Tick-borne encephalitis: Rospotrebnadzor reportsearly season of ticks and past death statisticsof the year

Update: February 2019

According to Rospotrebnadzor, in 2014, 23 Russians died from
tick-borne viral encephalitis (including 1 child). Experts
believe that in 2015 ticks are activated earlier than usual.


The excess of the average infection rates of tick-borne
encephalitis was the inhabitants of the Siberian Federal District,
since among the local insects according to the results of diagnostics more often
there are mites with a virus. Further, the highest density of availability
insects with a virus registered in the Ural and Volga
federal districts.

  • Tick-borne encephalitis infection – last year in total in Russia
    1978 tick-borne viral infections were reported
    encephalitis in children and adults. In 255 cases, the victims were children
    (see symptoms of tick bites).
  • Killed tick-borne encephalitis – 23 people
  • Suffered from sucking ticks – with similar complaints in
    medical institutions turned 440 000 people (among them 100
    000 children), anti-tick immunoglobulin injections were required
    150,000 of them.

Since this winter was warm and an early spring is expected –
carriers of the virus this year are activated earlier than usual.
Usually, the tick season starts in April, ends in October.
Experts предупреждают, что в этом году сезон сместится и ближе к
March already ticks will appear.

For reference: Tick-borne encephalitis is a peripheral virus.
and central nervous system characterized by severe
neurological complications, paralysis and death (see
symptoms of tick-borne encephalitis). The bite and bloodsucking of the male can
to be unnoticed and lasts only a few hours, and for a female –
several days. Moreover, the transmission of the virus to humans occurs when
sucking tick in the first minutes. In addition to ticks, danger to
human consumption is threatened by unboiled milk.
(cow or goat), in case the animal is sick with tick-borne
encephalitis (see tick-borne encephalitis vaccine).

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