To baby slept soundly: 7 tips for youngparents

With the advent of the baby, young parents are morally preparing for
sleepless nights But why, if you can just learn to lay
sleep baby right? Find out what affects night sleep
baby and what you need to do to be long and

сон новорожденного

After a tiring day, children need rest. They
restore strength during the night’s sleep, which should be
strong and long: at least 6-8 hours. Have slept
The baby is always in a good mood, he is alert and physically active. what
parents can do, putting the child in bed, for
improve sleep quality?


There are 7 secrets that will help your baby sleep soundly

  1. Bedtime is just calm games. For 2-3
    hours to sleep do not allow high physical and emotional
    load. They перевозбуждают нервную систему ребёнка, и он не
    can fall asleep. Talk about this with a young dad, if he,
    coming home from work, playing too active games with the baby
    who greatly missed the day.
  2. Ритуал, предшествующий каждому ночному сну.
    This should be a few activities, going before the rest strictly
    in the prescribed sequence. They вырабатывают привычку
    go to bed at the same time. Certain symptoms will be
    prompt the baby that it is time to go to bed. Each
    family ritual special. It may include snacking, browsing.
    cartoon, bathing, diaper change, dressing up in pajamas, fairy tales
    or lullaby songs, etc.
  3. Купание и массаж. Water treatments in the evening
    soothe the child. Warm water relaxes the body, and the murmur and
    splash of water – the nervous system. Excessive activity while swimming
    need not. The bathroom should only be clean water, give up
    use of herbs and solid soap: these agents sometimes irritate
    skin If necessary, you can undermine the baby with the help of
    gel. After bathing, massage the baby by gently stroking it.
    back and head. Mother’s and father’s touch always act
    soothing, which further adjusts to sleep.
  4. Комнатные условия. Main components
    microclimate affecting healthy sleep – temperature and humidity.
    The optimum air temperature for children is 19–22 degrees.
    Humidity can range from 40–65%. Such conditions
    positively affect growth and development, so they are desirable
    maintain round the clock.
  5. Спальное место. The child can sleep in the nursery.
    crib, cradle, stroller or even in the parent’s bed. it
    depends on how you are comfortable. But to the sleeping place baby
    The following requirements are met: the mattress must be even and
    hard Babies in the first months of life do not need a pillow, and
    if room conditions are met, then in a blanket too. Baby
    bed linen should be natural. Foreign objects
    distracting attention, should not be near.
  6. Кормление. The duration of sleep will be directly
    depend on how well the baby before it ate. whatбы он
    thoroughly refreshed before the rest, you can even a little
    underfeed it in the previous feeding. Then by night he will
    eat more intensely. Food should be light, it can not be
    lure. Then continuous sleep for 6-8 hours is provided. But
    This only applies to children older than 6 months. It is in this
    No need for night feeding. Up to this point
    you can not refuse a child in milk or mixture: he can wake up
    at night 1-2 times to eat.
  7. Хороший подгузник. On the fortress and
    sleep duration is affected by a feeling of irritation and
    humidity. If the baby is dry and warm, then he will sleep

Get used to the new daily routine for young parents
not so easy. But стоит постичь эти семь незатейливых секретов, и вы тут
You will see how strong and long the sleep of a baby can be.
nothing bothers you.

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