This is just amazing! Curious facts aboutpregnancy and childbirth

Usually pregnancy lasts from 266 to 294 days, and childbirth –
no more than 18 hours. But there are less common facts about
pregnancy and childbirth…. They break stereotypes and inspire optimism.
even the most hectic.


Count to birth

In Korea, a person’s age also includes 9 months of intrauterine
life, and in India, and even birthday is considered the day of conception.

Clever and clever

The results of some studies suggest that
children conceived in the fall or winter are usually a high level of intelligence.
So, the kids, scheduled for spring and summer, lead on
other indicators!

Weight doesn’t matter

Parents of newborns tend to worry if the weight of the baby is not
corresponds to the norm. Meanwhile, the tiniest girl, and her
twin sister, already go to school and do not differ from their peers.
Twins weighing 260 and 600 grams were born in 2004 in Medical
The center of Loyola University, Illinois.

Considered warriors born with a weight of more than 4 kg? Obstetrics
known case of the birth of a child weighing 10.2 kg (height 76cm)! Event
happened in 1955, in Italy.

… and calendars lie

The actual date of delivery coincides with the estimated only 10%
cases. Scientists have proven: it is not scary if the birth starts a little
sooner or later the term set by the doctor (within the normal range,
of course).

They are real!

Previously, the dream of a multiple pregnancy could only come true
in 3% of married couples – in whose kind such cases occurred. At first
80s of these chances increased by 20 times (60%), because with IVF
the probability of conceiving twins is much higher than when
natural fertilization. Читаем также: как
conceive twins

The same who has medical indications to Cesarean
section, it is useful to know – in this way every third appeared to the world


Don’t need DNA

Eye color is usually transmitted at the genetic level, and therefore
many wonder when an heir is born
�”Unexpectedly blue-eyed”. This is actually due to the natural
melanin deficiency.  Within half a year its quantity in
body increases significantly, and children get eye color,
intended by nature. Читаем также: почему
changing the color of the eyes of a newborn baby

Everything will be but not immediately

The feeling of love and a strong attachment to the baby does not come this way.
second after his birth. This is not a bad mother, it is childbirth – not
sugar. After such stress as childbirth, you need a little time to
recovery. Yes, and the first few weeks are strong
emotional shake. This is most likely a normal process.
adaptation. Psychologists recommend their services if the child is already 4-6
months, and you still do not feel the joys of motherhood.
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Thank you uncle

The life of Pablo Picasso saved the case, outrageous for modern
to the standards. The fact is that the midwife found Pablo stillborn and
was going to inform the mother. Meanwhile, an uncle who smoked cigars
put smoke in the face of the baby, from which the future genius crouched
displeased grimace and issued his first cry.

Children of the sea

The salt concentration in the amniotic fluid is equal to the salt concentration in
ocean waters. There are many explanations for this, including
confirmation of some theories about the origin of mankind.

For one potugu …

… a resident of the UK gave birth to a healthy daughter. After
the discharge of amniotic fluid, the way the baby took to the world took only
minutes Both husbands and midwives were surprised. The weight of the baby was

No limit to motherhood

How much can you give birth? The question is rhetorical. For now
record-breaker mother is considered to be Elizabeth Greenhill from
Abbots-Langley of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. She gave life
32 girls and 7 boys! And it was in the XVII century …

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pregnancy and childbirth:

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