Thyroid Chaiitis – what is it


  • What is HAIT of a thyroid gland?
  • Causes of HAIT
  • What is HAIT?
  • Симптомы  хронического тиреоидита щитовидной
  • Complications of HAIT of the thyroid gland
  • Features diagnosis HIT
  • Video
  • Treatment of HAIT of the thyroid gland

HAIT thyroid gland, or in other words chronic
autoimmune thyroiditis is one of the most common and
serious thyroid disease. Pathological process
chronic, so his treatment is almost always
belated. We learn what a disease is and what
moments worth paying attention to suspect it in time
disease and seek help.

What is HAIT of a thyroid gland?

Хаит thyroid gland

What is “KhAIT”? HAIT is a disease of the thyroid gland,
which arises from abnormalities in the immune system.
For this reason, HAIT is considered an autoimmune pathology.

When HAIT thyroid cells produce antibodies to themselves
the most. Over time, the body begins to break down, producing
immature hormones, which continue to destroy it from the inside.
Thyroid tissue is filled with leukocytes that provoke
inflammation. Iodine is absorbed by the body worse and worse.

KhAIT is not associated with a deficiency or excess of thyroid
hormones. More precisely, their quantitative changes occur due to
the inability of the body to fully perform its function. From here
there are signs of diffuse goiter and hypothyroidism.

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Causes of HAIT

The occurrence of chronic thyroiditis is affected by a combination
factors. Первоочередная причина – это генетическая
. If relatives had
endocrine pathology, then the patient is likely to
HAITA. It can trigger any hormonal changes in
body: pregnancy and childbirth, changes in the period

The affliction arises due to the effect on the thyroid gland of such

  • Temperature leaps (low or high temperature).
  • Burns chemicals.
  • Radio emissions.
  • Poisoning toxic substances.

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What is HAIT?

In medicine, there are several forms of HAIT, depending on
course and symptoms:

  1. BUTтрофическую. The thyroid gland is not enlarged in
    size, but the production of its hormones is reduced. This form is typical
    for people of old age and in people exposed
  2. Гипертрофическую. This form includes diffuse
    changes in the thyroid gland in the form of its uniform increase. BUT
    may be knotted.

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thyroid gland

Что такое хаит

Special mention requires postpartum thyroiditis. Still he
известен, как «немой» или лимфоцитарный BUTИТ. BUTИТ, симптомы которого
women appear several months after childbirth (2-12),
temporary occurrence. It disappears after a short
specialized therapy.

Тиреоидит Риделя — узловая форма ХBUTИТа, при которой узлы
surrounded by growing connective tissue. Fibrous tissue
gradually penetrates the trachea, esophagus, neck muscles.

Pathology is accompanied by shortness of breath (coughing,
perching), violation of the process of swallowing. Palpation of the thyroid gland
reveals an enlarged body, sedentary, heterogeneous


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Симптомы  хронического тиреоидита щитовидной glands?

In view of the chronic course of the pathology, the signs of it are dim
pronounced and subtle. The first thing the patient draws is
ощущение дискомфорта в области thyroid gland. Man feels
pain when swallowing, foreign body sensation
. При пальпации (прощупывании) thyroid gland
the patient feels sore. Of non-specific symptoms –
muscle weakness and pain in the joints.

Hormonal changes caused by hyperthyroidism
have their own characteristics. So the patient has:

  1. Tremor of the upper extremities.
  2. Increased sweating.
  3. Persistent high pressure.
  4. Cardiopalmus.
  5. Excessive excitability.
  6. Hyperactivity and hyperemotional.

The above signs indicate the beginning of the disease. Through
some time hormone production can normalize, and then
симптомы ХBUTИТа перестанут беспокоить пациента. However, there is
another scenario: hyperthyroidism may change
hypothyroidism. The latter does not appear immediately, but during
several years (5-15). Hypothyroidism provokes:

  • Increased physical activity.
  • Exacerbation of chronic pathologies.
  • Accession of viral diseases.

The manifestations of hypothyroidism are as follows:

  1. Drowsiness.
  2. Lack of activity and initiative.
  3. Memory impairment
  4. Regular weakness.
  5. Inhibition of reactions.

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Complications of HAIT of the thyroid gland

Чем опасен ХBUTИТ? Будучи хроническим состоянием, ХBUTИТ постепенно
makes discord in almost all systems and organs:

  • Истощается нервная система. Sick often
    occasionally overly irritable
    depressions. He sharply decreases the quality of memory, concentration
    attention. A person is faced with such a state as panic
  • Work worsens сердечно-сосудистой системы.
    The patient has heart failure, tachycardia or
    bradycardia. Increases cholesterol levels, which makes it harder
    movement of blood through the vessels.
  • The activity of the reproductive system is coming down to
    . In women, female genital production decreases
    hormones, menstruation become rare or disappear altogether. AT
    ovarian areas form numerous cysts. Patients with
    ХBUTИТом часто не могут иметь детей.
  • Затруднения в работе дыхательной системе, если
    the thyroid gland has greatly expanded. Goiter squeezes the respiratory system,
    causing discomfort when swallowing or breathing, hoarseness or
    his loss.
  • There is a cancerous degeneration of thyroid cells

The set of violations in the work of organ systems is sometimes
leads a person to a disability.

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Norm in the female body

Features diagnosis HIT

Диагноз «ХBUTИТ», основываясь лишь на анамнезе (наследственных
factors, course and signs of the disease), it is impossible to establish.
Patients go to the doctor too late, so for a complete
diagnostic problems are required laboratory and instrumental

Диагностика хаита

Определить ХBUTИТ помогает УЗИ. This kind of research notes
pathological changes in the thyroid gland, without causing harm
to the patient. Ultrasound is performed even in small children. With his help
can determine:

  • Большое количество антител к тканям glands.
  • Elevated levels of hormone TSH.
  • Reduced hormones T3 and T4.

The echo signs of chronic thyroiditis with ultrasound are mild.
Diffuse changes look convincing. So the doctor gets
The following image of the gland during diagnosis:

  1. The body is dark with a heterogeneous structure. AT некоторых местах
    iron is dark, but somewhere light.
  2. Blackouts are nodes or pseudoknots caused by inflammatory

Еще одним методом определения ХBUTИТа служит радиоизотопная
scintigraphy AT ходе нее выявляются места скопления радиоактивного

Blood sampling for laboratory analysis helps determine
high blood levels of lymphocytes and a reduced amount
leukocytes. AT свою очередь наблюдается общее снижение всех
гормонов, кроме гормонов thyroid gland.

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