Tips, rules and recommendations for choosing childrenmixes

Breastfeeding specialists say confidently: feed
a child can breastfeed any woman. However, sometimes the desire to feed
baby stumbles upon serious obstacles. Main obstacle
for breastfeeding are diseases whose treatment is not
compatible with HB. Sometimes, successfully started, breastfeeding
completed in a few months due to the fact that mom failed
adjust lactation and intelligently organize the process of feeding. There are
cases where a mother, by virtue of her own views and beliefs, is not at all
trying to breastfeed the baby, giving birth to the mixture from birth. In
In all these cases, the baby grows on artificial feeding.
It’s important for parents to figure out how to mix for newborns.
children in its composition and properties. The fact is that baby food
at an early age – the guarantee of his health for the future. Of course, nothing
there can be no better than mom’s milk, but if by virtue of some
reasons baby will grow on artificial feeding – to
the choice of mixture for food must be approached very thoroughly.

The content of the article

  • 1 ATиды mixes: изучаем и классифицируем
    • 1.1 Inзрастной показатель
    • 1.2 Specialized and therapeutic mixtures
  • 2 Choosing a mixture for a newborn
    • 2.1 How to understand that the mixture is not suitable
Какую смесь выбрать для новорожденного

Огромный выбор детских mixes

ATиды mixes: изучаем и классифицируем

The baby food market has a large range.
разновидностей детских mixes, которые согласованы с требованиями
GOST and Institute of Nutrition. In a variety of multi-colored jars and
baby boxes are very easy to get confused. Therefore for
We started offering to figure out who is who on the store shelf and
what do the numbers and inscriptions on the packages with the mixture. Other
in words, consider what kind of mixtures are consistency,
composition, age and purpose.


The consistency of infant formula can be divided into dry and

  • Сухие mixes. In the Russian market is 90%
    mixes для питания малышей. Such mixtures are
    packaged in a carton or can of powder, which
    Before use, dilute with boiled water.
  • Liquid. Such mixtures are ready to eat.
    and require only heating. They are sold in tetrapack and
    packaged in 200 ml. The only problem is that in Russian
    магазинах доля таких mixes ничтожна мала. You can find such mixtures
    only in large cities.

The most common are dry, they are convenient to store,
dosage, easy to transport and have a large
variety of choice. Liquid mixtures are simpler to prepare.
than dry, as they only need heating. But they have
short shelf life (just a couple of days).

готовая молочная смесь nan



Almost all milk formulas are made on the basis of
cow milk. Since cow’s milk protein is
alien to our body, in the mixture it must be present in
modified form. Depending on the degree of processing of milk protein
Infant formula can be divided into:

  • Adapted. They are based on
    demineralized cow milk whey, so such mixtures
    as close to breast milk as to their properties. They
    fairly light, nutritious, quickly absorbed. Adapted
    Mixes are designed just for newborns. Besides
    деминерализованной сыворотки, в состав адаптированных mixes входят
    polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals,
    nucleotides. Of course, such mixtures are more expensive to manufacture,
    therefore, on the basis of price they can be attributed to the premium class.
    The most popular adapted mixtures are:

– Nestle NAN (cost about 400-500 rubles. Per pack 400 gr, per
depending on the availability of additional components);

– Nutricia Nutrilon (prices range from 375 to 650 rubles per

– Semper (sold in packs of 350g, price range
360-480 p.);

Notкоторые малыши страдают непереносимостью белка
cow’s milk, so the mixture based on the whey of such milk
they do not like. For such children there are adapted dairy
goat milk based blends:

– Bibikol Nanny (pack 400g. Costs about 1300r.);

  • Частично адаптированные в какой-то
    degrees are close in structural composition to breast milk, in their
    composition they include not only lactose but also sucrose, they do not
    stabilized mineral fat composition;
  • Последующие изготавливаются из сухого
    whole cow’s milk, to which sucrose is added and
    starch, they do not contain whey.

AT зависимости от детского возраста: До 6 месяцев –
starting, and over six months – the next.

Liquid mixtures are also adapted. The most
available ones are:

– Ready milk formula NAN (price about 60 rubles per pack
200 ml)

– Agush ready milk formula (price about 25 rubles per pack
200 ml)


  • Notадаптированные. These mixes are made on
    based on cow’s milk protein – casein. As additional
    components they can contain everything the same as in
    adapted mixtures. There are смеси очень «бедные» по своему
    composition: there is no taurine, fatty acids. Therefore
    признаку в некоторых источниках неадаптированные детские
    делят на «менее адаптированные» (казеин вместо
    demineralized serum, the remaining components as in
    адаптированных mixes) и «частично адаптированные» (казеин и бедный
    composition of additional components). This is not entirely correct, because
    degree of adaptability of the mixture is determined by how easy
    the mixture is absorbed by the child’s body, and it depends on
    what is present in it as a dairy base:
    деминерализованная сыворотка или белок cow milk. Casein
    mixtures, regardless of their nutritional value, are digested harder,
    therefore all of them are unadapted in any case and it’s worth giving them
    only after 6 months. The main “representatives” of casein
    mixes являются:

– Similac (price from 350 to 650 rubles for the standard

– Nestle Nestogen (packaging weight 370gr sold on average for
240 rubles);

– Baby (the price for packaging is about 210 rubles).


As the child grows, his digestive system develops.
If for a newborn better suited mixtures based on
demineralized serum, then for children over six months you can
use casein mixtures or milk-based mixtures
is cow’s milk powder (these are mixtures of the second and subsequent

Inзрастной показатель

Формула детской смеси сильно зависит от возраста малыша,
for which it is intended. This is due to the fact that
growth and development, the child’s digestive system and
The body’s nutrient needs are changing. it
completely natural process, because breast milk changes its
composition with the growth of the baby. The formula number of the formula is always
indicated on the packaging. For each number and designation is
certain age range.

Градация mixes по возрастному показателю

  • �”0″ or pref in the title – the mixture is intended for
    newborn premature or low birth weight babies;
  • �”1″ – a mixture for children from birth to 6 months;
  • �”2″ – a mix for babies from 6 months to 1 year;
  • �”3″ – a mixture for children older than a year.

As we said earlier, as the age formula changes
the milk base of the mixture changes: the amount of
неадаптированных белков cow milk. Besides того, увеличивается
the content of vitamins and minerals, because need for these substances
getting higher. It is also considered that the mixture for older children
are more nourishing and high in calories.


Specialized and therapeutic mixtures

Sometimes the characteristics of the body and the health of the baby
impose special requirements to milk mixes. In such cases
ребёнку необходимы специализированные или лечебные mixes. AT
depending on which plan the problem is in the crumbs,
following infant formula:

  • Blends intended for premature infants
    AT них много белка, витаминов и сывороточного
    protein in the composition and have a high energy value.
    Manufacturers designate packaging with such feed value.
    «0» либо еще приставкой «пре-» в название.
  • Кисломолочные mixes. Used when
    digestive problems (with colic, constipation, during
    recovery after taking the medicine for the treatment of dysbiosis).
    Such mixtures are composed of lactic acid and bifidobacteria.
     If babies have colic, vomiting, diarrhea, regurgitation
    – effectively use anti-reflux nutrition containing
    substances (gum or starch) that act as
    thickeners. For example: “Nutrilon AR”, “Enfamil AR”, “Nutrilak
    АР», «Фрисовом».
    With запорах применительно питание, обогащённое
    also gum, which has the characteristics of dietary fiber, or
    lactulose. Lactulose is a disaccharide that activates growth.
    bifidobacteria. Lactulose contain “Detolact Bifidus”, “Semper

More common and most popular blends:

– Nutrilac Sour-milk (price about 400 rubles)

– Nutrilon Sour-milk (price about 410 rubles)

– NAN Sour-milk (price about 450 rubles).

  • Mixes with a high content of iron. Such
    mixtures are assigned to babies older than 4 months for the prevention and
    treatment of iron deficiency anemia. Signal to assign a mixture with
    high iron levels are low
    hemoglobin in the blood of a child. Of course, only one mixture is impossible
    bring hemoglobin back to normal, and the pediatrician will prescribe iron supplements.
    The mixtures with a high content of iron in the Russian market do not
    positioned as medicinal, they just have a richer
    The composition and proportion of iron in them is greater than in other mixtures.

– Enfamil Premium (price about 390 rubles)

– Similac Premium (price about 350 rubles).

  • Hypoallergenic mixes. This kind of food
    necessary for babies who are prone to allergic reactions.
    Cow’s milk protein is a strong allergen, so in such
    mixtures used hydrolyzed, i.e. already partially
    digested, enzyme digested protein. Hypoallergenic
    infant formulas often have the abbreviation “ON” in the title.

– Nutrilon Hypoallergenic (price about 550 rubles)

– NAN Hypoallergenic (price about 550 rubles)

  • Lactose free and soy mixtures. Used when
    cow milk protein intolerance. This is a pronounced form.
    food allergies, which will not even help hypoallergenic

– Nutrilon Soy (price about 560 rubles)

– Frisosa (price about 450 rubles)

– NAN lactose free (price about 690 rubles)

– Similac Isomil (price about 410 rubles)

  • Антирефлюксные mixes. Needed often
    belching babies. These mixtures contain special
    thickener components: carob gluten, rice or
    corn starch. On the packaging of such mixtures often available
    abbreviation “A.R.”

– Enfamil A.R. (the price is about 670 rubles)

– Frisov (price about 610 rubles)

– Nutrilon Antireflux (price about 680 rubles)

It is important to know! There is also such a thing as “supplementation with
breastfeeding. ” Mix for additional feeding
used when the baby is not enough mother’s milk. Then
use highly adapted mixtures (they can be named
breast milk substitutes).

Choosing a mixture for a newborn

The choice of food for artificial feeding baby
must be carried out after consultation and inspection
baby doctor – pediatrician. Moreover, every attentive parent
must be familiar with the fundamental principles that
will help to choose the right mix.

In order to choose a mixture for a newborn baby, you need
remember what requirements meets quality infant formula.

  1. For newborn babies you only need to choose
    адаптированные mixes.
    They are most closely approximated by
    composition to breast milk, easily digested and absorbed
    infant organism.
  2. Choosing a mixture, you must strictly adhere to age
    Start artificial feeding
    a newborn baby is only possible from the initial stage of the mixes,
    it is impossible to switch to a mixture of another level before 6 months.
  3. If the kid has any health problems or
    has difficulty digestion – choose specialized
    или лечебные mixes.
    By the way, not necessarily
    fully transfer the child to the medical mixture. In some cases
    it is enough to replace it with 1-2 feeds per day.
  4. Do not blindly follow advertising, always by yourself
    study the composition of the mixture, compare it with other options
    If possible, choose a mixture that is not
    Contains palm or rapeseed oil, rich in vitamins and
  5. Обращайте внимание на срок годности mixes. Not
    buy a mixture with a borderline shelf life.
  6. Buy baby food only in specialized
  7. Useful presence of carnitine, linoleic acid, taurine –
    they are involved in fat, protein, vitamin and energy
    exchange, tissue generation, the formation of internal
  8. Watch your baby’s reaction to food. With
    allergies or digestive problems – ask for
    consultation to the pediatrician. The selected mixture may not be suitable.
    your little one and need to be replaced.

как выбрать смесь для новорожденного

How to understand that the mixture is not suitable

As the experience of moms whose babies grow on artificial
feeding, it’s not always easy to find “your” mix and
quickly. The only search method is the trial and error method.
In order not to amaze digestive disruption and health problems, mom
You need to closely monitor the reaction of the baby to the mixture. Notкоторые
Tips to help your mother navigate and understand whether the child is suitable
selected mixture. So, you should think about the new mixture if:

  • Allergies appear in the form of rash and redness.
  • The child has frequent loose stools with white patches
    (undigested particles of the mixture);
  • The baby is anxious, screaming and crying after feeding,
    does not maintain the necessary interval between meals;
  • The child is not gaining weight (about the weight of the child);
  • At night, the baby sleeps very restlessly, often wakes up.

Withготовление смеси осуществляйте только в соответствии
indicated on the packaging method of preparation, respect the proportions

Artificial feeding – expensive. Parents,
using the mixture, they note that the baby’s diet becomes very
tangible item of family budget expenses. However save on
mixes, choosing cheaper and low-quality options are not worth it.
The best option is to save money and be sure that the baby is
Enough for growth and development is breastfeeding, therefore
try to establish lactation and feed, and take a bottle
only in the case when GW is really impossible.

Читаем подробно об искусcтвенном вскармливании

Buy mixes (read mixes compositions and

  • See the range of mixes, read reviews,
    descriptions, find prices and order mixes for home delivery, you can in
    интернет магазине БАБАДУ.РУ
    — ссылка на ассортимент
  • Либо в интернет магазине АКУШЕРСТATО

What is important to know when choosing infant formula?

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