Tips for pregnant women (2 trimester)

Second trimester of pregnancy (period from 13 to 27
week) is the most interesting for the expectant mother. After all
at this stage, the baby starts to move. This period is usually
accompanied by a sense of physiological comfort and well-being.
Nausea at this time does not appear, and the fruit has not yet reached those
размеров, дабы оказывать давление на органы women. But still there
certain problems arising during this period. The specialists
give the woman the necessary and important tips that will help her cope
with doubts and difficulties, look great and lead an active
a life.


1. What should be the food?

Overeating a woman in the second trimester is not worth it. The uterus begins
gain heavily in size, so excessive filling of the stomach and
bowel leads to unpleasant sensations. Perfect option –
кушать дробно, 5- 6 раз в день малыми порциями, и
then there will be no problems with digestion and assimilation of products.

Other features of the second trimester diet:

  • The minimum amount of fatty foods;
  • The basis of the menu is carbohydrates (pasta from durum cereals,
    vegetables, fruits, cereals) and proteins. Meat should be eaten in moderation.
  • It is desirable to eat fish more than meat, and the latter should
    be low-fat, dietary;
  • To prevent nutritional deficiencies and irregularities
    the development of the child from the 4th month should take special
    complexes of vitamins and minerals for pregnant women.

2. How much can you drink fluids?

According to studies, the lack of fluid during
беременности может привести к серьезным последствиям. Besides
constipation and problems with metabolism, they can become and lack of water.
Therefore, drinking clean water is necessary for everyone, even pregnant women, suffering
edema, but in this case there should be no abuse.
The rate of fluid intake – 1.5-2 liters / day, with edema
– a little less, in the heat – more.

3. Does a woman need to change her lifestyle?

Usually, all the excitement about the new situation of women
behind, toxicosis is over, the expectant mother begins to feel the joy of
your condition. It is very important in the second trimester not to limit
yourself in motion, do not close yourself at home, lying in bed. Moderate
activity will benefit the heart and vessels therefore
will help to saturate the baby’s blood with oxygen. Also movement is helpful
for the functions of the nervous and endocrine systems.

In hypodynamia, some cons:

  • Constipation;
  • Poor muscle tone of the uterus and abdomen;
  • Exchange violations;
  • Weight gain;
  • Неправильное предлежание плода;
  • Problems with the placenta;
  • Weakness of labor.

If the doctor does not mind, then a woman from the second trimester can
visit the pool, for example, in special groups for future

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4. How to dress pregnant?

The second trimester stomach begins to grow, so skirts, pants,
dresses should not squeeze, hamper during movement and in
sitting position. Сдавливание живота может повлечь за собой
circulatory disorders of the placenta, hypertonia of the uterus, which is harmful to
baby From this period, it is advisable to buy special clothes for
pregnant из натуральных тканей, мягкую и комфортную для тела.

5. Are there any hygiene features in the second trimester?


Daily hygiene should not be discussed: every shower should be taken
day, as human skin actively secretes all unnecessary substances
with sweat and provides respiratory and metabolic functions.  During
pregnancy is important to monitor the purity of the whole body. Fine
развивающаяся беременность – периодически можно посещать баню
and sauna, but only with a comfortable temperature, without abusing
steam room Too high temperature
спровоцировать высокое артериальное давление, выкидыш и
premature labor. During посещения бани следует вести себя

6. How to prevent stretch marks on the body?

Fundamentally affect the appearance of stretch marks (stretch marks) on the skin
the future mom will not succeed, since they are formed or not only in
depending on the features of the skin and size of the abdomen. With
sufficient skin density even with large fruit and large abdomen
stretch marks will not, and with thin, delicate skin, they are for sure
will appear. Creams of stretch marks for future mothers may in some
increase skin elasticity and reduce the risk of
large, large stretch marks, but completely prevent
растяжки кремам не под силу.

A woman also needs to control her weight. Probability of stretch marks
increases if the pregnant woman gains weight quickly. Skin not
manages to stretch, and as a result a large
the number of strii not only on the abdomen, but also on the thighs, buttocks,

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7. Сколько веса можно набрать женщине во время

Doctors “allow” ideally recruit a woman during pregnancy
10-13 kg of weight. In the first three months, body weight increases by 2 kg,
further weight increases by 1.5-2 kilos per month. First trimester
characterized by a small weight gain of the fetus, while from the second
During the trimester of gestation, the baby is growing rapidly, as the womb itself, the volume
amniotic fluid, fatty fiber. Total blood volume rises
a woman, and all the numbers in addition and form such a large
weight gain.

From 10-13 kg of increase in fatty tissue normally accounted for up to 4
kg, not more. The consumption of fatty, high-calorie foods with
беременности вызывает увеличение доли жировой ткани, развитие
ожирения, что грозит проблемами для малыша
. For the most
pregnant obesity is also fraught with various troubles:

  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Back pain / back pain, the development of osteochondrosis;
  • Varicose veins;
  • Arterial hypertension.

8. How to keep weight under control?

When visiting a gynecologist, women are offered to familiarize themselves with
tables with norms for weight gain by month (or week).
The doctor will help you calculate the rate of increase in the presence of the original
weight deficit, and in this case it is permissible to gain up to 14 kg.
On the contrary, for those who initially had excess weight, the increase should
confine 7-8 kg. Too low increases are bad for
health of the child, because without the adipose tissue of the mother he cannot
fully develop (fat tissue is necessary for normal
development of the baby)!

After the birth of the baby in women with optimal weight gain,
breastfeeding works best because
ideal hormones for milk production. Trying to lose weight
в период беременности запрещается, поскольку малыш будет
receive less nutrients. Weight control is important and
in order to prevent the development of hidden edema. Therefore need
eat right, do not overeat, if necessary, use
infusions of diuretic herbs, on the recommendation of the doctor to do discharging

9. Sex in the second trimester – is it possible?

Abandoning sex for the entire duration of pregnancy is difficult,
Yes, and there is no need. Restrictions on sex are
only in women with contraindications (for example, the threat
miscarriage). In other cases, you can lead an intimate life for the whole period.
of pregnancy. And yet you need to behave in bed more carefully, not
forgetting the “interesting position.”


As a rule, problems with sex can occur only to the third
trimester when the belly is large. In the second
trimester, the woman’s libido increases due to the peculiarities
hormonal levels. Sex also improves blood circulation in the uterus,
which is useful for the development of the fetus.

10. Do I need to apply special care for the mammary glands?

In the second trimester, the breast is increasing in size,
preparing for the appearance of milk. Some women have periodically
colostrum appears. Breast care should be regular and

  • Take a shower daily, washing the chest with warm water;
  • Periodically practice a contrast shower to optimize
    blood supply to tissues;
  • After washing, wipe the mammary glands with a massage glove or
    hard towel (it will prepare the nipples for lactation, making them
    less sensitive, will help prevent the occurrence of cracks).

You should also buy a bra in size, not
trying to wear tight underwear on a raised chest.
the bra will not let your chest sag, and you need to wear it

11. Что делать с сосками, которые имеют втянутую или
flat shape?

Some women by nature have flat or inverted nipples that
will greatly interfere with baby feeding. The child is not alone
able to grab the nipple, so the mother is forced to feed him from
bottles. But even with flat nipples, you can have a bit of them.
straighten, if you start classes before birth.


Упражнения необходимо проводить несколько раз в день,
starting from the second trimester. Carefully wash them after washing.
pull and scroll between thumb and forefinger.
These exercises are done in the absence of the threat of interruption.

There is a connection between the breast and the uterus, and excessive irritation.
nipples can lead to uterine contractions. Therefore, if the uterus is often
comes to tone, it is better to postpone the exercise to a later
time limit

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12. When do I need to visit a gynecologist?

During pregnancy, visits to the gynecologist are required, skip them
can not. The second trimester – the time of not too frequent visits to the doctor,
usually – once in 3 weeks (if there are no pathologies). From the middle of the second
trimester before visiting a gynecologist, a woman passes a general urine test
for the timely detection of abnormalities from the kidneys and
diagnosis of preeclampsia. In the period of 21-24 weeks do fetal ultrasound, and at 16
weeks – the second screening for intrauterine pathology.

13. Какие проблемы могут возникать во
2 триместре?

Discomfort may occur in women, not only in connection
with first trimester toxicosis. Since the work of all organs
changing, they are compressed by a grown uterus, a number of unpleasant
sensations. Most often it is heartburn, sometimes stomach pain,
gas formation increase. To prevent such troubles
It is important to eat properly, do not abuse baking, salt,
специями. Sleep better on a high pillow, and after eating
before sleep should take at least 2 hours.

Among other things, many women by the end of the second trimester
are observed:

  • Head pain;
  • Lower back pain;
  • Constipation;
  • Thrush;
  • Anemia.

Many pregnant women in this period for the first time face
cramps in the calf muscles. When they appear, you need to turn to
a doctor and he will recommend taking calcium and magnesium drugs, since
many unpleasant symptoms appear due to their lack.

14. Анемия во gestation time – как лечить?

Most often, anemia occurs due to an increase in plasma volume.
There is an increase in the amount of liquid blood component, and
the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin remains the same. But sometimes
There is a real anemia due to malnutrition
iron absorption in the intestines or frequent bleeding (threat
interruptions, hemorrhoidal bleeding).

If the hemoglobin has decreased dramatically, then the fetus will suffer from
hypoxia. The diagnosis is made by blood analysis. Be sure to appoint
preparations containing iron. Prevention of anemia is taking
vitamins for pregnant women that contain iron, and
balanced diet.

15. Thrush and how to deal with it?

By the end of the second trimester thrush (candidiasis) occurs in
a huge number of pregnant women. It depends on the state
immunity, and in a woman it is greatly reduced so that the body does not
�”Thought up” to reject a foreign body – a fruit. Reduced immunity –
fertile soil for active reproduction of Candida fungi,
which provoke inflammatory disease. Another factor
enhancing the risk of developing thrush – a change of hormonal levels that
affects the change in pH in the genitals.

Лечение кандидоза – сложный процесс, и неприятность
is that effective medicines that
can be used during pregnancy does not exist. And treat
it is necessary, even if it does not proceed without symptoms. Especially important
get rid of thrush before childbirth, because the baby when passing by
the birth canal can be infected with disease-causing fungi.
All drugs are prescribed only by a doctor, and folk remedies.
будущей маме лучше не пользоваться

16. What is the cause of constipation and how to get rid of them?

It seems that the uterus is still small and does not have much pressure.
on the intestines. But many pregnant women start the second trimester.
appear constipated. They are caused by progesterone, which
has a relaxing effect on muscle tissue.

This effect is necessary for the prevention of uterine contractions, but
progesterone affects not only the uterus, but also other organs, in
particular intestines. Therefore, there is a decrease in intestinal tone and
slowing his peristalsis.

Deal with symptoms of indigestion and poor discharge
feces necessary. To start, you should use the active
constipation prevention – eating fresh vegetables, fruits, cooking cereals, drinking
more water. But in the absence of a result it is better to use not
drugs, and harmless candles with glycerin. In severe cases, the doctor
prescribe drugs that are least dangerous for pregnant

17. Are there any situations when it is necessary to urgently run to the doctor?

Usually in the second trimester, the lowest number is diagnosed.
проблем с развитием of pregnancy. The body of a woman “mastered”
feels fine, the child grows and develops. And still
There are frequent situations when pregnancy is accompanied by complications.
Urgently contact a specialist, including – call
�”Fast”, it is necessary in such cases:

  • Abdominal pain, especially by the type of contractions;
  • Appearance of discharge with blood;
  • Rupture of amniotic fluid;
  • Unexpected fever;
  • Severe cramps, sharp pain in any part of the body.

Waiting for any acute symptoms categorically
is forbidden! Only timely help will help.
preserve health – your own and unborn child!

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