TOP 10 best creams for stretch marks afterchildbirth

Stretch marks (stretch marks) are often formed during pregnancy.
– strips of burgundy and pale pink colors on the skin of the abdomen, thighs,
buttocks and even on the chest. Their appearance is caused by unpreparedness
skin to overstretching with an increase in the abdomen and total body weight.
Of course, stretch marks are easier to prevent than to treat. But what
to do if the stretch marks have already appeared? Means will help to fight them
traditional medicine and hardware cosmetology. Read more about how
убрать растяжки после childbirth, можно прочитать здесь.

крема от растяжек после childbirth

One of the ways to eliminate stretch marks is a special cream from
растяжек после childbirth. They will prevent the appearance of striae in
time of pregnancy and reduce or remove defects that have already appeared
после childbirth. The selected agent must meet certain

  • composition: the cream should contain ingredients that enhance
    skin elasticity, such as collagen and elastin;
  • safety: the product should not adversely affect
  • manufacturer: it is desirable that the manufacturer of the cream was
    known and proven.

Composition of creams

In order to get rid of striae, you need to understand how they
appear. Stretch marks occur when the inner layer of the skin breaks.
Such breaks are formed with a lack of collagen and elastin in the skin.
– substances that are responsible for elasticity. Therefore, the main
components of the cream should be exactly these components. Besides
increase the ability to stretch, you need to take care of nutrition
skin and increase its moisture content.

Thus, the optimal cream should contain:

  • collagen and elastin to increase skin elasticity or
    stimulants of their production;
  • nutrients to preserve natural moisture,
    skin elasticity: group B vitamins, vitamin A (retinol),
    unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic, oleic) in
    the form of various oils, algae;
  • antioxidants to protect against negative influences
    environment, stress: vitamin E, C in the form of wheat germ oil;
  • regeneration activating substances;
  • blood circulation stimulants.

How to choose the cream for stretch marks?

When choosing a cream you need to take into account the important nuances:

  • cream must be safe: it is necessary that on a tube or in
    instructions indicated that the product can be applied during
  • hypoallergenic: it is important that the composition does not cause allergies in
    mothers and children (in the case of breastfeeding, the components of the cream
    can enter the body of the baby with breast milk);
  • minimum odor and color: perfume, dyes, of course, add
    attractive cream, but can cause baby allergies
    or the susceptible body of the mother;
  • it is advisable to first use the probe: you need to check how
    the skin will react to the composition of the product, whether there will be allergies or
    other undesirable reactions.

How to use

The instructions for each product will include recommendations for
use – how often to apply, what course of treatment, whether
related procedures (peeling, etc.). For most funds
The method of use is the same:

  • the cream is applied with massage movements twice a day with a thin layer
    until completely absorbed into problem areas (stomach, thighs, buttocks,
    chest, if necessary – forearm);
  • period of use: within 2 to 3 months;
  • means is applied on clean skin (it is desirable to apply after
    shower or bath);
  • if a caesarean section was performed, the cream does not cover the scar area.
    applied before it heals.

Creams rating

There is no universal remedy suitable for everyone.
Although our skin has the same structure, it reacts to
cream therapy is different for everyone. Therefore, the best tool for
yourself is selected individually – depending on the effect.
Presented rating contains information about the action of each
component so that you can get an idea of
effectiveness of the tool.

Top 10 creams against stretch marks:

1. Cream “Mama Comfort”

крем mama comfort

The Mama Comfort line of products is designed specifically for
pregnant and lactating moms. The composition is specially designed for special
чувствительной в послеchildbirthой период кожи. Также крем способен
increase the elasticity of the skin of pregnant women. Price ~ 300 rubles


  • hyaluronic acid: regulates the water-fat balance, keeping
    in the extracellular space optimal amount for the skin
  • horse chestnut extract: stimulates blood circulation, strengthens
    nutrition and skin regeneration;
  • oil extract: saturation with fatty acids to increase
    skin elasticity;
  • innovative complex REGU-STRETCH for correction ability
    skin to stretch.

2. Cream “9 months”

Крем 9 месяцев

Like the Mama Comfort series, the 9 Months line is designed
for future mothers and includes not only stretch marks cream, but also
means for the care and protection of the skin of the whole body. This cream does not help
только предотвращать, но и активно борется  с уже
formed stretch marks. Price ~ 300 rubles


  • soybean elastin hydrolysates: supply the skin with essential
    substances to support its elasticity;
  • antioxidants: echinacea extract, germ oil wheat for
    protect the skin from harmful effects and stress;
  • grapefruit oil: stimulates blood circulation as well
    helps to eliminate body fat, cellulite;
  • complex oils: provides the skin with nutrients.

3. Cream “Mustella” double action

Крем Mustella

Double action means provides prevention and
correction of stretch marks. Effectively fights existing ones.
stretch marks and prevents the emergence of new ones. Price ~ 2 500 rub


  • substances specially developed by Mustella
    elastoregulator, arabinogalactan, lupeol provide enhancement
  • Japanese Sophora, a complex of microelements responsible for
  • Shea butter, avocado peptides have a nourishing effect.

4. Cream “Pregnacare”

Крем Pregnacare

Cream for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks (stretch marks) arising
during and after pregnancy. The components of this tool are not only
eliminate existing striae, but are also actively fighting with new
defects, since they contain a stimulator of production
elastin. Price ~ 550 rubles



  • aloe vera, panthenol nourish the skin;
  • Allantoin, evening primrose oil contributes
  • vitamin E, calendula extract, soy glycine act as
  • lemon oil stops the breakdown of collagen and elastin,
    stimulates their production.

5. Cream from “Avent”

крем авент от растяжек

Stretch mark cream popular in Europe.

Contains natural oils rich in minerals, vitamins and
amino acids, plant extracts, including extracts
sea ​​plants and algae. Light aroma on a citrus basis
contains notes of lemon and grapefruit flavors, known for their
the ability to reduce the symptoms of nausea during pregnancy. All
cosmetics Philips Avent passed strict dermatological

Avent’s special formula helps relieve fatigue and
increase the elasticity of the skin, preventing the appearance of stretch marks. it
Nourishing, non-greasy massage cream enhances
skin elasticity, moisturizes and softens it. Hypoallergenic. Price ~
500 rub

Active ingredients:

  • shea seed oil has a softening effect;
  • extract of sea plants and algae increases elasticity
  • papaya and sweet almond oil (purified from potentially
    allergen free proteins) reduces congestion and
    promotes the removal of fluid.

6. Cream for stretch marks “Vichy”

крем от растяжек vichy

Reduces the risk of stretch marks. Promotes
skin elasticity significantly reduces existing stretch marks. Price ~
1 500 rub

Компоненты крема от растяжек после childbirth

  • термальная вода Vichy: стимулирует регенерацию skin;
  • glycerin: retains skin moisture, preventing loss
  • Bassia oil: activates collagen synthesis and metabolic processes in
    skin cells.

7. Phytolastil gel or ampoules from Lierac

lierac от растяжек

French manufacturer says 85% efficiency
Means for all types of stretch marks – both “old” and
�”New”. The basis of the existing complex is horsetail extract,
ivy and cuffs. These substances contain flavonoids, which
стимулируют выработку коллагена и elastin. Price ~ 2 675 руб

Apply in the morning and evening with light massaging movements on
problem areas for 8 weeks. The course may be extended.
The result depends on the thoroughness with which you will use
this tool. Do not interrupt the course.

8. Cream Clarins Stretch Mark Control

Крем Clarins Stretch Mark Control

The tool is based on herbal ingredients,
that help eliminate skin defects and provide it
nutrition. Price ~ 2 000 руб


  • Centella Asiatic, Vodnik berries activate processes
    regeneration and production of collagen and elastin;
  • oil extract nourishes the skin.

9. Cream “Solaris” Nona


The tool was created not only to eliminate stretch marks, it
also used in many skin diseases (from scars,
burns, stretch marks, for tattoo healing and any skin damage).
Bioorganomineralny complex, vegetable wax emulsion,
sunflower oil extract, avocado, jojoba extracts, aloe extracts,
orange, thyme, rosemary give the effect of rejuvenation and regeneration
skin, nourish it with essential substances to enhance
elasticity and moisture retention. Application: a thin layer on
wet skin Price ~ 2 500 rub

10. Cream Intensive Anti-Stretch Marks Cream by Collistar

Крем Intensive Anti-Stretch Marks Cream

The action of the agent is based on blocking elastase –
an enzyme that breaks down elastin. This effect is possible
thanks to a complex of 4 amino acids. Also included in the cream
hyaluronic acid, silk proteins, through which occurs
active regeneration and fluid retention in the intercellular
space. Price ~ 2 000 руб

 Clarins, Biotherm, Ives
Roche, Oriflame, Venus, Green
Mama, Roc, Eveline… Крем от растяжек будет
оптимально применять после childbirth в комплексе с полезным для кожи
good nutrition: walnuts, fish, dairy products
low-fat, pumpkin or sunflower seeds,
dried apricots

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