Thyroiditis – causes, types, signs, symptoms andthyroid thyroiditis treatment

Thyroiditis is an inflammatory process that occurs
в щитовидной железе. In modern times are the most
common endocrine diseases in the world
после сахарного диабета, а аутоиммунный тиреоидит – самым
frequent autoimmune disease. Scientists suggest that
almost half of the population on Earth have this or that pathology
thyroid, although not everyone can be treated.

Let’s take a closer look: what is this disease,
what causes and symptoms are characteristic of him, and what is prescribed
as a treatment for thyroiditis in adults.

Thyroiditis of the thyroid gland: what is it?


Thyroid thyroiditis is a concept that includes the group
нарушений, связанных с воспалением щитовидной glands. At the base
groups of diseases lie thyroid abnormalities.

Первые симптомы воспаления щитовидной железы – это ощущение
�“Coma in the throat”, pain during swallowing movements. Can also
observed neck pain, fever. Therefore many
confuse such symptoms with sore throat and begin to self-medicate,
which leads to the opposite effect – the disease becomes chronic

According to statistics, thyroiditis accounts for 30% of all
endocrine diseases. Usually this diagnosis is made to persons.
old age, but recently the disease has become
«моложе», и с каждым годом все чаще обнаруживается среди лиц
young age, including children.


В своей практике клиническая эндокринология использует
classification of thyroiditis, based on the peculiarities of their mechanism
development and clinical manifestations.

Depending on the occurrence and course of the disease, there are
different kinds:

  • Острый тиреоидит.
  • Subacute.
  • Chronic fibrous tipreoiditis or goiter Riedel.
  • Autoimmune chronic or Khoshimsky thyroiditis.

Any form implies follicular damage.
thyroid gland with a peculiar for each of these forms
diseases of the pathological picture.

Acute thyroiditis

Acute thyroiditis развивается в результате попадания инфекции в
thyroid tissue through the blood (hematogenous). In gland cells
A classic picture of nonspecific inflammation occurs. Can
extend to the whole lobe or the entire thyroid gland
(diffuse) or proceed with a partial lesion of the lobe of the gland
(focal). In addition, inflammation in acute thyroiditis can be
purulent or purulent.

The diagnosis is usually simple. Difficulties may occur when
differential diagnosis between acute thyroiditis and hemorrhage
in the thyroid gland (or goiter), in which in the first days
similar symptoms develop. For hemorrhage characteristic
faster process reversal and less common

Forecast для жизни благоприятный; more serious in development
purulent process, if not promptly undertaken surgical
treatment. Возможное осложнение — фиброз щитовидной железы с
the development of hypothyroidism.

Acute non-purulent thyroiditis may develop after injury,
кровоизлияния в щитовидную железу, лучевой терапии.


Подострым тиреоидитом называют болезнь щитовидной железы
viral type, which is accompanied by the process of cell destruction
щитовидной glands. It appears approximately two weeks after
how a person has had acute respiratory viral infection
infection. Это может быть грипп, свинка, корь и
dr .. It is also accepted that the cause of subacute thyroiditis
may be the causative agent of cat scratch disease.

More often (5-6 times than men) women of 30-50 years old are ill,
3-6 weeks after a viral infection.

Chronic form (Hashimoto autoimmune thyroiditis)

Chronic thyroiditis щитовидной железы в течение длительного
time may not manifest symptoms. The earliest sign
ailment is considered to be the appearance of a lump in the throat and difficulty
swallowing. In the advanced stage of the pathology of developing violation
respiratory process, hoarseness. Palpation specialist
determines the uneven increase of the body, the presence of seals.

Autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto goiter) significantly more often
occurs in women aged 40-50 years (the ratio of sick
men and women 1: 10-15). In the genesis of the disease a certain
importance is a congenital disorder in the immunological system

In addition, thyroiditis is divided into forms:

  • Latent, that is, hidden. The thyroid gland has normal
    dimensions, its functions are not impaired.
  • Hypertrophic form is accompanied by the appearance of goiter
    thyroid gland, organ markedly enlarged, developing
    nodular thyroiditis. Истощение железы приводит как последствие к
  • Atrophic form is characterized by a decrease in gland size and
    reduced hormone production.

The reasons

The disease is often familial, that is, in the blood
Patient relatives are diagnosed with various types of lesions.
железы, в том числе и хронический тиреоидит. Besides
hereditary susceptibility identified other factors
provoking the disease:

  • transferred ARD, ARVI;
  • adverse environmental conditions, fluoride, chloride,
    iodine compounds in excess in consumed
    man water and food;
  • chronic infectious diseases in the nose, oral
  • stressful states;
  • prolonged exposure to solar, radioactive rays;
  • self-medication hormonal, iodine-containing agents.

Симптомы тиреоидита щитовидной железы

Фото тиреоидита

Most often, the disease proceeds unnoticed, without pronounced
symptomatology. Only sometimes people suffering from one of the forms
thyroiditis, complain of slight fatigue, painful
joint sensations and gland discomfort – compression on
nearby organs, feeling of coma when swallowing.

Выделяют следующие жалобы больных, вынуждающие врачей
suspect the growth of the endocrine gland:

  • soreness in the place on the neck where the organ should be,
    intensified in response to pressure or other types
  • with pressure on the vocal cords, hoarseness will be observed and
    coarseness of voice;
  • if the iron puts pressure on the nearest structures, man
    may experience difficulty or pain when swallowing, complain about
    feeling as if there was a lump in the throat, difficulty breathing;
  • if the pressure is on the nearest vessels, then
    there are headaches, vision problems, a sense of noise in
Symptoms in adults
Острый  тиреоидит
  • pain in the front of the neck, which is shifted to
    the back of the head, in the lower and upper jaws and increases with movement
    head and swallowing;
  • an increase in the cervical lymph nodes;
  • very high fever and chills;
  • when probing, a painful increase in a part or a whole lobe
Acute non-purulent form Symptoms of thyroiditis in acute, non-purulent form:

  • rapid pulse;
  • weight loss;
  • tremor;
  • sweating;
  • lethargy, drowsiness;
  • puffiness;
  • dry hair and skin;
  • discomfort in the gland, pain when touched.
Subacute Inflammation of the thyroid tissue is as follows.
symptoms of thyroiditis:

  • headache,
  • reduced performance
  • feeling broken
  • aching joints and muscles
  • chills,
  • fever.
Chronic thyroiditis In chronic thyroiditis, complicated by hypothyroidism,
patient manifest:

  • trembling fingers
  • tachycardia,
  • sweating
  • hypertension.


Acute thyroiditis can result in the formation of tissue
an abscess thyroid gland that is able to break through, and well,
if out. But if the pus gets into the surrounding tissue, it can:

  • progressive purulent inflammation in the neck
    cause damage to blood vessels
  • drift of purulent infection to the meninges and tissues
  • the development of a common blood infection by infection (sepsis).

Subacute тиреоидит важно дифференцировать с:

  • острым фарингитом,
  • purulent thyroiditis,
  • an infected neck cyst
  • thyrotoxicosis
  • thyroid cancer,
  • hemorrhage in the nodular goiter,
  • аутоиммунным тиреоидитом и местным лимфаденитом.


Thyroiditis - causes, types, signs, symptoms andthyroid thyroiditis treatment

Diagnostics тиреоидита требует комплексного обследования
thyroid (laboratory and instrumental methods) and evaluation

Until there are disruptions in the thyroid gland, which
can be detected by analysis, the disease is diagnosed almost
is impossible. Only laboratory tests allow you to set
absence (or presence) of thyroiditis.

Laboratory tests include:

  • general blood analysis;
  • immunogram;
  • determining the level of thyroid stimulating hormone
  • fine needle biopsy;
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland;

After a full diagnostic examination, an expert can
confirm the presence of the disease and prescribe individual treatment.
Note, you should not try to get rid of
pathology, because the consequences may not be the most

Improper therapy may adversely affect
general state of health, and the disease in the meantime will continue

Treatment of thyroiditis in adults

Treatment of thyroiditis should be carried out only as directed and
under the supervision of an endocrinologist, since self-medication can
aggravate the patient’s condition. Depending on the type of treatment
directed to one or another factor contributing to the development
thyroiditis (etiological and pathological therapy), as well as on
Correction of hormonal background that occurred during the main

In mild forms of thyroiditis can be limited
наблюдением эндокринолога, назначением нестероидных
anti-inflammatory drugs for the relief of pain,
symptomatic therapy. With severe diffuse inflammation
use steroid hormones (prednisone with a gradual decrease in

  • Acute thyroiditis. In this case, therapy is carried out with
    the use of antibiotics as well as
    лечение сопутствующей symptomatology. In addition, they are appointed
    vitamins (groups B, C). The development of an abscess involves
    need for surgical intervention.
  • Subacute. For the treatment of this form disease therapy
    involves the use of hormonal drugs. Symptomatology
    hyperthyroidism, respectively, requires the appointment of drugs for
    its separate treatment in combination with this disease.
  • Chronic autoimmune thyroiditis. Here, the treatment is usually
    is focused on the use of medicines, meanwhile,
    a significant increase in size of the thyroid gland requires
    surgical intervention.

Indications for surgical treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis
is an:

  • combination of autoimmune thyroiditis with neoplastic
  • large sizes of goiter with signs of squeezing of the neck;
  • lack of effect from conservative therapy for 6
  • progressive increase in goiter.

If significant changes in the endocrine organ do not
it is revealed that patients with thyroiditis need dynamic
monitoring the doctor for the timely diagnosis of possible complications
diseases and their immediate treatment (usually it concerns

So the main thing to remember is to avoid
negative consequences for the thyroid gland is a necessity
timely treatment to the doctor. If this is not done, it is possible
serious negative consequences, even life expectancy
hormonal drugs. With timely detection
thyroiditis is a high probability of its cure.

Folk remedies

Before using any folk remedies, be sure to
consult with your doctor endocrinologist.

  1. Компрессы на область щитовидной glands. 200 g dry
    wormwood pour 200 g of hot pork lard, insist 20 minutes,
    impose in the form of heat in the neck at night. Recommended
    daily use within 14 days. Compresses are effective at
    chronic thyroiditis.
  2. Willow leaves (fresh) are poured with four liters of water and
    boil over low heat until a creamy liquid forms
    Brown color. The broth is cooled, then applied each
    night, applied to the neck, turning around with a film and staying until
    in the morning.
  3. To reduce pain when thyroiditis helps special
    vegetable cocktail, for him you will need to mix the juice of potatoes,
    carrots and beets, it is necessary to drink it at 0.5 liters per day.

For the preparation of tinctures required to take herbs from different
groups that are created depending on the properties. And so, fees
need to form from herbs that:

  • regulate the work of the thyroid gland (these include:
    hawthorn, cocktail, motherwort, gorse and zyuznik);
  • обладают противоопухолевыми способностями: шалфей, алтей,
    clover, celandine, kirkazon, white mistletoe;
  • slow down autoimmune processes: marigold flowers, St. John’s wort,
    heather, white potentilla;
  • regulate immune processes in the body:
    земляника, крапива, лист грецкого ореха, ряска, ботва и
    сам корнеплод свеклы.


Early treatment of acute thyroiditis ends in complete
patient recovery in 1.5-2 months. Rarely after
endured purulent thyroiditis may develop resistant
hypothyroidism. Active therapy of the subacute form allows to achieve
cure in 2-3 months.

Running subacute forms can last up to 2 years and
become chronic. For thyroiditis
characterized by perennial progression and development of hypothyroidism.


Specific preventive measures to prevent
there is no development of thyroiditis. But an important role in this regard plays

  • viral and infectious diseases which implies
    vitamin therapy, hardening, healthy eating and eliminating harmful
  • It is also necessary to carry out timely rehabilitation of chronic foci.
    инфекций: лечение отита, кариеса, пневмонии, гайморита,
    tonsillitis, etc.

Thyroiditis of the thyroid gland, like any other disease
requires medical assistance. Therefore, at the first symptoms, be sure to
address the endocrinologist. Take care of yourself and your health!

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