрные ножницы для новорожденных

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Great well-being, no skin problems,
good immunity in a newborn depends on whether
мамочка правильно проводить гигиенические процедуры
read about the hygiene of a newborn child;

A small child requires constant care. Everything
means for this must contain a first-aid kit for children
newborns. Need to form it before the birth of the baby – many
составляющие аптечки понадобятся с первых дней жизни

list of first aid kits for newborns.

Watch the video: cosmetics and hygiene products

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