Top 10 common mistakes duringchildbirth

Each woman’s birth proceed in different ways. Sometimes childbirth
pass quietly, sometimes violently and frighteningly – what they will be,
can not be predicted. There are some common mistakes though
which do not need to commit if you do not want to give birth
long and heavy.

ошибки во время childbirth

1. No need to shake with fear

Often, before giving birth, women start to shake madly with fear,
they are embraced by wild horror, they have heard and read a lot about what
it will be unbearably painful, difficult and also terrifying.
the unknown. Sometimes the horror is only the thought of the upcoming
childbirth, especially after the older generation’s stories about which
the torment they gave birth. Just try to think about the upcoming birth.
how about work – perhaps not easy, but still quite feasible for
female body.

2. Do not try to keep everything under control.

Of course, during pregnancy you will read more than one book about
childbirth, go through preparatory courses. This is really important and
useful, but you should not unquestioningly follow what you learned
(“Consultants know exactly how to do it!”). Experts often
advise the right things but first of all
listen to your body, your feelings.

3. Do not panic and lose composure.

Even if everything happens slowly, childbirth is delayed, you
it seems that you no longer have the strength, do not lose composure.
Try to look at everything as if from the outside. Not
let emotions take over, remember that the main thing is the result,
the birth of the child you were waiting for.


4. Not пытайтесь ускорить роды

Someone can not wait to see the long-awaited baby,
someone gets tired to endure painful contractions. In any case, not worth it
try to accelerate childbirth on your own when there is none
medical indications. Folk methods such as lifting, receiving
castors, enemas will only tire you, which is even more dangerous – they can
lead to complications.

5. Not нужно слишком рано приезжать в роддом

В самом начале childbirth, когда схватки еще не стали регулярными, не
It is worth rushing to the hospital. The best time to devote
отдыху – полежите, примите расслабляющую ванну с пеной,
sleep if you can. If the state allows, you can exit
take a short walk in the fresh air.


6. Not отвечайте на СМС перед родами

Friends and relatives will surely send you messages with
questions about how you feel, have you already given birth. Put the
phone on silent mode and set aside. Focus on
только на childbirthом процессе, полностью отдайтесь главному процессу.
When the baby is born, then you will be able to talk enough
with all relatives and share the good news.


7. Not отдыхать между схватками

Во время childbirth схватки постепенно становятся все более частыми и
painful. When they go one after another and pauses between them
are reduced, it is very important to use every second break for
rest and relaxation. You might even succeed during the break.
take a little nap (there should be a wink smiley)

8. Not нужно оставаться в неудобной позе

To give birth easy, you need to learn how to breathe correctly and
take a comfortable posture. To experience contractions on the back is not physiological
and hurt. Fights easier to survive standing or squatting.
You can contact your midwife, she will teach you proper breathing and
will help you choose the most comfortable position.

9. Not нужно отказываться от еды и питья перед родами

Be sure to eat before the trip to the hospital. You will need
a lot of strength and energy, because childbirth – hard physical labor. Also
рекомендуется пить в течение всех childbirth. If they drag on,
You can snack – cook for this nuts, chocolate.

10. Not нужно беспрекословно слушаться врачей

Not бойтесь и не стесняйтесь обсуждать свои ощущения и
experiences with doctors. Just do not listen to them.
unconditionally, remember that the main now is you and your future
child. The medical staff must control the process and intervene,
when deviations occur.


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