To accustom a baby to a baby’s dummy is easy


  1. Is it worth it?
  2. How to teach a baby

For many parents, a dummy is a real salvation, because the children calm down, they should take it in their mouth.

But what to do if the child does not want it do? How to teach him to her? This is what we let’s talk.

Is it worth it?

Some parents are sure that a baby’s dummy is useless. Let’s get it together.

  • This is a great way to calm a raging cub, This has been proven by many years of practice. If parents with baby go to a public place and don’t want to get embarrassed a situation where the child screams and can not be calm, he should buy this item.
  • When the baby’s mouth is busy, it gives confidence that the baby is not drag something else into his mouth. For example, you can not worry that he will taste sand from the sandbox or gnaw off his ear teddy hare.
  • When the baby’s teeth begin to cut, the nipple only promotes.
  • Children without nipples get used to sucking fingers, which makes them extremely hard to wean. Newborns have a sucking instinct that necessarily manifest. Mother’s breast to meet the needs of this instinct are not enough.
  • The product provides the baby with a certain comfort. Research show that babies behave more calmly while on the care of grandparents when they have a nipple in their mouth. She is like gives them a sense of reliability and confidence.

The product definitely needs a child. This simple little thing will be only benefit you and the baby.


How to teach a baby

It’s great if you barely try to hold a dummy in your mouth, baby She doesn’t want to part with her, but this is not always the case. What to do if the child does not want her?

  • How to teach a baby to a baby's dummyNeed to pick the right one the size of the nipples. Often a child spits it out because the dummy too big.
  • There is also the possibility that the nipple is too small. AT In this case, it simply falls out of the child’s mouth. Necessary buy a little thing more.
  • If the baby constantly nibbles the nipple and in a day or two she will becomes chewed and unusable, buy a special product, which can be chewed, today there are many stores. It will not bring the baby any harm and will not lose its form.
  • It may not be so much the size of the nipples, but in her unlike mother’s nipples. Here you really need to look for something similar in form.
  • One tricky way to accustom a baby to a dummy is to spread her something sweet, jam, as an option. But in this case, the cub it may begin to nibble the nipple.
  • A method similar to the previous one – lubricate the nipple with mother’s milk. The baby will immediately turn on the sucker Effect.
  • Periodically, the pacifier must be changed. Latex Soothers change every month, from silicone – once a month and a half.
  • Give the baby a dummy in the same position in which he I’m used to drinking milk from my mother’s breast.
  • Choose a dummy carefully. Pay attention to manufacturer, material, shape of the nipples.

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If you take full responsibility to the matter of teaching a baby to a dummy, you will see – this is not nothing complicated.

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