Thirty-third week of pregnancy


  1. Feeling well
  2. Food
  3. Stomach
  4. Complications
  5. Rhinitis of pregnant
  6. Pain
  7. Discharge

33rd week of pregnancy is the phase when the baby becomes already almost full. His height is from 42 to 44 cm, and weight under normal development reaches 2 kilograms.

This is the period when the baby sleeps a lot, he grows well. Heart the baby is actively developing, but before the baby first breathes air, between the atria there will be an opening of small sizes.

33 weeks of pregnancyNow your little one will be able to distinguish salty from sweet, because the language is already completely taste buds formed.

Tender nails have already covered the fingers, and a fingerprint decorated the pads. There is an active development of the lungs.

Studies show that at 33 weeks old a child sees dreams and hears sounds that come from the outside world. In it time in the brain are the most complex operations that take place on neural level.

There is very little space left in the womb and the child does not exhibits such activity as before. Expectant mother all less likely to experience tremors and discomfort, and for some this causes concern. But the decrease in activity is completely normal process. The kid hears not only sounds, but feels the changes of light.

Feeling well

The child becomes harder to wear. On the female body lies a large load, even despite the fact that pregnancy with all points of view is a normal condition.

During this period, thoughts begin to arise that childbirth came as quickly as possible, and temporary deviations in well-being and health conditions do not allow you to fully relax. Should to gather will and gain positive energy, because before the end of the term some seven weeks remain.

We need to think that worries will soon be gone, and with them extra pounds, shortness of breath and problems with the digestive tract. Finally, you can sleep on your stomach. But before that it is necessary gain physical and psychological strength.

Physiological anemia recedes at 33 weeks. It happens due to the correspondence in the female body of the amount of plasma and platelet count.

The frequency of urination increases significantly, which provokes the descended uterus. Given this, do not drink excess liquids, especially at night. At this time, experts recommend prepare for childbirth by reading more information but don’t abuse by her.

At 33 weeks, sometimes the pressure rises. In this way, a woman’s body signals problems that may be caused by gestosis or other fetal disorders. This should be inform the doctor immediately.

You should also contact your doctor immediately in the following cases:

  • Manifestations of toxicosis – do not do without stationary treatment
  • Stagnant fluid, which leads to pain;
  • The tone of the uterus, frequent manifestations of which is an alarm, requiring specialist advice.

At week 33, in addition to examination and counseling, additional ultrasound examination cardiotocography and dopplerometry. When prescribed by a doctor must be followed because dismissive attitude can lead to pathological development of the fetus.


33 weeks of pregnancyEnhanced nutrition is necessary for patients people with dystrophy. A woman who carries a child needs balanced diet.

The practice and experience of expectant mothers suggests that it is better to refuse from a comprehensive lunch or dinner. Should break the traditional trick food for two, and preferably three times.

This way you can get rid of heaviness in the stomachs and not feel hungry. Proper nutrition combined with excellent mood will help mom and her baby to transfer temporary health difficulties.


During this period, the stomach rises very high and props up everything organs. Hence there is discomfort in the hypochondrium, which accompanied by many painful processes, ranging from shortness of breath and ending with heartburn.

In the future, the pregnant woman becomes a little easier, because the stomach under the weight of the baby gradually falls down. Daily the child becomes heavier by an average of 20 grams.

Inspection of the abdomen by a specialist involves measuring it circumference, elevation. Also the gynecologist listens fetal heartbeat. Lowering the abdomen makes breathing easier, but load on the back, namely the spine, increases.

All mother’s movements should be smooth. Need to keep track of your center of gravity, which has shifted slightly and now the stomach is quite can pull a woman forward and cause her to fall.

You must be very careful in the bathroom. Also not forget about moisturizing the skin of the abdomen, because it is very strong stretched out. The belly should not be fitted with fashionable things. Preference is on the side of loose clothing.


33 weeks of pregnancyIt is extremely rare, namely in 1% of women in labor, the last trimester is accompanied by placental abruption, which, according to with the norm should occur at the final stage of pregnancy. This is one of the most serious complications, which is accompanied by a strong pain and bleeding.


There is a partial and complete detachment. In the first case, therapy, including hemostatic drugs, allows you to save pregnancy. In the second case, emergency delivery is performed, which are most often performed by cesarean section.

The operation is carried out promptly, since the mother may die from bleeding, and the child is at risk of suffocation. First signs that indicate such a danger should be marked immediately. Moreover, the doctor must be consulted even in if there is the slightest suspicion of delamination the placenta.

Rhinitis of pregnant

Almost 50% of women, especially those who are prone to allergic manifestations, rhinitis develops. It manifests itself in runny nose for no apparent reason colds.

The culprits of this unpleasant phenomenon are estrogen and progesterone. Hormones cause smooth muscle relaxation, which leads to swelling of the mucosa.

To combat this phenomenon, the same drugs are used that necessary for the treatment of allergic manifestations. Should worry about reducing traditional allergens that are dust, plants, animals.

You also need to moisten the air in the room, perform respiratory exercises. It is not recommended to use drops that narrow vessels, since they are able to penetrate the placenta and cause fetal oxygen starvation.


Pain at 33 weeks can be of a different nature and to them special care must be taken. So, rare and pulling pains are not are a cause for concern if they pass quickly.

If they become more frequent, you should immediately contact a doctor. Don’t cost pull with consultation because it is better to show excessive vigilance, because it is about the health of two people at once.

Sometimes pain is accompanied by discharge from the genital tract, which caused by infections. In such cases, the pain is accompanied by burning or itching. Also sometimes there is an increase in body temperature. At the occurrence of hemorrhoidal inflammation must be consulted highly specialized doctors.

In addition to pain in the lower abdomen, expectant mothers, often complain of problems with the musculoskeletal system. So, characteristic for this period are pain in the spine, legs.

All this is due to the ever-increasing weight of mom, which amniotic fluid and the weight of the child contribute. With each weeks the load on the spine and legs will increase, moreover, that mothers also get fat during this period.

All of these factors indicate the need for proper diet, which together with a full-fledged complex physical activity, will reduce the negative effects. First you need to control your posture.

It’s not worth moving long after 32 weeks of pregnancy, but It’s better to rest on your left side. You need to sit on the chairs equipped with a back.

You need to take care of good and practical shoes, which together with a special bandage will reduce the load on the most vulnerable places.

In order to reduce discomfort in the legs, it is recommended use bathtubs with water at room temperature. As much as possible you can carefully raise your legs up, resting them on any surface.

Swimming is very beneficial, which reduces intense pain. in the hip area. Pain in hypochondrium, which is caused by the movements of the child, since the uterus is still located in the upper abdomen.

The regimen of a pregnant woman should be as gentle as possible. AT Otherwise, headaches cannot be avoided. Room for rest should be well ventilated. Do not forget about regular outdoor recreation, nutrition and positive mood.


Note that two contraindications to sexual activity are main factors: discharge of water and mucous plugs. In both In cases, the fetus may be infected. Secretions can wear watery and bloody consistency.

The mode of sexual life and the possibility of its conduct, the best check with a specialist. So, watery discharge suggests that amniotic fluid is leaking, and blood may be evidence detachment of the placenta.

Other discharge, which are purulent, curd, greens and others. When similar phenomena need to consult a doctor who must will schedule an infection check, because it’s in this case is a source of discharge.

Candidiasis may also worsen. But this disease and others infections must be cured before pregnancy.

High watery discharge indicates fast birth. Therefore, you must immediately report it. to the gynecologist.

Quite a normal phenomenon is discharge from the mammary glands. Sometimes, colostrum is formed in women in the third semester. But pressure on the glands is not necessary.

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