Top 10 gifts for boys by February 23

Playing from an early age in knights, and now in
star wars and heroes of tolkien, boys from childhood feel
fighters, defenders and February 23 waiting for attention and gifts on a par
со взрослыми мужчинами и мама не будет мамой, если не
will be confused and will not give a cool thing – with love and faith in his

подарки на 23 февраля детям

1. Pistol

While show films about the war and there are military parades, boys
all over the world will play “warts”. And while the young warrior did not take
in the hands of this dangerous object, it is better to provide it with safe
game weapon. War games may or may not
like mom, but the fact remains: the boys love them and
регулярно практикуют, несмотря на запреты. If not buy
child weapons, he will make it out of the stick.

The assortment of weapons in children’s stores could envy the most
modern arsenal. The choice of toy weapons is quite large: from
copies of real models to space blasters. For children
like guns with light and sound bells and whistles and perfect,
to shoot soft bullets or balls. But so
the child should own a weapon that already understands the harm
can cause and how to avoid it.

There is a secret universal rule of choice shooters –
the worse it is in the eyes of parents, the more delightful it leads


  • Возраст: от 3 до 10 лет.
  • Обучение: развивает коммуникативные
    skills and imagination.
  • Цена в среднем: 500 rubles.

2. Encyclopedia about transport

These colorful informative publications at all times attracted
increased attention of curious boys. And when the topic concerns
steamers, cars, airplanes and helicopters, they are practically out

энциклопедия о транспорте

The books show the evolution of all types of transport of the last
decades, collected various modifications with a detailed description
the device of the technical part and the detailed assembly of mechanisms.

Encyclopedias are issued for boys of any age. For babies
You can choose picture books, where there is a minimum of text and many machines.
The teenager will be interested in the option more difficult, but not too burdened
information on technical intricacies. A high school student, and even
a young man will suit a book filled with special
terms and precise model details.

For children легче осваивать новую информацию в игровой форме. This
feature is taken into account in the design of encyclopedias. Part of the data is hidden
in the windows that need to be opened to read the prisoner
them text.

  • Возраст: от 2 до 16 лет.
  • Обучение: развивает интеллект, расширяет
    outlook, trains memory, increases vocabulary.
  • Цена в среднем: 1 000 rubles.

3. Chemical set for experiments

Curiosity at all times pushed adolescents to
reckless acts. They threw slate into the fire, risking falling under
red-hot splinters, melted plastic and lead, casting figures.
A set for chemical experiments will help direct their irrepressible energy to
peaceful course, and with simultaneous immersion in chemistry. Spectacular
experiments will allow any kid to feel like Harry Potter. Young
химики могут вполне легально ставить более крутые химические
experiments and in practice to study the properties of various substances.

набор для химических опытов для детей

Sets of varying complexity are designed for children from 6 years and
older Kids with the help of “magic” experiences can be introduced to
Chemistry adults. And the older ones will cope with a set of instruments and
chemicals. Each set includes instructions for work and experience.
with reagents (and the reagents themselves with the equipment), the rules of technology
safety and rubber gloves.

  • Возраст: от 6 до 16 лет.
  • Обучение: прививает любовь к научным
    research, develops attention, erudition, discipline,
    responsibility, memory.
  • Цена в среднем: 1 500 rubles.

4. Spyglass

There are no people indifferent to visual wonders. how many
reveals interesting details when looking through binoculars or
telescope. A gift that can accompany a person all
a life. A gift for all time: a good telescope is useful
your boy and adulthood. What to say about life
детской – нет ребенка, который бы не нашел применения такому
subject. He will be able to consider ships on the roadstead and birds on
tree, people’s faces and helicopters flying past.

подзорная труба для детей

Depending on the parameters of the output lens, the tube may
used during the day in scout games or at night for
observation of the starry sky. When choosing a telescope should
pay attention to the multiplicity of increase on which depends
approximation of the object of observation. If the child is small, it is necessary
take into account the weight of the toy. It is preferable to him to give a telescope
pipe in a plastic case. In the instructions there is no, but young
the observer should know that it is not worth looking through the pipe at
the sun and the adjacent windows :)

  • Возраст: от 5 до 16 лет.
  • Обучение: развивает терпеливость и
    observation, helps to know the world around, expands
  • Цена в среднем: 3 000 rubles.

5. RC Helicopter

Радиоуправляемый вертолет


Мечта каждого child Buying a flying toy helicopter
it is desirable to decide on местом запуска, потому что для дома
and the streets are created different in functionality of the model. And also correlate
child skills with management complexity. Boy up to ten years
it is better to choose a two-channel turntable. Older guys
more interesting to fly three or four channels. Last
differ in the increased maneuverability – can fly with lateral
roll and diagonal. But not every child can manage
such a machine. The most advanced modifications are shockproof and
equipped with a camera. They can not only run, but simultaneously
make a video.

  • Возраст: от 8 до 18 лет.
  • Обучение: развивает внимание, глазомер,
    trains reaction speed, coordination and spatial
  • Цена в среднем: 2 500 rubles.

6. Apparatus for burning

Not aging classic leisure of children and adults. Burnout
devices are available with wire or solid feathers. The first
pyrography experience is easier to acquire with a solid pen, easier for them
burn, but the wire version allows you to perform more subtle
manipulation – useful for more subtle work.

выжигательный аппарат по дереву

If a boy only gets acquainted with this craft, more correctly
dwell on a solid version, and the growth of skill will show when
add toolkit. Пусть ребенок сначала научится
to burn the base drawings and patterns, and then he will choose for himself
tool more serious. Together with the device recommended
stock up with a large number of plates and parents for parents
:) : it is possible that a creative search will lead the craftsman to
Thoughts “decorate” furniture, parquet or other wooden objects in
доме своими инициалами :)

  • Возраст: от 6 до 14 лет.
  • Обучение: развивает креативное мышление,
    perseverance, fine motor skills, attention, imagination, creative
  • Цена в среднем: 800 rubles.

7. Board games

A good way to distract children from tablets and iPhones, the same
degree of immersion, but with greater benefit. The smallest game
help develop basic skills, give interpersonal skills to elders
interaction and the ability to feel part of a family or
the company.

настольные игры для детей

A suitable game must be chosen taking into account the number of players and their
age In the family game, the main landmark, of course, is the children. First
turn the game should be interesting to them. It is important to consider not only
the actual age of the child, but his individual development and
addiction. Not to be mistaken, talk to the children, read
reviews on the forums on the Internet and take advantage of professional
consultation of the seller in the department of board games.

  • Возраст: от 3 до 18 лет.
  • Обучение: дают много различных знаний и
    skills, depending on the direction of the game: develops logic,
    memory, reaction, vocabulary, observation.
  • Цена в среднем: 1 000 rubles.

8. Butterfly

An unexpected gift for cool guys. He actually
also about masculinity, just about her other
shade. Butterfly School will teach the boy to treat with trepidation and
tenderness to the emergence of a new life, to beautiful defenseless creatures
– butterflies. Also this gift will enchant moms far from the military theme.
and young naturalists. 

At first glance, it may seem that this is not quite “male”
present. However, if we recall the famous entomologists, among them
so many women. And boys are much more inquisitive than girls – they
You always want to know what’s inside and how it works.


The essence of the butterfly, or home farm of butterflies, is as follows:
the child is encouraged to grow beautiful dolls from nondescript pupae
exotic creatures and watch their life in their own

Making such an exotic gift should be explained to the young
to a naturalist, that this “will work” only if he
patience, and will not try to look inside the pupa.
Then the present will be a well-deserved reward for restraint and care.
natural miracle – the emergence of the almost lifeless gnarled cocoon
the most beautiful and reverent creature in the living world.

Winged beauty will live with you for several days or weeks,
depending on the species of the butterfly and the conditions in the house.
Питаются они соками и пюре из фруктов, и вообще требуют
minimum care – accurate instructions are contained in the instructions for the farm.
You may not know, but there are people who suffer from phobia by
to butterflies. It occurs infrequently, but if you
planning to buy such a gift is not for your child,
Try to find out if there are similar problems in the family where
butterflies will be born.

  • Возраст: от 4 до 12 лет.
  • Обучение: развивает терпение, ответственность,
    observation; teaches to value the natural environment and take care of
    the weak.
  • Цена в среднем: 2 000 rubles.

9. Certificate in the shooting club

The secret dream of every man or boy is to shoot from all
types of weapons. You can fulfill at least part of the wishes by giving them
certificate to the shooting club (shooting club, in fact, advanced
and a modernized version of the familiar shooting gallery.). Under the direction of
experienced trainer participants will learn to use several types
оружия индивидуально и в команде — инструктор научит
child charge a weapon, aim and hit the target.

стрелковый клуб для детей подарок

This gift is easy make happy men of all ages. Need to
just choose the right club. In some institutions allowed only
eighteen years, while in others, on the contrary, they develop programs with
игровыми моментами специально для младшего age Still worth
clarify the location of the club to ensure safety
district and find out how the boy (if the child is enough
adult and if he goes there alone, it is desirable that the club
was not in the industrial zone for many kilometers from home) can go there
get there.

  • Возраст: от 12 лет.
  • Обучение: учит взаимодействию в команде,
    develops the speed of reaction, eye, physics; relieves stress and
    aggression, fills with energy and great mood.
  • Цена в среднем: 3 000 rubles.

10. Fire truck

Do not know what to give to the boy – give

A win-win option at all times. Fire truck it’s not
just a body on wheels, and a whole list of exciting gaming
situations. Spectacular bright red toy with a real retractable
fire escape, opening doors, water supply and
natural sound options will fascinate any boy.

детская пожарная машина

This is the case when you should not save. Cheap
unreliable toys without moving parts will not succeed completely
захватить imagination мальца и сделать из него настоящего
hero-firefighter. But be sure to explain to the child that
fire is not a toy and is very dangerous, otherwise his desire to try
car in the present case, can end in failure.

  • Возраст: от 3 до 10 лет.
  • Обучение: развивает imagination,
    dedication, fine motor skills and learns to play correct
    role-playing games.
  • Цена в среднем: 3 000

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