Three questions that pregnant women don’t like to hearwomen

It is very difficult for a woman to grow a child, –
heartburn, a feeling of complete helplessness when you can’t even
self shod, insomnia and fatigue from waiting for childbirth …
She wants to somehow get away and talk about something other than
childbirth. In order not to upset a pregnant woman, you should avoid
similar questions.

pregnant woman

1. «Ну, ты has not yet given birth?”

Every pregnant woman just wants to kill for this question.
In the last month of pregnancy, this question is already
gloomy and unoriginal. Before the birth of the baby, the woman begins
think that she can only bear the child and with her it is impossible
pick up other topics for conversation.


In social networks, instant messengers or in conversations on
телефону этот вопрос выглядит просто нетактично (в конце
all, when all happens, you are the maximum, the next day about
learn this!), then in person, he becomes just

It is better to ask the expectant mother more distant questions from birth
what was the last film that interested her, what book did she recently
read, or just your favorite recipe. After similar questions
Your girlfriend will finally relax from the pending question “Well, you
has not yet given birth?”

2. «А скоро роды?»

Если бы women знали число и время! Even if there are now
Ultrasound and the expected dates of birth, then you can give birth even for a week
earlier, at least two weeks later. All this waiting time only
unnerving future mom. And when she hears the question: “And when
give birth? ”, then calmly can answer:“ Last Thursday! ”.

3. «А с именем уже определились?»

If some under the influence of hormones turn into too
frank and talkative, then you will be shown a whole list of children
names. But often, future parents do not want to name the child
surrounding. Because of which? Because they came up with a name for the boy, and
suddenly – is there a girl? Or parents chose a rare beautiful name and
want to hit family and friends. Or suggest that may well
be so that the long-awaited Seryozha suddenly turns out to be Ilusha (see, well
he is poured out by Ilyusha!) Or they themselves want to present the already finished
child: Meet Magdalena Valerievna! That is why it is better
calm down, and with questions wait a bit.

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