Thirty-first week of pregnancy


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And now the moment of birth is getting closer. At week 31 contractions can begin, and the baby born has every chance to survive.

But this does not mean that the development of the fetus is completed. Baby everything still growing and is at the stage of final formation internal organs.

What’s happening

31 weeks of pregnancyYour baby already distinguishes between light and darkness, and his eyes react to their own touch. Other in words, if he brings the pen to his face, his eyelids will close at the level reflexes.

The child may even squint and close his eyes. He can also experience pain if mom presses on her stomach or experiencing pressure from the side. Therefore try to avoid accidental collisions and strikes.

Also at 31 weeks one of the most serious stages of lung formation – release of surfactant (substance filling the baby’s lungs until the first breath). Exactly thanks to surfactant, the child will be able to open the walls of the lungs and adapt to the new environment. Nerve cells begin to pass into phase of active work, and brain activity is significantly is improving.

The pancreas already synthesizes insulin, which means a baby born at 31 weeks will not have problems with raising blood sugar levels (as opposed to earlier terms). Kidney work well and steadily remove urine in the amniotic fluid.

During this period, some children are already turning head down, which further ensures a safe birth. Baby weight reaches one and a half kilograms, and the skin begins to acquire the usual us view (capillaries are hiding). Fat accumulates actively tissue, muscle gain.

The baby has its own mode of life, that is, it sleeps and is in wakefulness according to a certain schedule. Mommy K this moment already begins to distinguish when the baby is napping, identifying this is due to the lack of feedback from the child.

By the end of the 30th week of pregnancy, mom should feel stable fetal movements (approximately 10 times per day / night). However, if movements are too frequent, abrupt and cause very painful sensations may signal that your baby is uncomfortable pose or constriction in breathing. In this case, it is worth changing the position.

If the movements are not felt for several hours in a row, you need immediately visit a doctor who will check the condition of the child, palpitations and position of the crumbs.

At week 31, your baby already feels a connection with reality, responds to your voice and mood. It is recommended to communicate with the baby, speak pleasant words to him and talk about the world. This is positive later. affect the psyche of the baby.


Walking is getting harder. The fruit is rapidly gaining weight (about 300-350 grams per week). The uterus is stretched as much as possible and presses on the internal organs.

This can cause digestive problems, constipation. That and case may manifest heartburn.

Swelling that was previously only on the legs can spread all over the body. The pulling sensations become permanent, and some the baby’s movements are given a dull pain under the ribs.

A separate problem is the constant desire to go to restroom. The uterus presses on the bladder, provoking desire urinate. It’s useless to deal with this problem, therefore just try not to drink a lot of fluids if you are going to leave house for a long time.

It is recommended to sit and lie more. Avoid provisions when which have to tilt for a long time and do not lift weights. However, it is necessary to be active up to childbirth. Not superfluous will perform breathing exercises for pregnant women and just to walk outside.


31 weeks of pregnancyBack and leg pains are typical. for 31 weeks a sign, as the load on the lower body increases. During this period, the perineum and sacrum begin to hurt, as the pelvic bones begin to diverge gradually (the body is already getting ready for the baby’s birth process).


If pain is felt in the pubic area, it most likely occurs development of symphysitis (divergence along the suture of the pubic bone). The cause of the problem is excessive softening of the ligament apparatus, and the method of treatment will be peace. But with suspicion for symphysitis, you should still consult a doctor, as he may identify you for cesarean section.

If pain is felt inside the uterus, this may indicate placental abruption, which will accompany bleeding (only in in some cases, the pathology is not accompanied by bloody secretions). However, the pain with such a problem is so severe what is felt in any position, and confuse it with simple discomfort is impossible.

If abdominal pain is accompanied by dizziness and loss consciousness, consult a doctor immediately, as there are similar symptoms can signal life-threatening mothers and babies pathologies.

Prolonged “aching” pain usually indicates increased tone of the muscles of the uterus. It is also an undesirable phenomenon that may provoke premature birth. If you are a few hours in a row you feel constant aching pain in the uterus, go to consultation in the hospital.


Discharge during pregnancy is a natural process. On 31 weeks, their number may increase, but the nature does not change should.

In the normal state of health of mom and fetus should be grayish or slightly dull milky, without unpleasant or strong smell. In order to avoid the appearance of fungus, use breathable pads. You should be alarmed if the discharge darkens and acquire a greenish or brown tint, appears bad smell and pus. It could be like a sign of thrush, and a signal about the appearance of any other infections that are dangerous to a child.

If the discharge is accompanied by bleeding (even mild), it may be a prerequisite for exfoliation of the placenta. In this case Mom needs to be checked.

But do not immediately despair and panic. Spotting may signal the appearance of hemorrhoids, since during pregnancy the pressure on intestines, which provokes constipation and hemorrhoids.

If the discharge is watery, most likely the reason is lack of integrity of the membranes. Amniotic fluid comes out bit by bit and are not a prerequisite for childbirth, but the fact of violation the integrity of the shells should alert you and move you towards doctor’s visit, as in the case of confirmation of the diagnosis baby turns out to be without a protective barrier, becomes vulnerable to infections.

Ultrasound scan

31 weeks of pregnancyBy the 31st week of pregnancy may be assigned ultrasound. At this time, the doctor can identify all possible pathologies and abnormalities in the development of the baby, and also check condition of the uterus, amniotic fluid and general tone of organs.

On the ultrasound itself, your doctor will first determine the position of the fetus, as the baby should roll head down. Also, the doctor will establish the parameters of the child, and correlate it development with generally established norms for the development of the fetus.

What can mom see on an ultrasound? Your baby has already become a full-fledged man. The child can actively move, by any react to what is happening around and even suck finger.

How to prepare for hour X

Week 31 is the very stage when a woman should already be ready for childbirth. It is necessary to configure both yourself and the child.

Despite the fact that you have not seen your baby, talk with him, tell him about the world in which the baby will get in, talk about how you love him and what a wonderful way ahead of him.

Adjust your diet, eliminate all harmful foods. BUT Partial refusal of salt will help reduce swelling and a little muffle heartburn.

Do not overtighten your stomach, and avoid tight shoes and clothes.

It is also recommended to bandage the chest with a rough cloth. it help prepare delicate skin for breastfeeding and subsequently avoid pain.

Pay particular attention to your breathing. During childbirth proper breathing helps to reduce pain and help the baby to be born.

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