TOP 10 games with kids up to a year

Games with adults are simply necessary for the kid.
harmonious development. In addition to the mass of positive emotions and
strengthen the relationship between baby and parents, games help
learn new words for a child, learn about the world around them,
train your fingers and much more. In this collection –
10 of the best games for children up to 1 year. All games are tested.
time and for sure will be interesting to your crumbs.


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  • 1. Ladushki


This game is known, perhaps, by absolutely everyone, and the text of the folk poteshki
we don’t even need to learn: it is in our memory from birth.


Where were you? By Grandma.

What ate? – Kashka.

What drank? – Sour cream.

Drank ate

Домой полетели (машем руками как

… And flew, flew, flew.

They sat on his head,

Песенку запели (берёмся руками за

Saying this poem, an adult rhythmically claps his hands,
You can also shake your head and shoulders in time. Over time, baby
will begin to repeat your movements. To make it easier for him to master
claps, you can take children’s hands in their own, and thus clap

  • 2. Magpie

This is also a well-known and well-loved finger game for
kids Take the palm of the crumbs in your hand, and, delineating
the circumference of your forefinger on the child’s palm,

Forty forty

Where have you been?

Long away!

And then, pinching every finger:

Wore water!

Firewood chopped!

Stove stove!

Cooked porridge!

Little kid fed!

Switch to another pen and also pinch each

Этому дала, этому дала…Доходим до последнего пальчика:
And this – did not give. He did not carry water, did not chop wood, the stove did not
stoked and cooked porridge.

  • 3. Fingers

If playing Soroka, we pinched and stretched our fingers, then in
This game will bend them. For each phrase, bend the baby one

This finger is a grandfather,

This finger is a grandmother,

This finger – daddy,

This finger – Mom,

This one is my child.

That’s my whole family!

By uttering the last phrase, you can hold tight
Child’s fist with your palms.

In a similar game you can play with the baby before

This finger wants to sleep,

This finger went to bed,

This finger really took a nap,

This finger already fell asleep

This finger is fast asleep

And he tells you to sleep.

  • 4. Bag with a surprise

In a small opaque pouch fold different things,
different shape and texture. Items in the bag should be
so large that the child holds them with a pen, but does not
could inhale or swallow them. For example, it could be: tea
spoon, large detail designer, walnut, piece
faux fur, belt buckle, etc. We issue a “treasury”
to the little one and observe with what curiosity and surprise he takes
out of the bag and examines the little things.

  • 5. Hide and seek


There are a lot of variants of this game: you can just cover your face
hands, and then open, you can hide behind the door, curtain. Can
hiding the baby himself, covering him with a swaddling cloth for several
seconds Such hide and seek must be accompanied by the words:
�“Where is mom? Here she is! Where is Vanya? Where is he hiding? Here is
. And you can just, meeting with the baby’s eyes, talk

  • 6. “flew-flew”

Fly to the ceiling like all kids, but physically for mom
this game will be hard, so it’s better to attract dad to it. Can
raise the baby for the armpits and swing in different directions, but you can
play “airplane”: the child lies on the forearm of an adult
tummy, dad holds it with one hand under the breast and the other
holds back and lifts up. To complete the effect you need
turn on “sound” and portray the sound of flying
the aircraft.

  • 7. Let’s roll the ball

For the game you need a small ball. Seated child
on the floor and sit opposite him. Gently push the ball to the kid and
show what the child should do in response. Very soon crumb
figure out how to act. You can diversify the game by turning on
in the process a few balls of different sizes: here is a big roll,
that’s smaller, but quite small.

  • 8. Who is there in the mirror?

Closer to the year kids love to look at their reflection in
the mirror. �”A friend from behind the mirror” becomes for them a real
discovery. Can сесть вместе с малышом напротив большого зеркала,
stock up on different hats, hats, hats, kerchiefs and
try on them one by one, observing how the image of a man in
отражении (Кстати, есть суеверный «запрет» о том, что ребенку
up to a year you can not look in the mirror, all this is fiction.
In the end
статьи можете почитать о суевериях).

  • 9. Show me where?

With great interest, babies view parts of their bodies and
learn to show them. Toys can be used for this game.
(dolls, soft toys), but you can only play together. The essence of the game
that the mother asks the baby to show where his ears are, and where he wears,
Where is the mouth? You can call parts of the face and body with your favorite soft
teddy bear or doll, and then show them also on mom.

  • ten . Mosquitoes

Another great game to memorize parts of the body.
Connect the index and thumb on both hands – it turned out
�”Sting” mosquito. First, we sing a song, “dancing” with our hands in

Dariki Dariki,

The mosquitoes flew.

Вились-вились…( «вьёмся» руками вокруг

В ножку вцепились!(слегка щипаем указательным и
большим пальцем, как будто ужалил комарик)

Instead of legs in the song can be cheeks, hands, tummy
and other parts of the body.


Here you can download a mega selection of games with baby on
months —

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Most of these games do not require special furnishings and
�”Props”, so you can play them in the yard, and waiting
queue and on the road. Despite external primitiveness, such games
give a lot to the baby for all-round development. Mastered
�”Classic” games with kids, parents can invent their own
варианты  — это только приветствуется.

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