To give birth by or through Cesarean (naturalchildbirth vs Caesarean) – the experience of a large mother

At a certain point, every girl appears
desire to become a mom. Someone thinks about a child at 20,
someone is only 30 or even later. However, when looking at a baby
most women start to smile tenderly. Maternity is
great happiness Being a mother is a gift of God!

On the other hand, the word “childbirth” frightens many. it
natural process but it is associated with very strong pain and
torment. Therefore, even those women who are in anxious
waiting for the firstborn, afraid to give birth on their own. Not surprising,
that most pregnant women are carefully studying the ways that
allow them to alleviate their suffering in the hospital without harming
baby Some begin to meditate, others calm down under
classical music, still others try to relax under a warm shower.
The most sensitive young ladies are ready to apply radical methods
just to save yourself the pain. They seriously think about
epidural anesthesia or even caesarean section. Everyone has it
own story and everyone has the right to be!

Each of us has its own pain threshold and its own pregnancy history.
I do not blame anyone, do not try to impose my opinion. I just
I will tell you how I gave birth to my three children. Maybe someone my
experience will seem rewarding. I just want to tell – no one needs anything
not declining.

Natural childbirth

I went through three genera, after which three were born
wonderful baby. I gave birth to myself, and through cesarean section,
so I have something to compare with. In both options, I see my
Advantages and disadvantages. Although it would be more accurate to call them more or
less enjoyable features.

I will begin with natural childbirth. it словосочетание может вызвать
grin. Some will think: “How can one call natural
a process that brings so much pain? ” it риторический
question, so I will not answer it. Just describe in more detail,
how did my physiological birth go?

I will not be cunning. The sensations that I experienced are far from
those that can be experienced during chocolate wrapping in
SPA salon. To put it mildly, childbirth is an unpleasant procedure. but
it’s hard to describe the pain a woman feels when she appears on
light of the long-awaited baby. Personally, I did not seem unbearable.
Rather, she was exhausting and exhausting.

During natural childbirth, it seemed to me that the muscles below
belly literally bursting inside, but at the same time they
stretched outside. it была ноющая боль, которая отдавала в
lower back. It seemed to me that I became a participant of the crash test and me
tested for strength. About a minute I was simultaneously stretched
and squeezed, twisted and inflated with such force as if someone
checked the limits of the possibilities set by nature.

Had to endure the pain, picking up full air and lungs
counting down seconds. It seemed to me that time slowed down at times.
Seconds stretched so slowly that thoughts arose: “That’s it, I’m more
I can not!”. but как раз в такие моменты начинало немного
let off. it приносило огромное облегчение, казалось, наконец-то
An opportunity to relax and mentally prepare for
the next “race”. Only you will think so – and in a second everything
begins on a new, reveals a whole bunch of unpleasant

Periodically during childbirth rolls nausea. I was shocked by
such a discovery because I ate nothing. but и это еще
Not all. Suddenly a terrible chill crept through me. And the windows in the delivery room
the hall was tightly closed, and I put on my socks, but it became so
cold, that the tooth on the tooth did not fall. In general, only you understand
that you won’t be able to relax as a new wave rolls in – everything
muscles below the abdomen so tense, as if preparing to burst.


At this time, all you can do is say to yourself: “Breathe!
The main thing is to breathe correctly! ” Your lungs also start working on
limit the possibilities by pumping all the oxygen that is in
maternity hospital. Do you remember how you were taught to count: “Breathe – one, two,
three. Выдох — раз, два, three. Inhale again … ” This simple math
slightly distracts from the pain – and suddenly it comes again
relief. �”Thank God! Finally a break I so
I waited! ”- you think. but это очередная иллюзия. Suitable doctor
listens to a little heart, checks for disclosure and reports that
the baby will be born very soon – it remains to be patient only 40 minutes,
the biggest is the hour. From this “good” news darkens in the eyes.
it для врача 40 минут — пустяк, ведь роды длятся уже несколько
hours Only the expectant mother seems that her strength remains maximum on
15 minutes. You are in shock, and the doctor seems to mock you,
saying move, and not just lie – you see, so all
will end faster.

Approximately the way babies are born. Only need
make one amendment: the whole process of natural childbirth from contractions
before the immediate birth of a child takes from a couple of hours to
days – every woman has everything in its own way. Not nothing
surprising is that pregnant women often lose sleep and dream of
powerful anesthesia or cesarean section.

Cesarean section

The operation certainly looks more attractive than
physiological labor: you are given an injection, and then wait for yourself calmly.
Instead of suffering a few hours of painful labor,
You can “read the magazine,” “listen to your favorite music.” Purpose
cesarean section for medical reasons and does look like
gift of heaven. You got anesthesia, laid down – and then you just sleep
or watch the doctors hover over you and discuss the weather,
cat food, child performance at school or heavy shift. You
you give a diva, how can you, above you about some garbage
tryndet, because you now have such a crucial moment? it тоже
perhaps, because modern anesthesia methods even allow
be conscious during surgery.

And while you are passionate about your thoughts and worries, the cherished
ten to fifteen minutes, and then you hear the first cry of his crumbs …
and you can’t believe it was over. Here you
put the baby to the chest and ask what his name will be.
Doctors report that they need only 20 more minutes to apply
stitches, and then you will be taken to intensive care. It’s all over, and you even
nothing не почувствовала. How amazing! It’s all over!

To be honest, when I was given anesthesia, I prayed that all
miraculously improved, and the need for surgery was no longer necessary. I
думала: «I ведь уже рожала сама! Maybe wait a bit – and I
can I do it again? ”

In just 10 minutes, my baby loudly expressed his
discontent with being swaddled for the first time in their lives. I же не
could understand whether this is all happening in reality or was it only
sleep. I ведь целых 9 месяцев носила ребенка под грудью, ощущала, как
he kicks, shares food and air with him. To experience all this and not even
give birth? A baby is lying next to me – a healthy and beautiful boy …
He is my son, only I did not give birth to him! NOT! SHE DID NOT GIVE BIRTH TO THE CHILD! We did not
this together, and it seemed to me a betrayal.

Of course, the cesarean section did not become a tragedy. Have operated
I was well and quickly, I completely trusted the doctor. I чувствовала
yourself is normal, and the baby was born healthy. Just to my soul
it was sad, because I did not plan a cesarean section at all.
The doctor then understood my condition and encouraged me: “If you want more
one child, you can give birth to her yourself. “

Why is it better to give birth?

Over time, I began to think less and less about how I was doing
cesarean The main thing is that all my children are with me. They are healthy and
cheerful. My husband and I wanted three children and fulfilled our
program maximum. Only here I am haunted by the thought that
to give birth again. Just give birth – survive all

I не мазохистка, я не испытываю удовольствия от боли и вполне
felt all the “charms” of natural childbirth. I’m just fine
I remember that moment when you just apply to your chest
born baby. He is so warm, gentle, dear. You целуешь его
and you realize that you are finally not in pain – on the contrary, you are very
good and calm Sleepless nights, diapers, infant
болезни, чудеса лактации и фестивали коликов — все это будет
then. Now you just enjoy being together with your baby,
you feel his shy breathing and weak instinctive movements in
попытке приблизиться к груди, и мои глаза прикованы к его
wet little head, the size of a little more than a fist. At this moment you
you literally fall into euphoria, thank the whole world for such

Nothing beats what a woman experiences in the delivery room
table in the first minutes after the birth of a child. From happiness
there are tears in the eyes, like the divine dew of happiness, to you
I want to kiss a tiny face, hug, love this baby.
Why are there words! it настолько сильные ощущения, что они вмиг
erase all memories of pain. Torment is replaced by bliss and
bursting with happiness.

Dear girls, I personally believe that these few magic
minutes worth giving birth on their own and enduring the torment
which nature has prepared for us. Of course, we are the weaker sex. but
each of us should be courageous and strong for a while if
it depends new life.

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