Top 10 harmful tips grandmothers

Surely every mother, while still pregnant, listened more than once.
the absurd admonitions of their mother or mother-in-law about their
of pregnancy. And after the birth of the baby, everything was only getting worse.
Our newly made grandmothers want to make their
�“Correct” contribution in raising a child, thereby spoiling the child
and relationships with your children. And you can’t argue them,
The only answer is: “I am experienced, I have lived my life!”, “In our time
they did just that! ” Well, how can a young mother find harmony,
when a bunch of smart advisers started around? How to be here
calm and not to break? Probably worth giving a read this article.
ALL grandmothers!

To your attention the most absurd bad advice, which for a long time
denied all possible experts:


1. “The diaper is evil!”

Grandma, calm down already! The diaper is not replaceable.
thing that could come up! Mommy no longer have to get up by
10 times a night and change diapers, and baby’s prickly heat happens without
any diapers.

2. “The child must be swaddled, and even better –
pull tight legs, that would be smooth grew. “

Well, if the grandmother is not against the child to drag the legs, then what is there
wonder if the baby will soon be diagnosed: “dysplasia
hip joint “. Here you have straight legs …

3. “Do not kiss the child on the lips! Start talking

In fact, the child is really not worth kissing on the lips, all the same
microbes enter. And the child will begin to talk when he himself
will be ready for this.

4. “Before each feeding my breasts
soap! “

Yeah, and then mom suffers with cracks in her nipples. 1-2 is enough
wash the breasts once a day with plain water. Soap dries and annoys
tender nipples.

5. “Child for the year to shave on the bald, that would be hair
thick grew! “

If the child’s parents do not have thick hair, then let
at least 20 times his shave, from this the quality of the hair does not improve.
Hair density depends entirely on genetics. (read on the topic:
baby haircut in a year – a necessity or tradition)


6. “The child must be bathed in hot water, otherwise
will catch a cold. ”

Well, not in boiling water at once? And then they wonder why baby
afraid to swim and cry all the time in the bath?

7. “It is necessary every day to lick the child forehead – so as not to
jinxed! “

Well, at least forehead … what can they not think of! All superstition is
the invention of lonely grandmothers, who have nothing to do sit on
shops and make up any nonsense …

8. “If the eyes fester you need to wash the chest

And then the child will start conjunctivitis. In this case
only the doctor with the prescribed medication will help.

9. “A baby from birth needs a pillow”

In general, a pillow for infants, especially for a newborn – is
dangerous thing! He can bury her and suffocate. None
pillows do not need a child up to two years, they interfere with the formation
cervical vertebrae.

10. “No child is allowed in the first month of life

This is from the same opera about the “evil eye”. Better of course not lead
a lot of people, all the same microbes can bring different.

And this is only a small part of all grandmother’s instructions! BUT
because many mothers strictly follow every advice, trusting grannies. but
некоторые просто стbutрbutются не портить с ними отношения, слушbutя
кbutждый подобный бред. Печbutльно, прbutвдbut? BUT ведь это здоровье нbutших
children Бbutбушки, одумbutйтесь! Нbut дворе 21 век!

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