To which doctor to treat lactostasis?

Painful stagnation of milk in the breast, or lactostasis, –
a problem that many lactating women face.
This is especially true at the very beginning of breastfeeding, when
lactation is not yet established. Treat lightly and
it is impossible to neglect such a state, but it’s not possible to panic
follows – competently and timely measures taken to
elimination of lactostasis almost always help to cope with the problem
at home.


Should I see a doctor for lactostasis?

Since lactostasis in itself is not a disease yet, but only
an unpleasant condition characterized by painful stagnation in
mammary glands, and especially worry when the first pain is not worth it.
But it should still be remembered that, following lactostasis,
follow the real disease – mastitis. Treatment of mastitis, like
elimination of lactostasis, is carried out on almost the same
scheme: by decanting and performing massage of the breast.
Traditional treatment implying medication
drugs, as a rule, nursing mothers with similar problems do not

Мастит у кормящей матери: симптомы и
лечение: Лактационный (послеродовый) мастит – это
inflammatory breast disease that occurs during
breastfeeding. Most often the disease occurs in
primiparous women in the first weeks of lactation, as well as during
weaning. Mastitis during breastfeeding
caused by pathogenic microorganisms (Staphylococcus aureus and
Streptococcus) – read more

When is it necessary to visit a doctor?

A situation that requires a visit and consultation with a doctor –
повышенная температуры тела. However, in this case should
follow some rules:

  • Measure the temperature of lactating women recommended in the elbow
    bend (for a more correct result);
  • When the temperature rises should be carried out control
    measurement immediately after decanting.

And only in the case where the temperature measured at the elbow
bend, not reduced and after decanting, we can talk about
inflammatory processes inside the body. In this situation
A visit to the doctor is necessary and justified.

Pay attention to elevated temperature.
recommended for mothers who have given birth to their babies for less than 2 months
The temperature may be caused by this
inflammatory processes in the uterus. As a rule, such states
accompanied by an unpleasant characteristic odor of discharge from
vagina. With the combination of these symptoms:
высокая температура и характерный запах следует
Immediately conduct an ultrasound scan of the uterus.

Which doctor is treating lactostasis?

It is widely believed that lactostasis and mastitis treats
mammologist. However, this opinion is not true, because
A mammologist is a doctor who determines tumors in the dairy.
glands, and the fight against stagnant milk is not his specialization.

As for the most popular lately consultants
breastfeeding, these experts will help
apply the baby to the chest, prompt, if necessary, as
decanting milk will help you choose the most comfortable postures for mother and baby
for feeding. However, the fight against developed lactostasis or mastitis
– this is not their competence.

Real, competent assistance with lactostasis is able to provide
surgeon. This doctor specializes in eliminating such diseases,
like mastitis or abscess (complicated mastitis, implying
surgical intervention). However, do not be afraid: as a rule,
operation is an extreme case. А вот дать адекватные советы
and help in the shortest possible time to cope with the difficulties encountered –
all this is within the power of the surgeon.

In the case when for some reason visiting the surgeon
impossible, recommended to visit female consultation for a meeting
with obstetrician-gynecologist.


Competently assess the condition of a woman and her mammary glands
only doctor Professional assistance provided on time
allows you to prevent the transition of simple milk stagnation in more
serious diseases.

Conventional Lactostasis Treatment Regimen

  • in the frequent expression of the breast, in which there is stagnation (learn
    decant chest hands);
  • проведении массажа (правильный массаж груди при кормлении
  • applying warm compresses for better milk yield.

Лактостаз груди и его лечение: с лечением
lactostasis, (if this process has not yet reached a critical point),
любая мама справится самостоятельно at home. Everything
actions for this problem are designed to restore the movement of milk in
clogged duct – that is simply to settle stagnation
– read more

UNIQUE VIDEO: Lactostasis: how to express

As for antibiotics, the need for such drugs
occurs only in the case of an infectious (or non-infectious, but
accompanied by nipple cracks) mastitis. There are
modern antibacterial drugs that can be applied not
stopping breastfeeding.

Lactostasis treatment by physiotherapy is also popular. –

According to professionals, the duration of lactostasis treatment
is approximately 24 hours. Mastitis is treated for about 3 days.

When lactostasis can and should continue to feed the baby
breast milk.
Taking antibiotics should not become
препятствием к продолжению breastfeeding.

We wish you a long and pleasant breastfeeding!

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baby? Causes and what to do?

Lactostasis and Mastitis

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