To make the children smart, feed them with fish

Update: February 2019

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania (USA, Philadelphia)
found out: children who regularly consume fish dishes have high
IQ values ​​and more physiological sleep. Journal Scientific Reports
published the news on their pages.

Previous Omega-3 Nutritional Supplement Experiments
fatty acids have shown their beneficial effects on
cognitive activity and sleep. Now the american
experts became interested in a natural product – fish of different
species. After all, fish is a natural source of fatty acids. AND
positive results were not long in coming.

541 Chinese children (9-11 years old) took part in the work. By floor
this group was divided by about half. Among the questions
the test provided to the kids was the most important: how many times per
Last month you used fish. Children could choose from
several answer options, starting with “never” and ending
�”At least once in 7 days.” Also, the guys passed the IQ test, where
their verbal qualities and non-verbal skills were evaluated. AT
The study was also attended by the parents of the children, having told about
the duration of sleep of their children, the level of daytime sleepiness,
the number of awakenings at night.

рыбаAmerican scientists have analyzed the results, given
social status of families, type of activity and wealth of parents.
AT итоге доктора узнали:

  1. Guys eating fish dishes at least once
    week, have 4.8 percent more IQ than eating fish rarely or
    completely devoid of it in the diet.
  2. IQ of guys eating fish sometimes is 3.3 percent higher. IQ is not
    receiving it.
  3. ANDмеется взаимосвязь между избытком употребления рыбы и
    good night’s sleep.

If the child does not have a good rest while sleeping, this
leads not only to reduced cognitive abilities, but also to
the development of antisocial behavior. Omega-3 fatty acids themselves
have a direct effect on behavior, reducing aggressiveness.
Experts say that it is much easier to normalize sleep by introducing
in the diet of fish products, rather than forcing “to go to
bed”. By the way, the fish can already be given to kids from 10 months in
small quantities, and full meals – from 2 years and older.

AT планах ученых новые работы по определению, все ли виды рыб
equally affect mental abilities, or some of them
have the most pronounced effect.

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