Top 10 breast pumps – TOP 5 manual and TOP 5electric breast pumps

The market for children’s products includes manual and
electric breast pumps. Mums, not constrained in means, as
правило, выбирают electric breast pumps. However find
high-quality models are possible both among inexpensive manual ones and among
more expensive electrical appliances.

Breast pump selection

As long as the young mother alone doesn’t test the breast pump, she’s not
find out if he is right for her. However, there are a number
criteria that will be reasonable to pay attention to when buying
this desired device:

  • By the principle of operation, all breast pumps are divided into
    electrical (work comes from the power supply) and
    mechanical (manual);
  • from 1 to 4 modes of operation, and in some models provided
    flow rate adjustment;
  • devices differ in the principle of assembly and design;
  • the device can be made of latex, silicone or
  • equipment, which may include nipples, baby
    bottles, breast pads, containers into which it is collected
    milk and other accessories.

Manual models are much cheaper than their electrical counterparts.
Breast pumps with a pear or pump are low cost and
low efficiency. And piston (syringe) breastpumps are
more expensive and highly efficient. Among the advantages of tame
devices can be identified such as no need for
power supply, no noise and a gentle effect on
female breast. Also, the handheld device is sterilized without problems and

As a rule, such shortcomings of electric models, as noisy
work and the inability to fully sterilize the apparatus, not
cover their clear advantages. These expensive devices
provide easy and quick collection of milk without the need
work hands. Under the label on the package “electronic” most often
implies high-tech and more productive
models, characterized by the presence of the display and microprocessor. This is the most
expensive and “smart” devices. Not everyone can buy such
breast pump, but it can be rented.

Which company to choose when choosing a breast pump?

The popularity of Philips AVENT devices among consumers is not
It has been several years. The company offers only 4 models,
among which are electric and piston breastpumps.
The devices of the company are in great demand, as well as
perform their task and serve for a long time. Keep up with
Philips and products of the Swiss manufacturer Medela, quality and
a wide range of which will please any mother.

There is also no doubt about the reliability and products of brands Nuk,
Canpol, Chicco. However, they are not so comfortable and popular,
as products offered by leaders. Russian producers
can boast the release of only mechanical breastpumps.
Of course, they are the cheapest, but not as productive.

The best among manual breast pumps

1. AVENT Philips Manual 330/20 – the best manual
breast pump for nursing mothers

AVENT Philips ручной 330/20

The average price in Russia: 3000 rubles.

Why among the best:

Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump has earned the confidence of most
Russian mothers. And it is not surprising, because decanting with him
milk is comfortable and convenient. The kit contains all the necessary
components: 125 ml bottle, slow flow nipple, 2
covers and spare parts. The nozzle mimics sucking a baby’s breast,
which provides a natural flow of milk.


  • easy to use;
  • has a special massage pad for the chest;
  • convenient to store and take on the road.

Minuses: отсутствуют.

Detailed description of the breast pump (Manual Review
Philips AVENT breast pump

2. Medela Harmony – the optimal combination of convenience and

Medela Harmony

The average price in Russia: 2200 rubles.

Why among the best:

The main quality for which nursing mothers so appreciate
swiss breast pump is a biphasic technology
squeezing This system allows you to set slow or fast.
pumping rate, which allows a woman to tune the machine under
your needs.


  • the ability to control the speed of pumping;
  • the soft silently working handle;
  • the device is easy to assemble and carry.

Minuses: накладка на воронку не
anatomical shape.

3. Tommee Tippee Сloserto Nature – the most mobile
breast pump

breast pump Tommee Tippee Сloserto Nature

The average price in Russia: 3000 rubles.

Why among the best:

The breast pump consists of only three parts, therefore for its
assembly is enough a few seconds. The device contains a special
A soft funnel with two rings for added convenience.


  • massaging funnel;
  • container for transfer and sterilization;
  • milk storage container;
  • budget savings.

Minuses: контейнер для сбора молока мог
be and more.

4. Chicco помповый с бутылочкой – бюджетный breast pump для
moms who have no problems with the amount of milk

breast pump Chicco помповый с бутылочкой

The average price in Russia: 1100 rubles.

Why among the best:

The device is ideal for moms who have a large number
milk The breast pump regulates the speed of work and does not pull the nipples. BUT
included in the set of bottle and nipple allow you to do feeding
малыша сразу после squeezing


  • physiological nipple and bottle included;
  • low cost

Minuses: не стимулирует дополнительную
выработку milk

5. “The World of Childhood” – a great option for infrequent
of application

breast pump Мир детства

The average price in Russia: 1600 rubles.

Why among the best:

itт ручной breast pump отличается не только простотой в
operation, but also profitability. However, the constant use
the device is fraught with its breakage, therefore it is better not to use it
so intense.


  • connects to any bottle with a standard neck;
  • 2 bottles;
  • low cost.


  • не подходит для частого of application;
  • no silicone insert for funnel.

Лучшие среди electric breast pumps

1. Breast Pump Medela Swing Maxi – the most productive among
their electrical counterparts

Молокоотсос Medela Swing Maxi

The average price in Russia: 8900 rubles.

Why among the best:

The Medela Swing Maxi milk pump is valued by moms mainly
for the fact that they can express milk at the same time from both dairy
glands. BUT бесшумная работа и питание от батареек позволяют
operate the device not only at home.


  • possibility of double decanting;
  • two phases of work;
  • settings and different vacuum levels;
  • quiet work;
  • possibility to fix the electrical unit on the belt or on
  • Battery or network operation.

Minuses: цена.

2. Philips AVENT SCF 332/01 – a handy device for nursing

Philips AVENT SCF332/01

The average price in Russia: 7800 rubles.

Why among the best:

Philips developed a design in which a woman does not
придется наклоняться вперед во время процесса squeezing it
allows her to relax, and three options for decanting settings
increase the efficiency of the task.


  • massage nozzle;
  • nipple and bottle included;
  • деликатная стимуляция и настройки squeezing


  • not working quietly enough;
  • high price.

3. Medela Mini Electric – компактный breast pump для редкого

Medela Mini Electric

The average price in Russia: 4100 rubles.

Why among the best:

The main advantage of the model is its compact
sizes. The device can only be used with one hand. Device
идеален для не слишком частого of application.


  • minimum dimensions;
  • works both from a network, and from the battery;
  • the ability to control the vacuum level.

Minuses: издает шумы.

4. Medela Freestyle Electronic – High Efficiency Assistant
кормящей mothers

Medela Freestyle электронный

The average price in Russia: 15600 rubles.

Why among the best:

The high performance of the device allows milk to be expressed in
minutes away. BUT наличие дисплея помогает полностью
control the process. Medela Freestyle is perfect for everyday
of application.


  • pumping from both mammary glands;
  • двухфазная технология decanting;
  • set of devices for transportation, storage and cooling
  • backlit display;
  • запоминание заданных параметров squeezing

Minuses: дорого стоит.

5. Nuk E-motion – great budget option.

Nuk E-motion

The average price in Russia: 4900 rubles.

Why among the best:

Due to the fact that the motor is located directly on the device,
breast pump Nuk E-motion отличается компактностью и мобильностью.
In addition, the device automatically turns off when
risk of getting liquid inside.


  • two phases of the device;
  • регулируемая сила decanting;
  • pad on the chest with a slight massage effect;
  • convenient lever.

Minuses: регулятор скорости работы
causes inconvenience.

Выбрать и купить breast pump можно в интернет

Пока кормящая мама не попробует любой breast pump в
action, she will not be able to say exactly whether it is suitable for her or
not. However, it is worth bearing in mind that for daily use
наиболее оптимальным вариантом является надежный breast pump с
ample opportunities. If you only need to express milk
sometimes, it is wiser to purchase an inexpensive device. Anyway,
decent models can be found both among the expensive and among
inexpensive devices.


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  • Learning to express the chest with your hands
  • Fundamental tips for breastfeeding moms

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