Thuya oil treatment for adenoids in children

Update: December 2018

Most often for the treatment of adenoids 2-3 degrees in children, doctors
insist on surgery. Removal of adenoid tissue
in most cases really necessary and helps the child
restore nasal breathing.

However, this does not guarantee that the adenoids will not
will increase again. Therefore, many moms trying to avoid
surgery, try different ways of conservative
treatment of adenoids in your child, and the most effective among them –
This homeopathic therapy and laser therapy. In addition to other means
prescribed by a homeopath
thuja with adenoids in children. It should be noted that, like any other
treatment, for one child, such therapy helps very well, and
in half a year – a year the child gets rid of this ailment.

The other baby can only ease a little, and
the third may not help or appear individual
intolerance, allergy to any means of treatment. Everything
depends on the individual characteristics of the child’s body and degree
severity of adenoid inflammation. Let’s see what is
adenoids and how can they be treated with thuja oil?

What are adenoids, their degrees

Adenoids are the nasopharyngeal defense of the human body against
various infections and viruses that enter the body from the outside along with
inhaled air and also they prevent the growth
opportunistic bacteria, always present in the mucous membrane

Adult adenoids are tiny in size because
a mature immune system does not need a massive accumulation of immune
cells in the nasopharynx, but adenoids in children before adolescence
ages are somewhat larger (adenoids in children,

And if for any internal reasons, against the background of ARVI or
flu, sore throat and other childhood diseases in a child
inflammation of the adenoids occurs, they increase in size and
difficulty in breathing through the nose.

This is an extremely negative effect on overall health.
the child is constantly inhaling the air through the mouth the child cannot
sleep well, eat, lack of oxygen can affect
intellectual development of the baby, and on the general condition

Lack of normal nasal breathing with enlarged
adenoids, provokes the development of frequent viral and infectious
diseases in children, because there is no natural cleansing
nasopharynx from respirable bacteria, viruses from the outside. If a child
there is a long nasal breathing difficulty, should
Be sure to contact an otolaryngologist. According to the clinical picture
nasopharyngeal conditions, doctors share inflammation of the adenoids by
the degree of increase in their size and severity of the disease on:

  • 1 степень аденоидов —  затруднение
    nasal breathing most often occurs at night, in
    horizontal position, the child does not sleep well due to the impossibility
    breathe normally nose.
  • 2 степень — практически постоянное дыхание
    through the mouth, while the child snores at night, and the resulting mucus
    flows to the baby in the throat. The sleep in these children is not very strong, they
    constantly not getting enough sleep, become lethargic, sleepy,
  • 3 степень —  полная носовая
    air obstruction. When adenoids 3 degrees in children occurs
    constant breathing through the mouth, so their mouth is always ajar, and
    flowing mucus causes severe irritation in the pharynx. Also such
    kids often get sick, it’s not uncommon to have hearing problems,
    headaches occur.


For the conservative treatment of adenoids in children, the doctor may
recommend treatment with Protorgol, homeopathic Tui Oil and
Argolife Why does thuja oil help with adenoids and how

Treatment of adenoids with thuja oil

The healing properties of thuja are known since ancient times, back in the 16th century.
French kings called the thuy tree of life. Thuya oil was treated
bronchitis, tracheitis, used for rhinitis, otitis, stomatitis,
arthritis, used to raise the overall tone, relieve fatigue and
fast recuperation. Useful properties of oil of a thuja at

  • This essential oil has a powerful antiseptic,
    antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and
    также сосудосуживающем действием, вот почему оно способствует
    nasal breathing recovery.
  • In addition, thuja oil is considered an excellent immunostimulant,
    equating its action with the properties of the well-known Echinacea. it
    especially important these days when adverse external
    environmental factors that reduce immunity in both adults and
  • Thuya essential oil contains a huge amount of
    resins, flavonoids, tannins, saponins, aromadendrin,
    Tuin, Pinin, Pinipikrin, Pilin, toksifolin. it придает лечебному
    natural drug ability to provide a unique
    metabolic action. Thuja oil helps adenoids quickly
    restore epithelial tissue, normalizes local chemicals
    процессы, протекающие в клетках nasopharynx.

For the treatment of adenoids with Tui oil should not use clean
100% essential oil, and 15% homeopathic, which can be purchased
only in the pharmacy chain – oil Tuya Edas-801 or Tuya DN.

The basic principles of treatment:

  • Treatment of adenoids with thuja oil следует проводить длительно, не
    less than 6 weeks, repeating the course in a month. it замечательное
    the agent should be instilled 2-4 drops 2-3 times a day into each
    nasal passage.
  • Before use, you must first rinse the spout, for this
    you can use any spray with sea water – Quicks, Aquamaris,
    Aqualor, Gudvad, Dolphin, Atrivin-Sea, Marimer, Physiomer, Allergol
    Dr. Theis.
  • Perhaps the doctor will recommend using this treatment regimen –
    before using thuja oil with adenoids, drip first
    Protorgol 2 drops, it will clear the nose and will have its
    anti-inflammatory effect. Then drip in 15-20 minutes.
    thuja oil is also 2 drops in each nostril, and so on during the week.
    Then next week also start with Protrohol, and
    then drip 2 drops 2-3 times a day. Argolife is
    antimicrobial hygienic, based on
    colloidal silver is present. And so alternate for 6
    weeks. Then you can take a week break and bury only
    Thuja oil 3 times a day, 2 drops.
  • You can also apply this scheme instillation – 2 weeks
    rinse with sea water spray and 4 drops 3 times a day
    bury the thuja oil, then 2 weeks off and repeat the course.

Tests proving the effect of the use of tui oil with
adenoids in children

At grade 1-2 adenoids, thuja oil can effectively help
in the treatment of adenoids in children, avoiding surgical interventions –
This conclusion was made by American scientists. Philip Stammer,
The leader of the research team who conducted the tests
United States, New York established on a group of volunteers that the national
adenoids treatment with thuja oil showed
70% positive result.

The test children with adenoids were treated with oil for 2 weeks.
tui, burying it 3 times a day, 2 drops in each nostril. With
This patient lies on his back and throws back his head a little,
so that the medicine could get to the adenoids, in that position
should lie still for 10 minutes after instillation. After
course of therapy in 70% of trial participants was established
decrease in lymphoid tissue, absence of fungi, viruses,
pathogenic bacteria on adenoids.

However, like any herbal remedy, thuja can cause
allergic reactions in people with elevated individual
sensitivity to components of homeopathic oil of thuja. Before
use should ensure that there is no inadequate response.
organism on this medicine.

Thuja oil – instructions for use

Масло туи при аденоидах Tuya Nam

complex homeopathic medicine Manufacturer: Dr. N
Russia, Moscow Indications: adenoids, chronic purulent rhinitis, in
composition of complex therapy. Dosage: Tui DN oil for adenoids,
Rhinitis is used 2-3 p / day, 2-3 drops in each nostril.
Side effect: Allergic reactions Contraindications: Acute
rhinitis, hypersensitivity Storage conditions: not higher than 25C, in
dark place, shelf life 2 years. Price: in pharmacies
about 200 rubles

Treatment of adenoids with thuja oil Tuya Edas-801

homeopathic oil for external use Manufacturer:
Edas Holding JSC, Moscow, Russia Form of production: 25 ml bottles
Фармдействие:  Оказывает метаболическое действие,
restoring epithelial tissue also contributes to normalization
activity of the secretory elements of the mucous membranes and skin. Indications:
Nasal polyps, aphthous stomatitis, acne, adenoids, warts,
chronic atrophic rhinitis, otitis, arthrosis, arthritis, periodontal disease.
Противопоказаний:  Нет. Withменение:  Масло туи Эдас при
adenoids and purulent rhinitis are instilled with 3-4 drops of 2-3 p / day in
every nasal passage. With отитах обработка кожи за ушной раковиной,
the introduction of gauze turunda with oil in the external auditory canal. With
stomatitis after eating grease 3 r / day affected areas
mucous membrane. Побочное действие:  Не обнаружены Price: in pharmacies
about 200 rubles

Масло туи Tuya GF

homeopathic oil for topical use Manufacturer:
Homeopathic Pharmacy LLC St. Petersburg, Russia Dosage:
25 мл во флаконах темного стекла Состав:  в 100 г. содержится:
Thuja 5,0 г, масло вазелиновое до 100 г. Фармдействие:  Туя-ГФ
cleans the maxillary sinuses from pus, mucus. Indications: в составе
complex therapy for chronic purulent rhinitis
Противопоказания:  индивидуальная чувствительность
Дозирование:  масло Туя-ГФ закапывают по 3-5 капель 3-4 раза в
day in every nostril. The course of treatment is 1-2 weeks. Price: 280 rub.

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