Tomatoes for baby – when and how to introduce them todiet?

Many parents want to quickly introduce useful
Tomato in the diet of their children. What you need to know about tomatoes before
offer them to young children? What danger can they conceal in
to yourself? At what age to hold the first acquaintance of the child with juicy

The content of the article

  • 1 What are useful tomatoes?
  • 2 Do tomatoes have flaws?
  • 3 At what age is it worth to introduce a child with a tomato?
    • 3.1 Fresh tomatoes, as recommended by pediatricians
    • 3.2 Are canned tomatoes contraindicated in children?
    • 3.3 Which tomatoes are suitable for baby food?
    • 3.4 Several recipes
    • 3.5 Allergy to tomato – what to do?
  • 4 How to keep tomatoes fresh


Vegetables in the children’s diet are necessary – they replenish the body
child vitamins, minerals and trace elements that
necessary for its growth and development. One of the favorite vegetables for
Most children who have already learned to chew become
tomatoes due to their pleasant sweet-sour taste and abundance of juice

However, the bright color of this vegetable can cause doubts
Parents – red fruits are considered allergenic. Concerning
возникает вопрос — когда можно вводить помидор в рацион
the impact that this appetizing and wholesome vegetable can have
on the child’s body?

What are useful tomatoes?

Tomatoes can be called a real well of vitamins. let’s
consider in detail exactly what substances are contained in
these vegetables, and how they affect health.


In the chemical composition of tomatoes set

  • Potassium – improves heart function. Also
    оказывает гипотензивное и мочегонное действие;
  • Iodine – stimulates the activity of the thyroid gland;
  • Iron – is involved in the oxygen saturation of the blood;
  • Calcium – strengthens bones;
  • Copper and zinc are important elements for development and growth.
    cells and tissues;
  • Магний — обладают успокаивающим действием на нервную
    the system.

In addition to the listed chemical elements, tomatoes
rich in other substances that have a beneficial effect on the work
different body systems:

  • Lycopene – a substance that can hinder the development
    oncological diseases;
  • Pectin, fintotsida – real assistants digestive and
    excretory systems. They have choline, which reduces the level
    blood cholesterol;
  • The tomato contains a lot of vitamin A and carotene, therefore
    useful for growth and vision;
  • Antioxidants – are excreted heavy metal salts and
    free radicals.

Tomatoes help relieve stress and improve mood
они успокаивающе действуют на нервную the system. They stimulate
appetite, accelerate metabolic processes.

In this episode, the TV show “Live is great!” With Elena
Baby you will learn about the beneficial properties of tomato:

Do tomatoes have flaws?

If this vegetable is so tasty and healthy, then the question arises –
Can I give it to young children? What factors can become
an obstacle for introducing tomatoes into the baby’s diet?

  1. Tomato is considered a highly allergenic product.
  2. With existing problems with digestion and kidneys, this vegetable
    eat contraindicated.
  3. Artificially grown tomatoes can be dangerous to
    health – there are many pesticides in them that cause a strong
  4. It is not recommended to use tomatoes in large quantities –
    this will adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract.

At what age is it worth to introduce a child with a tomato?

Since a tomato can cause an allergy in a baby, give this
Fresh vegetables are not recommended for up to 12 months. If knowingly
it is known that the child is allergic, it is better not to hurry, but
consult a pediatrician about the introduction of the red menu
fruits. Tomatoes that have been heat-treated (boiled or stewed, in
составе  овощных супов и пюре), более безопасны, поэтому их
можно предложить малышу с 9 месяцев.

During heat treatment, some of their useful properties are lost and
They are used mainly to improve the taste of the dish. AT
ready-made vegetable purees that are sold in stores, tomatoes are also
appear in products recommended for children from 8-9 months.

СОATЕТ. The first acquaintance crumbs with
delicious vegetables can be done by treating it with tomato juice or
mashed tomatoes.

From the forums:

Kim: I gave my son a tomato at 8 months, he really liked it,
I cut it in halves and let it bite on the edge, I watched it
bit off bit by bit and chewed. The skin did not remove specially
only if she herself was behind, did I clean her. We have a tomato
lunch with vegetable puree: a spoonful of puree, bitten tomato, a piece of bread.
Sometimes he just shakes his tomato, it’s juicy, now it’s hot for him
really like.

Tanya: How turned 10 I gave a try and tomatoes and cucumbers.
She liked it. Unfortunately we don’t give our purchases everything is fine.
They gave us tomatoes from the village and for some reason we got out on them
allergy. I peel the skin and give it a lobule and my daughter eats it. We have
Already 8 zubikov, so I do not mnu.

The safest choice of food for the first feeding –
baby food in jars of well-proven
manufacturer. Even if you are sure the quality of the product
all the same, the first portion is no more than half tea
. The next tomato feeding should be done.
in a day, not earlier. If there are no signs of allergies, then
The next day, the portion can be doubled.

One-year-old children can be offered fresh vegetable, previously
peeled. To remove it, just pour tomato
boiling water. Kids better chop the tomato, bringing it to
puree state. If the child is already chewing himself well, it has
make sense to add chopped tomato in salad. AT качестве
salad dressing for children ideal vegetable oil, it
helps lycopene better absorbed in the body.

ATАЖНО! If the child has
difficulties with digestion, the use of tomatoes should be limited,
and it is not recommended to give a cucumber with a tomato in one go

Starting at the age of three, when the children’s menu becomes
varied, you can cook meat baked with tomatoes and cheese
in the oven, make vegetable casseroles with sour cream and greens.

Fresh tomatoes, as recommended by pediatriciansребенок ест помидор

  1. It is allowed to give children older than a year but the child should be able to
    chew well before you give him a slice of tomato, otherwise he
    can choke on a slice of tomato.
  2. Fresh tomatoes for young children only in summer and autumn
  3. Till 2 years it is better to give the child tomatoes without skin,
    предварительно ошпарив помидор boiling water.
  4. It is better to give children tomatoes without salt or only lightly.
    add some salt. (Due to the high salt content for children under 3 years old
    recommend tomato juice).
  5. For better absorption of carotenoids and fat-soluble vitamins.
    It is recommended to eat tomatoes with sour cream, with vegetable oil
    or with cheese.
  6. Eat large quantities of tomatoes at once for children
    3 years is not recommended due to the high risk of allergic and
    pseudo-allergic reactions, it is better to confine one small
    tomato (50 g) per day.
  7. It is good to combine tomatoes with other less allergenic vegetables
    (ogurtsy, boiled potatoes) as well as with meat.
  8. Sauces and ketchups with tomatoes, as well as pickled and pickled
    it is allowed to give tomatoes to kids not earlier than 3 years old, but better
    do not give them at all.

Are canned tomatoes contraindicated in children?

Billets for the winter, including salted and pickled
Tomatoes, little children will not benefit. What are the ingredients
add to the banks during conservation? – This is a large amount of salt,
vinegar, hot pepper. It is known that salt prevents the removal
fluids from the body, and this gives a greater load on children’s kidneys
and leads to swelling.

Acetic acid can cause stomach problems, so
same as spicy seasonings. Given these factors, children under three years
do not offer canned tomatoes. Beginning with
age four, such products are given in small

What tomatoes are suitable for baby food?

What tomatoes are suitable for baby food? ATыбирайте только
vegetables grown in the ground. Greenhouse tomatoes pose a danger – for
Their growth uses a lot of chemicals.

ATыбирая томаты на рынке или в магазине, тщательно осмотрите их.
Vegetables should not have a putrid odor, they should not be
dark spots and violations of the integrity of the peel.

Several recipes

Mashed potatoes with tomato and cauliflower (can children with 3
years old)

Ингредиенты: Цветная капуста – 150 г; Creamy
oil – 20 g; Tomatoes -300 g; Hard cheese – 30.

Cabbage break into florets, wash and boil until ready in
salted water. Then melt butter in a saucepan
fold the tomatoes, finely chopped and peeled. Stew,
stirring until the dish resembles mush.

Add grated cheese in a hot tomato puree, mix.
Mix cauliflower with cheese and tomato mass and whisk in
blender in mashed potatoes. Such a dish can be frozen.

Borscht. It can be prepared for children from 2 years

Ингредиенты: Картофель – 2 шт.; ¼ quiver
cabbage; 1/3 onion; tomatoes – 1-2 pieces; Carrot – 1 pc .; Beet
– 1 PC.; Salt, sugar to taste.

First you need to wash and clean the beets and carrots,
cut it into strips and quit boiling it in boiling, salted
water about 15 minutes. Then add the chopped cabbage and
кубиками нарезанный картофель и варите еще минут 20. AT это же время
in a heated frying pan, fry the onion, after which
добавить  в него нарезанные томаты. Тушите  борщ 7 минут
under the lid. Then add onion with tomatoes, salt,
add sugar to taste and cook until tender over low heat.
ATаш ребенок будет в восторге от такого блюда!

Paulina and Yulya prepare a tomato and cucumber salad with
soy sauce. Quick and easy recipe, fingers
you will lick:

Allergy to tomato – what to do?

If after the first acquaintance of a baby with an appetizing vegetable, you
noticed allergy symptoms – rash, itching and red spots on the body,
sneezing or coughing, then tomatoes should be removed from his diet.

When allergies become pronounced –
swelling appears, urgently need to see a doctor
for the purpose of treatment. AT таком случае повторно to undertake
attempts to introduce into the diet of tomatoes make no earlier than through
half a year

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How to keep tomatoes fresh

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