Top 10 interesting Christmas gifts forchild 1 year

The approach of the New Year holidays brings a sense of unforgettable
surprises and favorable changes. And one year old baby with impatience
waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus, because this is his first New Year in his life
with gifts. Any parent wants to make this holiday for
your child is especially fascinating to positive
impressions were not forgotten for a long time. What is best to give the baby
on this magical holiday? We offer TOP-10 the most interesting and
useful for anniversary year gifts. All of them will immediately attract attention.
child, provide him long hours of self-study.

New Year’s Eve is a crucial moment in the life of parents
yearling. After all, it is necessary to choose a gift for a child so that he
interested him, became a source of positive emotions. Will give
Top 10 bright and informative gifts that are appropriate to put
under the Christmas tree.

что подарить ребенку на новый год

1. Developing tablet

Entertaining toy with a developing effect – probably the best
combination for a gift. And bright design, the ability
get to know the colors and expand the vocabulary will
the result of using such a children’s tablet. Nice melody
develop the baby’s ear for music, becoming an unobtrusive background for
interesting occupation.

детский развивающий планшет

You noticed how often he tries to look into your phone, and
if possible – and use it yourself? The tablet
will become an equally important gadget for the baby.

2. Designer with large parts

Today, designers are offered for sale in large
diversity. You can choose a version of the constructor that
has a maximum part size.


For example, MegaBlocks, in which the cubes are so large that
even if you want to swallow them is impossible. Color and Brightness
environmental friendliness of the material make it possible to use such
the designer even for absolutely small children.

3. Tent for games

Such tents are easily installed, have bright colors,
allowing the baby to create their own personal space. Into it
You can invite to visit, equip on their own.

детская полатка для игр

Easy care of the tent, the possibility of its transportation and
quick cleaning – additional advantages of this type

4. Inflatable pool filled with balls

A unique gift that will take the baby for a long time.
At the same time it is safe, durable enough. Multi-colored balls
will develop the child’s imagination, will be introduced to the flowers.

Надувной бассейн с шариками

Tumbling in such a pool is a pleasure for one year old

5. Современный говорящий робот Бибо

Robot Bibo (there is a mini version, there is a little more) will support
conversation with one year old baby. After all, he knows how to repeat words, teaches
account. You can sing and dance with him – the anniversary will be happy
have such a friend!

бибо робот

6. Sanosan Active box with a book

This is both a development book and a front door with a bell, a steering wheel with
гудком, кнопочный телефон и телевизор, — такой подарок очень
for a long time will take even a particularly restless child. After all, in a toy
There are all the attributes of adult life. Namely, they are especially
interested in the baby. Это игрушка из семьи бизибордов.

Sanosan Активный короб с книжкой

7. Magnetic puzzles

The developing effect from puzzles is undoubted. Presence on them
magnetic holders allows you to decorate the fridge with new
image and get the concept of the part and the whole.

Магнитные пазлы

8. Sorter toys

Sorting toys teach to distinguish colors, shapes of objects, logically
to think. Several options for sorter gives you the opportunity to choose, bright
design and large details will provide many new impressions and
full security.


9. Piano “Azbukvarik”

For example, “Azbukvarik” will be an excellent opportunity for
self-playing simple melodies. And listening
famous children’s songs will develop a musical ear, entertain

Пианино Азбукварик

10. Runbike

And let this gift be for growth, but the benefits of it
is obvious. The development of physical abilities, the desire to master
new skills and security – these goals are pursued
was running. After all, very soon the baby will independently run, and such
the gift will make his pastime especially interesting.


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