To rock the baby before bedtime: to what extentage can be rocked

Since ancient times, mothers laid babies to bed, rocking them in their arms.
or in the cradles. With the development of scientific knowledge, motion sickness began to cause
numerous disputes, especially in the medical environment. Today have this
method there are adherents and opponents. We will try in this
article shed light on the problem and tell you how to rock a child
sleep right without hurting him at the same time.

Как укачать грудного ребенка спать

Caring for a child: “FOR” and “AGAINST”

Being nine months in the stomach, the crumb was swimming in the amniotic fluid
waters, gently rocking in time with my mother’s steps. Therefore, according to
supporters of motion sickness, this way is natural for
calming the baby and laying down to sleep. In the process of motion sickness
the vestibular apparatus is strengthened, the work is synchronized
internal organs. Being in close contact with mom, small
feels comfortable and safe that is vital in
early infancy.

Answering the question: “Is it possible to rock a child?”,
противники этого метода
категоричны. In their opinion, active rocking
infant often leads to fainting, mistaken
parents for a deep sleep. The child gets used to this method
falling asleep and retraining him fall asleep differently later on
достаточно сложно (когда ребенок спит только на руках, а
начинаешь перекладывать в кроватку просыпается)
. Exists
предположение (пока научно не доказанное), что укачивание
may become a platform for the formation of such harmful
addictions, like craving for extreme entertainment, alcoholism,

Young parents from the first weeks of life need crumbs
определить свою позицию на вопрос: «Укачивать или не
to rock?»
, ориентируясь на поведение и склонности малыша.
If the parental flair suggests that motion sickness can
harm your child, try other ways to put the child.
If your peanut belongs to the troubled, excitable
Babies may have soft motion sickness to be the perfect way to

Is it possible to rock a child (opinions)

How to properly rock a baby

Crumbling can be rocked on his arms while sitting or walking in a calm
pace around the room. Great for motion sickness equipped
shock absorbers special strollers and cots. If at home you have
fitball or rocking chair, you can use these


When rocking a little one, lull him, sing a lullaby or
turn on the calm music. Musical accompaniment can be
good alternative when it comes time to wean the baby from
motion sickness Parent movements should be smooth. Is unacceptable
shaking a baby in a stroller or in your arms, this can lead to
fainting and even spinal injury.

Separately, it must be said about the sling, a special bandage for
carrying children. For newborns, a sling on
rings. In this adaptation the baby, as in a crib, is tied to
mom Catching up on household chores, many moms don’t even notice
в какой момент чадо уснуло под спокойный ритм шагов (См о

До какого age can be rocked

The optimal age for weaning fall asleep with
укачивания считается один год,
время, когда у ребенка уже
a regime of feeding and sleep has been developed, since, according to pediatricians, children
up to a year there is no need to strictly observe the regime.

At the age of 5-6 months it is worth trying with a crumb other methods.
falling asleep, which is described in detail in the article “We keep to bed
without tears and whims “, in order that the motion sickness does not become
the only way to fall asleep. The article describes in detail how
how to stop rocking the baby and teach him to fall asleep without tears and
hysterical Daily performance of “sleepy rituals” to which you can
carry evening bath and light, massage reading fairy tales, singing
lullaby, “farewell to the sun”, gradually teach the baby
fall asleep by yourself.

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