Toenail fungus – treatment, medications,prevention

Update: October 2018

All human fungal diseases are infectious,
that is, caused by disease-causing fungi. The most common
Fungal infections are skin and nails.

Infection occurs through contact from the patient
a person to a healthy, non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.
Infection with onychomycosis – a fungus on the nails of the feet and hands often occurs
through common shoes or household items in the family. And also in
public places – swimming pools, gyms, baths, that is, there
where it is wet, high enough temperature, and high probability
contact of the open surface of the skin of the feet with the fungus. Treatment of this
the disease is quite long but the drugs are currently on
Pharmaceutical market is very diverse – this is local treatment.
creams, varnishes, sprays, and oral antifungal

Not to notice the occurrence of fungus on the phalanx of the nail

  • nails change color to gray, white, brown, black, yellow
    or green
  • begin to crumble
  • exfoliate
  • skin itch appears around nail
  • soreness of the lesion.

По мере  прогрессирования заболевания происходит ороговение
nail seals build up, thereby greatly reducing the effectiveness
treatment. Mycoses of the nails are observed mainly in adults and
the elderly population, in children the damage of the nail phalanges is extremely
a rare thing. Fungal diseases of any organs and tissues
are formed in a person only when there is either a sharp
reduced immunity or age-related changes in skin and nail pH,
or progressing age-related chronic diseases. Factors
The risk of developing nail mycosis is the presence of the following diseases:
metabolic disorders, obesity, diabetes, diseases
GIT, thyroid and adrenal glands, blood circulation in

The fungus is a very viable infection if disinfected.
shoes, then for the death of the fungus in a 1% formalin solution will require 20
minutes, and when disinfecting objects with chloramine, up to 40
minutes Often, even after the cure of a nail affected by a fungus,
case of reduced immunity and other favorable conditions for
development of mycosis, from a small invisible focus of infection in the nail
re-inflammation occurs again. Therefore, when establishing
such a diagnosis, you must complete a full course of treatment
and systematically monitor relapses further.

Nail mycosis treatment

Today in the arsenal of modern pharmaceutical
There is a full range of effective anti-fungal products
local and general action for the speedy disposal of unpleasant
diseases. Due to the wide variety of drugs, as well as
individual characteristics in each clinical case, with
fungal infection of any tissues, organs, mucous membranes and
a course of treatment, and only qualified personnel should select medications.
Specialist, attending physician.

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He must determine the tactics of treatment of the fungus with
Considering the following factors:

  • Is the affected area extensive?
  • Duration of illness
  • What is the nature of the pathological changes
  • Are there associated pathologies

Modern means of dealing with nail fungus is not easy
destroy pathogens, suspend
progression of mycosis, but also able to accumulate in the nails on
длительный период времени, что уменьшает срок treatment. Now have
pulse therapy regimens for which 2-4 months are sufficient for complete
cure of nail phalanx fungus on the legs. Treatment is necessary
must be comprehensive, using and local means, and
oral pills from the fungus.

Important! Antifungal drugs for both internal and
topical use have a lot of side effects and
contraindications, prescribed treatment regimen, and
the efficacy of therapy should be monitored by the attending physician only.
a doctor. Uncontrolled reception is not allowed. Self-medication and
self-diagnostics lead to sad consequences, development
resistance of fungal agents to drugs, not effectiveness
treatment and further progression of the disease.

Nail polish against nail fungus

If the disease is not in an advanced stage, then
do only topical treatment, applying anti-mycotic varnishes and
solutions, for example:

  • Loceryl – active ingredient Amorolfin, destroys structures
    cell wall of the fungus.

    • Loceryl varnish 1300 – 2200 rubles
    • Oflomil varnish 800 rub.
  • Батрафен  —  лак, цена 1400-1600 rub.
  • Циклопироксоламин   —  лак, цена 1300-1400
  • Микозан — сыворотка для ногтей и 10 пилочек, цена  530-600

and there are patches with exfoliating action. Treatment
sufficiently long and regular, varnish Loceryl must be applied
twice a week for 6-12 months. Batrafen used by
схеме месячными курсами,  первый месяц 1 раз в 2 day, the second –
2 times a week, on the third month and then 1 time a week to
full restoration of the nail. To improve the appearance of the nail
over the top of the medical lacquer you can cover the nail surface
nail polish.

Means for removing nails affected by fungus

  • Ногтевит — цена Ногтевита в аптеках порядка 120 rub.
  • Ногтимицин — также около 110-120 rub.

Ногтивит от грибкаThere is such a cosmetic
as Nogtivit intended for painless removal of the patient
the nail. This is not a drug, but an alternative.
медикаментозным средствам или хирургическому методу treatment.

Part of the essential oil of tea tree, stearic
acid, urea, triethanolamine, propylene glycol help remove
affected nail and regrowth healthy. Natural Tea Oil
The tree is an excellent antiseptic and has antifungal

Before using the tool should be very good steam
affected nails in solution – for 1 liter of water and 1 teaspoonful of soda
and liquid soap, then wipe dry and around the nail fix
adhesive plaster A thick layer, without rubbing, is applied nail on
affected area, avoiding contact with healthy tissue.

Then close the nail and the phalanx of the finger with a plaster, after 4 days
remove the plaster, again also steam the nail and pedicure
принадлежностями соскоблить уже  отслоившийся роговой слой.
Такую процедуру следует производить до полного очищения the nail.

A similar property has the remedy Nogtimitsin, in
includes – PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, water,
carbamide, methylisothiazolinone, emulsion wax, beeswax,
corn oil, lavender oil, mint, kayeputa, monostearate
glycerin, propylene glycol, stearic and salicylic acid,
decylene glycol.

Antifungal pills

If the disease is already neglected or is developing very
rapidly, the affected area is extensive, then without system
antimycotics can not do. Pills from nail fungus huge
the amount and pick them up should an experienced doctor. In these drugs
there are contraindications, they can not be taken by children, people with
hepatic or renal pathology, and there is also
pharmacological incompatibility with some other drugs
for example with hormonal contraceptives. Most
popular oral medications for fungi:

  • Флуконазол цена 20-40 rub. (аналоги: Дифлюкан 450-479 rub.;
    Микосист 300 -600 rub.; Флюкостат 170-250 rub.; Forkan;
  • Кетоконазол — Низорал 450-500 rub., Фунгавис 140 rub.
  • Итраконазол — Орунгал 2500-2600 rub. (its analogues – Rumicosis 700
    руб, Кандитрал 500-600 rub., Итразол 400-700 rub., Ирунин при
    грибке 300-500 rub.)
  • Тербинафин — Ламизил 1700 -2000 rub. (analogues: Onyhon,
    Тербинафин 350-400 rub.  Фунготербин, Тербизил 1100-1200 rub.,
    Экзифин 640-680 rub.)

Topical treatment with cream, spray, ointment

Various local remedies are also widely used, among
which we select the most popular:

  • Действующее вещество Сертоконазол: Залаин крем (310 rub.)
  • Действующее вещество Нафтифин: Экзодерил крем 350-600 rub.
  • Active ingredient Ketoconazole: Nizoral cream (300-400 rub),
    Mycozoal ointment (130-180 rubles)
  • Active ingredient Oxyconazole: Mifungar cream (270-300
  • Active ingredient Chloronitrophenol: Nitrofungin (solution 
    for outdoor approx. 250 rub)
  • Active ingredient Fundizol (cream 100 rubles).

Active ingredient Terbinafine, affects the cell membrane

  • Ламизил спреи, гели, крема цена от 300 до 600 rub.
  • Terbinafin cream and ointment is not less effective than Lamisil, but
    much cheaper. Крем 115 rub., мазь 60 rub.
  • Тербизил крем 240-260 rub.
  • Атифин крем 100-120 rub.
  • Экзифин крем 160 rub.
  • Фунготербин крем 220 rub. спрей 240 rub.
  • Термикон крем 160 rub. спрей 230 rub.
  • Lamitele spray
  • Miconorm cream
  • Terbized-Adzhio cream
  • Тербикс спрей 140 rub.

Active ingredient ciclopiroxolamine: active only in early
stages of onychomycosis caused by yeast-like, moldy
mushrooms, dermatophytes, with a distal type of nail damage.

  • Батрафен крем 250-260 rub.,
  • Циклопироксоламин крем 250 rub.

Active ingredient Bifonazol: acts as a fungicide and
fungistatically, violates the protective ability of the cell membrane

  • Бифосин крем 30-40 rub.,
  • Микоспор крем 330 rub.

If the treatment was carried out in full, it turned out
effective and over time the symptoms of the disease disappeared then
mycosis affected nail tissue is replaced with healthy.

But to make sure there is no pathology
confirm it with laboratory methods, tests should be passed through
2 weeks after the course of treatment and a month later. Only in case
negative results, you can calm down, but periodically
conduct self control.

Sometimes due to prolonged therapy on the skin of the legs may appear
redness, peeling of the skin is a manifestation of allergic reactions
на лекарственные facilities. Often with this fungal disease
already cured. Therefore, it is recommended to pass scraping and
stop treatment in time.Грибок ногтей на ногах - лекарства, сипмптомы, лечение

Other means


Еще есть эффективное средство при грибке ногтей — Creolin. it
veterinary drug which has a powerful antiseptic,
disinfectant and antiparasitic effect. To use him
care must be taken, it is impossible for the medicine to fall on the skin, for this
the skin around the nail should be sealed with adhesive tape and gently
process the nail once a day for 2 to 3 months until
произойдет замена the nail. Many use this tool and them
manages to cure the fungus. Creolin стоит всего около 30 rub.


The composition of the cream: zinc oxide, potassium iodide, salicylic acid,
methyl and propyl paraoxybenzoic esters extract
oak bark, celandine extract. When nail fungus cream is applied 2
R / day in a thick layer, fixed with compress paper and
adhesive tape, leave for 4-6 hours. The price in the pharmacy is about 100

To soften keratinized skin and prevent
infection with fungal infection 2-3 times a day with a thin layer
Apply the massage onto the skin of the feet (hands),
interdigital spaces, healthy nail plate.

Fukortsin or “Castellani Liquid”

It is colorless or red with a specific smell.
Reasonably effective, but you should also be careful.
with skin around the nail, may be

Lavender oil and tea tree oil

Lavender oil prevents skin irritation and helps fight
with infection, and tea tree oil is natural
antibiotic. It is important to buy not cheap essential oils, but
natural, which are naturally more expensive, but more effective. For
applications should make such a mixture – equal parts of the oil
lavender, tea tree and olive oil (benefit and harm).
It is necessary to use the received medicine daily, it is better for the night,
at the same time putting on socks.

Mouthwash for mouth Listerine or apple vinegar, lemon
the juice

В ванночку для ног налейте листерин, неразбавленный лимонный the juice
или яблочный уксус и замочите ноги на 15 minutes it дополнительное,
fairly effective way to get rid of nail fungus on
feet. Treatment Листерином достаточно не дорогое, цена 150-180

Berezhnova liquid

Very effectively old, time-tested tool, liquid
Berezhnova. itт раствор можно заказать в рецептурном отделе аптеки,
It has a complex composition, and not every pharmacy can make it,
because the recipe is old, and currently little used.

Prevention of nail fungus

It is clear that infection occurs through direct contact.
skin, nails with infection, but a strong immune system does not
develop mycosis even after infection. But in the case when
the body is weakened for many reasons, the fungal infection is fast
spreading and fighting it becomes very difficult.
Keeping personal hygiene simple reduces the risk of infection.

  • Wear shoes on the beach
  • Wear closed rubber in saunas, baths, pools
  • Wear cotton socks and change them daily.
  • Never wear someone else’s shoes.
  • After your shower and bath, wipe your feet thoroughly, try to
    feet were always dry.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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