Tips for a young mother: which is better – a diaper orclothes?

Not so long ago the words “newborn” and “swaddling”
were inseparable. Nowadays, this association is no longer so
common because diapers replaced diapers, undershirts,
suits and other clothes for babies. Many grandmothers advise
swaddle the baby, while most pediatricians
insist on the freedom of movement of the baby handles and

пеленать ребенка или нет

Swaddle or not?

Tight swaddling is recommended by doctors old schooling that scare
young parents forming curves of the feet of the infant. Modern
Studies have completely destroyed this myth: the fact is that such
type of swaddling can contribute to abnormal development
hip bones and joints.

Another reason for tight swaddling was a fix.
muscle hypertonus, and this is again just a myth: on the contrary, because
lack of movement such a disease is further aggravated, but not

On the other hand, the use of diapers has its advantages.
There is a method of wide fixation of the legs, which is used for
prevention of dysplasia – diseases of the hip joints. Him
assign children, whose parents or other relatives
relatives had the disease. To use such
method, you should fold the diaper so that it resembles
a small pillow. You need to put it between the legs of the baby and
to tie another diaper.

In addition to tight swaddling there is a method of wide swaddling.
Most often it is used to improve the infant’s sleep – it’s like
usually wrapped in a diaper, but in this way, then the arms and legs
able to move freely. The kid feels like in
the womb and ceases to be capricious.

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Special clothes for the newborn

An analogue of swaddling is special clothes for
newborns that has recently become very
popular with young moms. However, before using such
robes should consult with your doctor –

The clothes for kids differ in a big variety: baud,
undershirts, sliders, hats, suits, etc. are present on
store shelves in a variety of colors, models and sizes. Ta
clothes that have seams outside are much more comfortable and comfortable for
crumbs. Thanks to the clasps between the legs on the body and the mother’s suits
It will be convenient to change the diaper without removing the clothes from the child. (Good
online store of children’s goods)

в распашенке

During sleep, the baby in soft, cozy pajamas (or body) will be
feel comfortable and be able to lie down as he
conveniently. In addition, a baby in clothes can be put on the tummy, which
will facilitate the discharge of gases, improve the work of the intestines, forms
correct posture, and also reduces the number of cases of regurgitation.
If a child is sleeping in diapers for some reason, then it is necessary
lay out baby on tummy day.

However, a young mother should not follow the advice of friends or fashionable
magazines, and proceed exclusively from the desires of your baby. If a
baby wakes up very often, the most sensible to use technique
free swaddling. Taкже с такой проблемой может справиться
children’s sleeping bag, which is fastened on the shoulders.
There are many products and techniques to extend and
improve your baby’s sleep.

Both the diaper and the clothes have a number of advantages, but which one is better
for the child, the mother should choose, after consulting with
a doctor.

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