Thirty-fourth week of pregnancy


  1. Ultrasound scan
  2. Childbirth
  3. Fetus
  4. Fears
  5. Pain
  6. Stomach
  7. Discharge
  8. Sex
  9. Sleep
  10. The dangers

34th week of pregnancy is the period when the baby is gradually getting ready for the birth. The body of a woman continues the process preparation for childbirth.

Quite often, a woman feels that the uterus begins to contract. differently, not like before. During this period, the expectant mother is already feels a certain fatigue from pregnancy and looks waiting for the onset of childbirth.

34th week of pregnancyThe weight of the child in such a period rapidly increasing, the adipose tissue of the baby is 7% of its weight. The relief of his skin becomes smoother, changing as well skin color – becomes pale pink.

At this time, the child’s bones are formed and strengthened, so the future mom needs to eat more calcium.

Now in the body the crumbs are already running vital functions such as breathing, heartbeat, work gastrointestinal tract and musculoskeletal system. The mass of the child increases to 2250 grams, the figure varies in depending on the speed of development of the child and the characteristics of the body women.

From about 34 weeks, a woman begins periodically Feel contractions, the frequency of which gradually becomes larger. The reason for increased contractions of the uterus is its rise above, because of this, the pain becomes stronger. Be sure to consult with a doctor about what can be done to relieve pain during contractions, such recommendations are given individually for each to the woman.

Ultrasound scan

Ultrasound diagnostics at this time has already been completed, but there are cases in which re-analysis of ultrasound is required. An example of this case is suspected hypoxia or individual features baby development.

Sometimes ultrasounds at this time are done in order to assess the total the condition of the placenta and to avoid complications during childbirth. Very important the characteristic of the fetus is its location in the uterus, namely from This depends on the complexity of the upcoming birth. Ultrasound after 33 weeks pregnancy allows the doctor to determine whether a woman can give birth by yourself.


The laws of nature say that it is too early for childbirth, but childbirth can happen at 34 weeks. There are a number of reasons why this can happen, not all of them can be prevented.

But in childbirth at this period, there are also positive aspects – such a pregnancy is not completely premature, practically always babies born at 34 weeks (they are called born ahead of schedule), they can breathe on their own, all their organ systems work harmoniously.

There is a small chance that such a child will need medical assistance in order to strengthen the body, at first he will be under the tight control of qualified health workers.


34th week of pregnancyAnd yet delivery at 34 weeks is impossible call the most successful, because over the next time, when the baby is in the mother’s tummy, he gains weight and It strengthens the immune system.

It is during this period that the primary fluff decreases in the crumbs and original grease disappears.

The skin of the baby continues to form, its color approaches more natural. Also, the work of the kidneys is stabilized, since in digestive system, which at this time is already enough developed, amniotic fluid gets.

At week 34, the child changes his position in his mother’s tummy and turns head down for passage through the birth canal.

At week 34, a woman begins to feel more and more that in her the baby moves in the tummy. Baby in this period simply stops move around the uterus, there comes a period of tremors, which with each weeks will become stronger.

The woman will not feel the pushes, she will feel only sharp movements of crumbs. A situation may arise that the baby rests against the ribs of mom, giving her this discomfort.

At 34 weeks, it is important to notice the movement of the child, for 12 hours should be at least 10. However, there will be no problems with this, woman will feel when the baby is moving.

Many pregnant women very, very sensitively listen to any body movements of the baby, because so he can show his discontent. If sharp shocks are felt, this indicates about fear.

Fright can occur due to abruptly bright light or sound. AT this period should avoid such situations, because because of this the baby may take a position not applicable to natural childbirth.


Some women at the sight of their tummy begin to fear that will not be able to give birth on their own. Worrying about it is unnecessary, an experienced specialist, assessing the size of the pregnant pelvis, with accuracy will say whether a woman can give birth without a caesarean section.

Here, to a greater extent, everything depends on the size of the fetus, and not from the width of the pelvis of the woman in childbirth. Ultrasound Results will show how real the possibility of independent childbirth, the need for a cesarean section is determined in advance.


34 weeks is a very painful period of pregnancy. A woman at this time is often worried about lower back pain, back pain, the reason for this is an increase in the uterus and a rapid increase the size of the tummy.

Another cause of pain at week 34 is a large number of hormones produced by the body for softening the uterus and alleviating the upcoming genital process.

However, if the pain is excessively strong, it may be a sign of premature birth. If the pain is not stop over time, this is an occasion to turn to to the doctor.

At 34 weeks of pregnancy, a phenomenon such as training fights. A woman’s uterus can start hard contract, but this does not at all indicate the onset of labor.

This can be very painful. However if contractions acquired a permanent character, this is an occasion to call an ambulance for that you were taken to the hospital.

During pregnancy, most women have swelling. For in order to avoid this extremely unpleasant phenomenon, one should eat right and strictly control swiftness weight gain.

A normal weight gain at 34 weeks of gestation may be 11-12 kg, but after this period the process of increasing The weight pauses and becomes smoother. If you noticed that your weight gain is much higher than normal, this is a sign, what you need to change the diet and reduce the amount consumed fats and carbohydrates.


34th week of pregnancyHide at 34 weeks of gestation the tummy is almost not possible. He becomes quite large and changes shape a bit.

If before the future mother’s tummy was rounded, now he acquires a “pointed” form. Woman as if automatically starts moving more smoothly.

This period is ideal for starting to do prevention of stretch marks and apply special ointments to the tummy pregnant.

It is quite natural that at this time the tummy will be as if go down, because the baby is gradually moving to the birth canal. It is quite difficult for women to tolerate this during their first pregnancy.

In such a situation, it is recommended to wear a bandage that will serve support for the tummy and improve the well-being of the expectant mother, also A bandage is one of the methods for preventing stretch marks.


During pregnancy, it is very important to control the discharge. At 34 week they have a light milky color, they are not sharp smell. The amount of discharge should not be too plentiful.

If the discharge has acquired a mucous structure, it is not necessary worry, these secretions are the mucus that was the woman’s uterus is covered throughout pregnancy.

If the discharge began to sharply change color to yellowish with a brown shade, this indicates that it got into the vagina infection. In this situation, you need to contact in the near future to a specialist who will prescribe treatment. You need to do it mandatory, as the presence of a pregnant woman exposes baby health hazards.

During pregnancy, a woman does a vaginal examination just at week 34, this may cause minor spotting. Usually such discharge appears due to disclosure of the uterus.

If spotting is quite plentiful, then you need see a doctor immediately. This may indicate detachment of the placenta, so you need to act quickly.

Watery discharge indicates that amniotic fluid pour out in advance. If such discharge comes in large amount, the cause may be the depletion of the membranes, in In this case, an urgent consultation with a specialist is necessary.


Today, many talk about the benefits of sex during pregnancy, it really is. However in the last trimester with this should be careful.

Better to give up sex at 34 weeks. Reason this is an increased risk of infection in the vagina, as well as the risk that the baby will change position due to tremors. But even at 34 weeks of pregnancy, sex is fun.

A few years earlier, doctors claimed that sex could lead to premature pregnancy. But for today it’s proven the fact that sex and childbirth have nothing in common.

And also the advantage of sexual intercourse during pregnancy is positive effect of male sperm on the uterus, so the uterine neck becomes more elastic. Therefore, if you are confident in the purity of a partner, it is better to have unprotected sex.


In the third trimester of pregnancy, women begin to suffer. insomnia, sometimes such sleep disturbances are observed on more early dates. There are a couple of simple recommendations that help overcome insomnia:

  • Do not eat before bedtime, because of the digestive you cannot fall asleep for a long time;
  • For 2-3 hours, do not drink anything so that you won’t be disturbed at night urination;
  • You may need to change your sleeping position;
  • Change the pillow, perhaps due to the volumetric form, it causes difficulty breathing
  • Before you lie down, listen to a relaxing calm to the music.

34th week of pregnancy is not a reason to abandon active lifestyle. Many women attend visits during this period. pool, in most pools there are even special programs classes for pregnant women, which are held with an instructor.

It is also relevant to perform exercises on fitball, this gives strain on certain muscle groups and relieves tension in back. At this time, the body still needs to rest actively, so that walks in the fresh air are very welcome.

The dangers

The closer to pregnancy, the greater the danger. What is it worth Be wary of 34 weeks:

  • If discharge began to appear, it is not dangerous as such, but indicates the preparation of the body for childbirth, but to the doctor it is worth reporting about;
  • Bloody discharge is dangerous, if any call an ambulance;
  • Pieces of mucus appear – this also needs to be done. consult with a specialist.

In fact, 34 weeks is a very interesting period. AT this time, many women have a craving for creativity. Such moments must not be missed.

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