Thirty-second week of pregnancy


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So finally you got to the 32nd week of gestation, which means the 28th week from the cessation of menstruation and the 30th week from moment of conception. Not long left until the most desired moment – the birth of the long-awaited baby.

However, joyful anticipations should not overshadow the reasonable caution in behavior, protect both yourself and the resident as much as possible your womb.

You can’t call the 32nd week any special, it’s just one of many others. This is an important brick in the construction of a new of life.

32 weeks pregnantNew centimeters of body length come (at the 32nd week the figure should be at the level of 40-41 cm), are added new grams of weight (weight of the order of 1.5-1.7 kg), some are developing individual characteristics, although the child is practically finally formed.

Keep in mind that now the baby feels what is happening around – he hears every sound, picks up vibrations, rustles, music and even differentiates emotional shades: your joy is conveyed to him like this the same as any negative moment (fears, irritation, anger, stress, anxiety and so on).

The little man has long mastered and is well acquainted with the noise your blood flow in the umbilical cord, with the sounds of peristalsis, with a knock maternal heart, with the rhythms of her breathing.

It’s funny, but the mother’s voice distinguishes the baby perfectly from others voices, no matter how many they are around – even if you are communicating with a wide circle of people, lead an active social life and are surrounded a lot of people. That’s why immediately after birth, children usually they shout loudly at first, but then calm down, as soon as they are put on mother’s chest and she begins to coo with familiar, familiar, in his native voice – he trusts and therefore calms down.

Scientists have proven that right now the color is finally forming the baby’s eye, that is, somewhere at 32-34 weeks of gestation. At all, Now the main thing that remains “on the agenda” (except for a small weight grams) is an eye moment.

In addition to color, the mechanism of sleep is determined, how will a new person to sleep, born into a white light. Namely: during wakefulness his eyes will be open, closed during sleep.

Your long-awaited son or daughter is more and more like a full-fledged person – such as everyone living on earth! Him or her skin turns light pink, almost disappears “lanugo” (extra hairs on the body in different places). But on the head although hair remains sparse and soft, it becomes thicker.

The baby’s body has become proportional in the usual sense: the ratio of the length and thickness of the limbs, body, neck and heads. The child looks a little chubby because he is “overgrown” a small fat layer – the necessary supply lurks in it nutrients, a kind of starter kit to release times out.

You can say the child is carefully preparing to go outside, without realizing it. Mother nature does everything for him: only in the amount of original grease remains in the natural folds, necessary and sufficient for gliding along the birth canal and for contact with the environment in the first days after birth. Surplus the original grease is washed off for the 32nd week unnecessary.

Thirty-second week is crucial for the immune system – it laid right now. From mother to baby immunoglobulins involved in the intensive formation of antibodies. Without they would be impossible to protect the baby in the first months of life “outside,” in an outside world full of infectious threats.

On the 32nd week with might and main there is an improvement of the internal glands secretion. Sexual gonads and adrenal glands are finally formed, pituitary, as well as pancreas, parathyroid and thyroid glands.

Remember that this whole complex is the foundation full functioning of the hormonal system and proper metabolism substances after birth. So you need to avoid stress and shock so as not to break anything in a fragile process.


Get ready for the fact that at the 32nd week your internal resident will show maximum mobility. Usually from this period varieties of movements are rapidly changing in quality and in quantity. Keep track of activity, it must be – in in case of a baby’s lethargy, consult a doctor to find out reason.

An interesting point about the water cycle in the body.

It is established that the amniotic fluid volume is at the 32nd week about 1 liter. Moreover, they are updated with a frequency of ~ 3 hours. Do you know what explains this phenomenon? The fact is that the baby now needs to “swim in clear water”, which he could to swallow painlessly (while still not breathing air through lungs).

Accordingly, the future mother should drink enough the amount of water, despite frequent urination. I want to, I don’t want to – but I must! After all, all this for the benefit of the long-awaited karapuzika. This is one of the uncomfortable moments characteristic of last / penultimate weeks of pregnancy.

Other noble “inconveniences” are unlikely to confuse you, because in pregnancy changes occur smoothly, and not in a second. But all let’s dwell on them again:

  • Worse sleep (harder to fall asleep);
  • Expansion of the pelvic joints (the process began earlier, but continues in anticipation of an impending birth);
  • Weight gain (after the 32nd week is normal if the weight added to 320-400 g in one week) – ideally, the weight of the mother together with the fetus now should be 10-12 kg more than before pregnancy;
  • Swelling of the fingers and ankles, swelling of the veins (reason – delay fluid in the body due to its global adjustment). Given the phenomenon should not scare you, but letting it drift also does not follows. Continue to consume minerals and vitamins (with food and nutritional supplements) – now your child.


32 weeks pregnantFirst of all, try to relax as can be more. Lie down on the couch during the day, sleep for a couple of hours the silence.

Just make sure that there are no drafts – colds you and the child are now completely out of place. Be tired and clumsy on the 32nd week is quite natural.

A new person living inside you takes a huge amount nutrients, deprives you of strength, and you just need to survive – rest, do not spill energy to outsiders.

Do not forget how important it is to receive knowledge from competent mentors. For this, despite the physical weakness, be sure to attend childbirth preparation courses.


You are not just a future parent, you are almost a parent, and from this proud title separates you very little time. Spend it use it carefully, arm yourself with theoretical baggage to in practice, you were confident in your actions!

To talk about edema and venous swelling. At any try to take a horizontal position or position yourself reclining, and legs at this moment to place on a hill – on coffee table, on a chair or on a specially prepared roller or a sofa cushion.

The fact that sneezing or coughing may stand out some urine, some women are categorically not arranges. There are simple exercises to strengthen blood vessels and muscles. It would be advisable to think about this before pregnancy – strengthen the muscles of the vagina and be able to control your own urethra.

If you do not have such training and to exclude unpleasant urination during sleep, just do not drink a lot of water at night. Better yet, don’t drink water at all about 1 hour before bedtime.

Before going to bed, be sure to go to the toilet. Then you can get enough sleep and do not get hung up on whether you sneeze in a dream, coughing, etc. The baby will still keep pushing you on the bladder, nowhere from this at the 32nd week you to get away.

And here is another very useful tip regarding the sleeping posture. So that the belly so “crushed”, lie on your side, bend your legs at the knees, one from half-bent legs support a pillow – now calmly fall asleep. It will be easier to breathe, sleep will worsen harder.

Is it possible to continue an intimate life with a spouse? This question relevant for so many families where prolonged abstinence is fraught conflicts and misunderstandings. The answer of the doctors is unequivocal: yes, on the 32nd week intimate contacts are possible, but only if pregnancy proceeds absolutely normal, without pathologies and without threats miscarriage.

The fact is that now the child is reliably protected by a liquid, contained in the bladder. Abstain only in cases when gynecological examination revealed a low the location of the placenta.

The onset of the 32nd week calls for pragmatism: now start planning births, go in for a clinic, and if you have such an opportunity, maintenance staff. Today has become the norm agree in advance with entire obstetric teams, from doctor to the midwife.

Also, it’s time for positive attitudes. Get a notebook and write there the mottos, slogans and aphorisms important to you – program your subconscious mind for success, it will give you self-confidence will not allow to panic and fear the unknown (especially if you are giving birth for the first time and all this “family kitchen” is for you again).

Be as positive as possible, relax in a good way of this word – that is, it is not about infantilism, but about readiness for change, determination and moral maturity. All your actions should be aimed at fully reach the time allotted by nature.

Children born ahead of time on the 32nd week have problems with sucking maternal breasts. Same problem applies to infants who are born weighing less than 1.5 kg.

The reason is that they do not have enough neuromuscular development. Remember that your task is to ensure the child of maximum strength and opportunity at the start, that is, qualitatively bear fruit


32 weeks pregnantSize of abdomen after 31 weeks pregnancies reach almost final size. Woman becomes like a duck – a cute, rounded and happy duck. The baby is getting closer inside, there was almost no room left for maneuver. Your lower ribs will begin to hurt because the uterus presses them.

A slight tension of the uterus naturally, without panic! Organism getting ready for childbirth, everything is going according to plan, do not worry. Uterus Now located between the navel and sternum.

The navel sticks out, has become flat. Active babies often “unsuccessfully” kick their moms and thus hurt chest area. Tolerate, and to alleviate your situation, while sitting, take the most straightforward poses.

Children at the 32nd week take the final pose for birth. AT in most cases – head down, less often (~ 5% of the total newborns) – forward legs. Continuous monitoring and observation the doctor will give an objective picture, and in the second case (head up) it is advisable to do a cesarean section.

Ultrasound scan

From tests and examinations at the 32nd week it is recommended to pass blood analysis. Validity: due to approaching birth it is necessary to find out if there is a Rhesus conflict, anemia and other possible troubles.

What else to look for – if you become smaller consume dairy drinks and carbohydrate-containing foods, but weight continues to grow. In this case, you should consult a doctor and to consult:

  • It is necessary to do an ultrasound if there are any abnormalities sensations, stress was suffered, injuries were received, etc .;
  • It is recommended to do an ultrasound to make sure development of the baby to assess the condition of the placenta and location the fetus inside the maternal womb.

As for the placenta, there is one important nuance. The fact is that on the 8th the so-called fetoplacental failure. A pretty serious problem, especially if it’s not do it properly.

In other words, the structure of the placenta changes, its function. According to statistics, for every 3 pregnancies 1 – with such a problem. Ultrasound diagnostics performed on time will give head start on corrective action.

Pain, bleeding, discharge from the genital tract

Those pains associated with swelling and stress on spine, sternum, or ribs, easy to remove with optimal poses while sitting, lying and during sleep, as well as competent physical activity (you will learn about it by visiting groups of expectant mothers). Must be prepared for the feeling of “aches in the whole body”, because you two, and one of you is inside.

Now about the discharge. They are reliable at week 32 an indicator of the state of the mother’s body. Ideally there should be moderate uniform discharge slightly milky, light and without mucus, smelling like sour milk.

Barely noticed greenish, brown, gray shades – urgently to to the doctor. In normal pregnancy, there should be no bleeding.

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