Top 10 sports and sports entertainment forchildren from 0 to 5 years

Any “right” parents do not just give their
child a lot of time, but also try to fully develop it.
The selection of the sports section often becomes the subject of numerous
discussions. After all, you want not only to develop, but also to deliver the child

  • Dancing


There are many dance styles – from ballroom to
рок-н-ролла (чечетка и хип-хоп, балет или балет-лайт, тектоник,
Crump, break dance, belly dance, latino, rock and roll,
буги-вуги и народные танцы, бальные (вальс, фокстрот и
. So you and your child can choose that circle
the focus of which you prefer.

You can give the child to the dance club at the age of 3-4 years.
For children of this age classes should be held twice
a week lasting half an hour each. Program as much as possible
Simplified for the youngest children, so classes are not
will bring your child too much overwork or

Dance classes help to form a beautiful posture, develop
plasticity and gracefulness, they train the sense of rhythm and are even capable
strengthen the respiratory system. That is why they are recommended to children.
with scoliosis or overweight.

When making a decision, consider your financial capabilities. Giving away
child in the world of professional dance, you need to periodically spend
funds for special shoes and concert costumes.

We read about what dance to give
a girl

How to choose a dance school? The benefits of dancing for girls.
The best age to start classes. What dance to choose for

На какие танцы отдать девочку

  • Gymnastics


There are two types of gymnastics – artistic and sports.
The first will like girls more, because she teaches gracefully
handle tape, ball and hoop. Gymnastics
involves exercises on the rings, parallel bars, trampoline or rope, and
because more suitable for boys.

Children can be engaged in gymnastics since 3-4 years. For many she
will become native, since at this age the child’s body is not yet
lost natural flexibility.

Gymnastics, как и танцы, развивает гибкость и грациозность.
In addition, in the process of training all muscle groups work, which
will have a positive impact on future sporting achievements
(gymnastics, a great base for other sports in
further). Gymnastics recommended for children having problems with

With all the positive qualities in such classes present
risk of injury, especially sports gymnastics.
The problem is the teaching staff – really
It is extremely difficult to find a competent teacher.

  • Trampolining


Such sports entertainment is not only fun.
spending time, but also a useful activity for all children

There are no age restrictions. The child can be allowed
jump on a trampoline from the time he began to stand confidently on

Trampolining способствуют развитию мышц всех групп, в том
числе и в дыхательной системе organism. In addition, they develop
coordination of movements and, as a result, help to improve
activity of the circulatory system and gastrointestinal tract.

If you choose the wrong trampoline, you will increase the risk of injury.
baby So try to choose the one that will
соответствовать возрасту baby

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houses and streets

  • Figure skating


This sport can surely be called a leader in the ranking
injury, despite all the beauty. It is suitable for those kids
who are not afraid to fall.

Start figure skating classes recommended as early as 3-4 years.
It is at this age that children best get used to the ice and
begin to feel it literally. To do
you need no more than two times a week for up to an hour (each

Figure skating поможет вашему ребенку укрепить иммунитет и
serves as a good prevention of colds. With
regular occupations – develops endurance, artistry and

The main disadvantage is injuries. But it can be avoided by doing
an experienced trainer who is able not only to teach a kid the basics
this case, but will also take into account the individual characteristics
организма вашего baby

  • Bicycle


Here we mean a full-fledged “transport”, and not any
bicycle stroller

Learning a kid to ride a bike can begin in two years. AT
this age, the child still can not fully keep his balance,
therefore we choose for him a 3-wheeled bicycle, which
overall dimensions will be fully suited to the child. Go over
on the 2-wheel version can be approximately 4 years old when the baby is already
will become a real racer on his iron friend.

There are a lot of advantages to such a pastime. Riding on
cycling not only develops the vestibular apparatus, develops
quick response and increases overall endurance, but also develops muscles
strengthens the heart muscle and is able to normalize exchange

With правильно подобранном «транспорте» минусов у такого занятия
not noted.

ATозможно заинтересует: 10 лучших
tricycle wheelchairs for children

  • Roller Skates


If you decide to introduce your child to the rollers, do not
disregard elementary safety rules. Withобретите
appropriate equipment, which is often offered in
complete with roller skates.

Teaching kids to ride roller skates can be from 4 years of age. AT
an earlier age you risk “earn” the wrong
foot formation. The main thing here is not to force
the duration of classes must be adjusted by the child himself.
With проявлении излишней настойчивости вы только отбиваете желание
to do

Riding on роликах способствует хорошей координации движений и
produces a quick reaction. With регулярных занятиях развиваются
all muscle groups.

The main drawback is injury that can be avoided by buying
all necessary means of protection.

Child on rollers in 3 years – downhill:

  • Swimming


ATодная среда близка любому человеку еще с момента
intrauterine development, which is why swimming can be called
one of the most rewarding sports.

You can teach your baby to float from the very first weeks of life.
It is desirable that the classes were conducted not by parents, but by specialists.
They will be able to teach your child proper breathing and
body position.

This sport is recommended for children with problems like
scoliosis and obesity. But besides the effect on the skeletal system of the body,
Swimming can strengthen the immune system and the cardiovascular system.
Swimming развивает all muscle groups. AT процессе занятий организм
learns to adapt to temperature extremes, comes physical
и эмоциональное расслабление, имеет закаливающий эффект.

  • Martial arts


The most popular are
секции: карате, дзюдо, ушу, самбо, бокс.

AT возрасте 4 лет детишкам преподают только азы выбранной
technology. AT основе обучения – упражнения на растяжку и общее
muscle strengthening. Full-fledged martial arts
It is recommended to start no earlier than 12 years.

In addition to strengthening the body and overall physical development
Oriental martial arts techniques aimed at setting
proper breathing, protection technique, teaches discipline,
develops accuracy of movements, coordination, dexterity and flexibility. AT
the process of training the child is not only physically healthy, but also
gets an emotional discharge.

The only disadvantage of such classes is possible injuries.

  • Skiing


Now this sport is gaining increasing popularity. AND
no wonder – skiing is a pleasure not only
children, but to all other family members.

You can familiarize a kid with cross-country skiing at the age of 3-4 years,
but with the mountain suffer to five. Fell in love with skis at this age,
the child can be friends with them all his life.

Skiing is a great workout for your back muscles, legs, and
press, develops dexterity and coordination. Yes, and in itself
outdoor activities will only benefit.

Skis are contraindicated only for orthopedic diseases and

Дети на лыжах, ребенку 4 года:

  • Tennis


Tennis – наиболее тяжелый вид спорта, поскольку выносливость
needed at the first lesson.

Withучать детей к теннису желательно в 5 лет. AT более нежном
age, the child does not yet possess the necessary abilities, and the load
training for him is unbearable.

ANDгра в теннис тренирует в ребенке внимательность и учит
make the right decisions. Logical thinking develops
which helps to predict the actions of an opponent.

There are practically no injuries to this kind of sport and injuries.

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– how to choose a sports section suitable for temperament,
the nature, constitution and health of the child

With выборе любой секции важно уделить особое
attention to teaching staff. AT первую очередь вы должны искать
good coach, not a prestigious school. AND обязательно учтите
baby’s opinion he has to go there with

Also before choosing the type of occupation is desirable
consult a pediatrician. ATозможно, у вашего крохи есть
some contraindications to certain types

The baby is too young to expect from him.
some great results. Just attach it to the sport, and
What will be his choice in the future – time will tell.

Children and sport

Your baby is growing up and you, as caring parents, want
give it to the sports section – because sport is health. And here
questions begin: at what age to give, what kind of sport
prefer – the coach will answer these and other questions
bodybuilding Olga Kurkulina:

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