Top 10 desires of a young mother for the New Year

What do young mothers dream of for the New Year? Almost mythical desires
who would be happy all the moms in the main night of the year.

New Year’s wishes for young mothers are rather strange. Sometimes
it seems that it is easier to ask Santa Claus for a unicorn gift, according to
at least the chances of fulfilling such a desire will be an order of magnitude
above. But moms, unfortunately, do not need a unicorn, they dream of
other mythical things. About what?


1. Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep

Perhaps it is a dream is the main desire of every mother. Among
daily feeding, washing, changing diapers maternal sleep
looks like an oasis in the desert – we know that it must be somewhere
near but can’t find it. Eight-hour sleep, the best remedy for
total – wrinkles, stress, excess weight and irritability. So
Why not ask him as a gift from Santa Claus? And even better –
immediately a couple.

2. Clean apartment

I mean, really clean. Without crumbs from eating under the table and in
corners, no finger-splashed mirrors, no sand or muddy pools
the hallway. To make toys magically appear on their
places, clothes were not stored on the chairs, and the floor was shining like that
purity that it could easily walk in white
socks. And to keep this magical purity, not five minutes, but
at least a couple of hours.

3. Former harmony

That’s just like in the advertising of magic teas – without diets and physical
loads. I want back flat stomach, smooth skin and taut
chest. Or at least weight, as before pregnancy. And the ability to wear
beautiful clothes, instead of these ridiculous loose robes hiding
figure flaws. Well or as a last resort – disgust for
sweets and lack of desire to fill up for the night.

4. Place in kindergarten

But only so that it was possible to walk to the kindergarten, and not
get to him by traffic jams on public transport 5
stops. And that the group was not 30 kids, and that the teachers
were kind, and the menu without sausages. Can’t you? Then just a place in the garden
until the child gets ready for school.

5. Sensitive grandparents


We love them by any, and are grateful, and do not demand, and we knew what
walked and gave birth for themselves. But sometimes you want to hear something like:
�“We miss our grandchildren so much that we decided to pick them up for the whole weekend.
You just leave a detailed list of what is possible and what
can not. We know that you are wonderful parents and therefore you do everything.
as it should! ”

6. Dress and shoes

Of course, in a ski suit and fur boots it is convenient to walk
in the winter. Better than this can only be rubber boots in the spring and
in the autumn and permanent sneakers in the summer. Oh yeah, still dimensionless overalls and
Jeans – the most elegant set, suitable for any occasion. BUT
because sometimes you want to throw it all away and clothe
something light and airy. And flit like a butterfly.

7. Day dedicated to yourself

We have already forgotten that such days actually exist. Day,
when you can go to the toilet without heart-rending screams under the door or
take a bubble bath instead of a quick two minute shower. Day,
when you can safely drink tea with a bun – with a whole, and not
bitten. Or chat with a friend on the phone without every minute
diaper changing interruptions, cartoon switching and search
Another snacks for the child.


8. Cook, waiter and dishwasher

For a month or even two. And even better – скатерть-самобранка. Here is
so that he came in the morning to the kitchen, and on the table fragrant pastries,
ice-cream with natural honey, freshly baked cheese cakes and leaf with
lunch menu. And most importantly, the daily diet is balanced,
does not contain genetically modified foods, cauliflower
(dad doesn’t like), mushrooms (son doesn’t like) and high-calorie sweets
(loves, but tries not to have a mother). And so that after eating the dishes herself
went to wash in the sink.

9. The Law on Public GV

Not that all young mothers dream to bare their breasts in
public place. Just, you know, children sometimes want to eat – and
suddenly and violently and completely unsuitable
for this setting. BUT поэтому было бы неплохо официально
allow every nursing mother to do her duty in any places.
And so that no one looked at her, did not point with a finger and, as if
by chance, did not look at her neck, passing by. Let better
They think about art, and not about someone else’s bust.

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in public places

10. The spell of silence

Remember how easy it was with Harry Potter? Here is и я хочу
also! Swing the wand, the spell – and the languages ​​of all advisers
tightly stick to the sky. BUT все потому, что поток этих советов
just inexhaustible. Where do we, young and inexperienced, know how
it is better to swaddle your children, how to dress properly according to the weather,
how many times a day to feed and other stuff, which we
try to train all and sundry. Honestly, tired. AND
поэтому — силенцио!

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