Thrush in men, symptoms, causes,treatment

Update: December 2018

If a man has no bad habits, a strong immune system,
good nutrition, there is a constant partner, no
chronic diseases and he tries to lead an active lifestyle –
the likelihood of candida in a man is almost zero.
However, not every man can boast of good health and
able to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone knows that fungal diseases, the causative agent of which
являются грибки рода Кандида, чаще всего Кандида Альбиканс,
are representatives of opportunistic microflora
human body and are in all mucous membranes – in
oral cavity, in the intestines, on the mucous genital organs.
The development of candidiasis in men is possible only when
favorable conditions for the growth of fungal colonies after
infection or just against the background of reduced immunity. According to statistics
cases of thrush in men whose symptoms
significant, and constantly disturbing, are recorded much less frequently,
than women. The anatomical features of the female body are
that in the vagina the multiplication of fungi occurs much
more intense, at the slightest provocative factor, in men
The structure of the genitals is such that Candida can grow with great difficulty.
on the male genital organs.

Since in women, thrush is a frequent pathology, and
often not asymptomatic or asymptomatic, then with constant
contact with a woman who has chronic thrush, a man can
also get infected. Will a thrush develop in a man with
symptoms, characteristic signs and consequences – depends on
the immune response of the body and the presence of other provoking

Causes of thrush in men

If a man has candidiasis, this is considered one thing.
manifestations of failure in immunity, some immunodeficiency
condition of the body as a whole.

Even when infected with a healthy man with strong immune
ответе происходит самоизtreatment или быстрое выздоровление при
use of antimycotic drugs.

The risk of complications and chronic candidiasis increases
in men with weak immunity, in this case should be under
constant monitoring by a dermatologist, and in case of complications
требуется стационарное treatment. What are the predisposing
factors to the development of thrush in men?

  • Strong stress, prolonged psycho-emotional stress
  • Endocrine diseases – type 1 and 2 diabetes,
    hypothyroidism, decreased glucose tolerance. Insulin-dependent and
    non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in men most often
    accompanied by hyperhidrosis, when the skin is almost always
    wet, which contributes to the intensive growth of fungi.
  • Болезни крови, анемия, онкологические заболевания, treatment
    which reduces immunity
  • Deficiency of vitamins, microelements
  • Prolonged severe hypothermia
  • Use for the treatment of other diseases of antibiotics,
    their long reception, and also use of steroid hormones –
  • Excessive insolation, abuse of tan and tanning – in our
    this time equates to small doses of unnecessary, harmful
  • Obesity, overweight, metabolic disorders – with
    excessive hypodermic fatty tissue, candidiasis has the greatest
    chances of development, because there is a warmer and more humid environment.

Symptoms, signs of thrush

In 10-15% of men, candidiasis does not show any signs, then
there is asymptomatic. And if they appear, what are the first
symptoms of thrush in men? Thrush in men may not be
only on the penis, as well as affecting the oral cavity and skin
covers. Generalization of fungal infection – appearance
candidal stomatitis or skin candidiasis indicates primary or
secondary immunodeficiency.

Common symptoms of thrush in men

If a man has the following symptoms, it may be
candidiasis or a combination of thrush with other hidden genital
infections. The most pronounced, bright signs of candidiasis in men

  • Swelling and redness of the glans and foreskin of the penis
  • Pain during erection, during sexual contact and after it
  • Pain, burning sensation when urinating
  • Burning and itching of the penis can be both periodic and
    almost constant
  • Dense gray-white bloom with a sour odor.

Candida balanonoposthitis

Inflammation of the glans penis – balanitis, or lesion
inner sheet of the foreskin – post, or a combination of them –
balanoposthitis can be caused by both Candida fungi and
combined with sexually transmitted infections – mycoplasmosis,
trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, genital herpes, chlamydia (chlamydia
men). Therefore, if symptoms of head inflammation occur
The penis should be referred to a urologist, a dermatologist,
skin venereologist to establish an accurate diagnosis. Characteristic
Symptoms of balanopostitis with candidiasis are:

  • The appearance of a pasty white-gray mass on the head of the genital
    white or gray on the head or foreskin
    removing which opens bleeding erosion or
  • Swelling of the head and foreskin
  • Unpleasant smell of sour milk
  • Itching, pain, burning sensation, severe redness (redness without clear
    contours) skin in the penis
  • Increased libido due to constant irritation of the nerve
    endings in the affected area, with the intercourse itself, and
    psychological discharge deliver discomfort, pain, unpleasant

Candida urethritis

Candida urethritis, это грибковое поражение слизистой оболочки
мочеиспускательного канала  мужчин. In this case, most
The symptoms are similar to acute gonorrhea. In addition to the above common
signs such as swelling, itching, redness,
urination, pain and burning during urination, urine can be
turbid with blood or copious mucus. Also
man notices morning thick mucous whitish discharge with
long threads. To prevent prostatitis and vesiculitis,
should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Candida pyelocystitis

This is considered a complicated version of the flow of thrush,
since the fungal infection is ascending affects the urinary
pathways – kidneys, bladder, manifesting as cystitis (cystitis in
men), pyelonephritis. This may worsen the overall condition,
fever, pain not only appear during intercourse
and urination, but also in the bladder and kidneys.
Candida pyelocystitis редко бывает вызван единичным возбудителем,
most often it is a mixed infection, joined by others
infectious agents – E. coli, gonococci, enterobacteria,
Proteus, Chlamydia, Klebsiella, etc.

Treatment of candidiasis in men

Любое treatment следует проводить только на основании лабораторно
validated diagnostic data. Since only on
Based on the signs and symptoms of thrush in men
устанавливать диагноз и заниматься самоtreatmentм, так как зачастую
With the development of candidiasis, others appear that doze off.
hidden genital infections.

In addition, if you have a permanent partner, if
condoms are not used, then
обследовать и женщину, а затем проводить совместное treatment обоим
to partners.

If the test results determine only candidiasis, then
его treatment может быть как только местным (противогрибковые крема,
ointment) and with the use of systemic antifungal agents in
tablets, depending on the severity of thrush in men,
symptoms and duration of the inflammatory process. Cm.
How to treat thrush in men in more detail.

If candidiasis after cure after some time again
recurs, therefore, it indicates that a man has
immunity is weakened, and also that sexual partners (shi) are
thrush and without condoms no contact

With chronic thrush, with a weak immune response
on the pathogen, with constant therapy with antimycotics, soon
time fungal agents develop resistance and drugs can
be powerless.

Therefore, with recurrent candidiasis, a man should not hope
only for the medical destruction of the fungus should be excluded
any unprotected sex, change your diet,
lifestyle, give up bad habits, take up strengthening

Nutrition and Herbal Medicine

One of the important factors provoking thrush is
human nutrition. If a significant part of the daily diet
make up fast carbohydrates, such as – sweets, pastries,
bakery, confectionery, candy, chocolate
This is the main, best breeding ground for fungi.

The fight against thrush will be greatly simplified if these
products will be excluded or reduced, and vegetables – carrots, cabbage,
beets, dairy products, will be predominant. Also следует
limit pickled, smoked, salted foods, alcohol
the drinks.

The most effective herbal medicine in
respect to yeast-like fungi are cloves, calendula,
pharmaceutical chamomile, barberry.

Broths, infusions prepared with the collection of these herbs or
separate, process external genitals, make baths
or herbal applications. Chamomile is especially useful, it can also be
taken orally as a herbal tea, it has anti-fungal and
anti-inflammatory property.

Normalization of intestinal function

A provoking factor in the manifestation of thrush in men, symptoms
which become intense, is also dysbiosis
intestine. It may occur as a result of the same wrong
nutrition, antibiotic treatment, food poisoning
or prolonged stress.

In addition to the diagnosis of urinary infections should also pass
analysis of feces for dysbiosis, especially if a man suffers
steaming, diarrhea, dyspepsia, flatulence, etc. When detected
dysbacteriosis, a gastroenterologist may prescribe prebiotics or
probiotics such as RioFlora immuno, Hilak Forte, Lactulose,
Atsipol and others (see list preparations of probiotics).

Antifungal agents

The most basic antifungal drug for the treatment of thrush
in men is the following drugs that are made as in
tablets, and in the form of creams and sprays:

  • Miconazole – Dactarin spray, Mikozon cream (100 rubles). Клотримазол от молочницы у мужчин
  • Ketoconazole – Dermazole cream, Mikoket ointment, Nizoral cream (420
    rub.), Oronazol tablets, Sebozol ointment (120 rub.), Fungavis
    tablets (150-180 rubles), Funginok tablets, Fungistab tablets,
    Mycozoal ointment (170 rubles).
  • Econazole – Ifenek cream (160 rubles), solution, Ecodax Cream (100
  • Clotrimazole – Amiklon cream, Imidil cream, Candibene cream,
    solution, Candide cream (190-220 rub), solution, Candizol cream,
    Kanisten cream, spray, Kanizon cream (60 rub), solution,
    Клотримазол  крем (30-90 руб), Тридерм мазь, крем, Фунгинал
    cream, Fungicip cream.

These drugs should be used as directed by the physician. Crema and
ointment should be applied 2 times a day after intimate
hygiene. The duration of treatment, and the need to receive
oral antifungal pills (Fluconazole with
thrush, Irunin, Ketoconazole), their dosage and course determines
doctor depending on the severity of the disease.

Personal hygiene

In addition to the use of various external agents, changes in nutrition,
should also follow all the rules of body care and intimate
hygiene. Как только мужчина начнет treatment молочницы, ему следует
replace the underwear with a new one, or boil the existing underwear
should be free of natural cotton fabric.

During treatment, exclude sex if possible.
You should also refuse to take a bath, and swim only under
a shower. Do not use to clean the external genital organs.
body care, after a shower should thoroughly wipe the genital
the organs are dry.

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