Thirtieth week of pregnancy


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  2. Fetus
  3. Belly and uterus
  4. Ultrasound and tests
  5. Discharge
  6. Pain
  7. Recommendations

Now all mom’s thoughts are aimed at baby and the upcoming see you soon. Yes, pregnancy is not so easy and pleasant, but those inconveniences that it brings more than cover positive emotions from upcoming events.

At a period of 30 weeks, absolutely all pregnant women begin a vacation – the long-awaited maternity leave. But, some women prefer continue to work, which is a serious mistake, because now, under the influence of many external factors, pregnancy can end in premature birth. If continued working period – inevitability, it is necessary to try to reduce physical and emotional stress.


30 week of pregnancyUterus growing at high speed exerts more and more pressure on the internal organs of a woman, which leads to frequent urination, constipation, feeling heartburn.

Due to the pressure of the uterus on the lungs and chest dizziness appears, insomnia can also develop, bloating and renew nausea.

Stirring crumbs now have a different character – if previously a woman felt the movement of the child, pushing away from the walls of the uterus, then Now, more and more, there are clear shocks by the arms and legs.

During this period, it is important to pay attention to the intensity movements – too frequent and sharp blows, or prolonged “silence” can be alarms that need to be talked about to the treating doctor. It’s not difficult to control movements: on average mom feels tremors every 10 minutes, and during the day they should be at least 25.


The intrauterine development of the child continues and is improved, and now his lungs can independently produce a sufractant – a substance that prevents them from sticking together during inspiration. On more and more convolutions appear in the brain.

The nervous system of the baby begins to slowly activate: nerve fibers and protective myelin sheath are formed around them. The skin begins to smooth, although the skin is smooth You can’t name it yet.

The original fluff is coming off, although after birth it can still be present.

Now the baby is already quite large – its weight reaches 1.5 kg, and grew almost 40 cm. If the indicators do not match average – do not get upset – everything is purely individually: someone else just approached the mark of 1300 g, and someone accumulated enough subcutaneous fat so that its weight indicates figure “1800”. Both options are within norms.

By the end of the 29th week of pregnancy, the baby’s liver performs colossal work – accumulates iron to provide crumbs blood cells in the first 12 months of life. Little heart works rhythmically and very clearly, with a heartbeat of boys more calm, and girlish faster and more erratic.

The baby is already so grown up that it’s getting cramped in the uterus, therefore, movements become more rare and calm. Exactly now sharp and strong shocks should alert mom.

In most cases, the child is already in the head presentation, if this did not happen, that is, the time until 35-36 weeks when he makes the last somersault and takes the right one position.

By the time of the 30-week period, the thickness of the front wall the abdomen and the walls of the uterus together are about 2 cm, so the baby distinctly hears sounds coming from the “external” world, distinguishes brightness of light.

The eyes are already open, and if mom turns her tummy to the light – the crumb world will turn pink, and the hand laid in it time on the stomach is displayed as a shadow. Too bright light delivers a little discomfort and makes you turn away.

It is a mistake to believe that the womb is a quiet and dark place, because in addition to external sounds, the child hears absolutely everything that happens in mom’s body: palpitations, the noise of the movement of blood in the mother’s vessels, rumbling in the gastrointestinal tract, etc.

Loud and sharp sounds now scare the child – he reflexively shudders, waves his arms and straightens his legs. The baby knows how to move his eyes, blink reflexively, yawn and right now the baby is smiling unknowingly for the first time.

Belly and uterus

30 week of pregnancyBaby is growing, respectively the tummy of the future mother grows. Now its size is already making itself felt to know a change in female gait.

By this time, the abdominal muscles are very stretched and weak, therefore you have to be extremely careful getting out of bed. Best for began to roll over on its side, after which it was already taking a position standing up.

As the abdomen grows, the skin in this area also stretches, which can lead to the appearance of such a cosmetic flaw as stretch marks.

To prevent the development of this defect, with which after childbirth it’s very hard to say goodbye, which upsets any woman, you must regularly use special remedies for stretch marks in the form of creams and gels. Great for these purposes. various oils of plant nature – olive, sunflower, almond, etc.

At the stage of 30 weeks, the pregnant woman’s uterus is placed above the navel on 10-11 cm. At this time, she often begins unauthorized cooking to the birth process, which is manifested by its periodic contractions, which can be very painful.

Specialists call this phenomenon “training fights, “and you should not be afraid of them. But, if the cuts are the nature of a certain periodicity, their intensity grows and accompanied by sharp pain or secretions (blood or clear liquid) – urgently need to call an ambulance help. This state of affairs may indicate premature childbirth.


Ultrasound and tests

Usually, an ultrasound study is prescribed during 30-32 weeks. The purpose of this survey is to monitor fetal development.

So, the specialist will determine the pace of development of the crumbs, condition placenta, the position of the baby in the uterine cavity and the state of the amniotic fluid water Ultrasound also helps to identify various thresholds and pathologies, which previously could not be determined – heart defects, genitourinary system, intestines.

Together with an ultrasound, a woman can be assigned an additional measurement, which evaluates utero-placental and phytoplacental blood flow.

If by this moment the gender of the future baby has not been determined – it’s advisable to do it right now, because in the future it’s it will be problematic – curled up in a ball, the baby just hides their “distinguishing features.”

For a 30-week period, it’s important to go through a series of tests using which control the development of pregnancy and some factors that may threaten the fetus. Would need donate blood for HIV and Rh factor, as well as a smear for determination microflora.

Standard blood and urine tests are now very important. role, since at the end of pregnancy many women are prone to anemia and the formation of protein in the urine. Your doctor may perform a smear test from urethra and vulva, which can determine the development of inflammatory processes.

A visit to the local gynecologist becomes more frequent – every 14 days, which will measure the pressure, height of the uterus and tummy circumference. An important procedure will be regular listening to the heartbeat of a child and control over it position.


Discharge in the last weeks of pregnancy may be slightly more abundant, with a predominance of milky color. They are homogeneous mass with a slightly sour smell. Such selections are the norm.

If the discharge becomes green, gray, yellow, curdled consistency or have mucous or purulent clots – you must immediately consult a doctor. Such discharge may be a consequence of the development of infection.

If the discharge is bloody, an ambulance call is required! And absolutely any spotting should alert – weak spotting or more abundant – all this can be a sign some placental problems.

Urgent help should be sought if there are discharge watery in nature, because it can be leakage of amniotic fluid water, which causes depletion of the fetal membrane.


There are pains that almost any pregnant woman experiences 30 weeks. This is due to changes in the female body on physiology level. Often there are complaints of pain in the lumbar area, back. It is completely impossible to get rid of them, but to reduce intensity can be achieved by maintaining correct posture, gymnastic exercises, relaxation.

Pain in the stomach and intestines can be caused the use of products that cause gas formation – cabbage, grapes, sugar, etc.

Headaches may occur which are again associated with restructuring of the body. Since taking medication during pregnancy is not recommended, it is better to prevent frequent headaches walks, a long rest and a good night’s sleep.


30 week of pregnancyStarting from week 30, doctors are strongly recommend a certain diet, due to which the development of late toxicosis can be prevented. Such a diet is to limit the intake of sugar and flour products.

In addition to problems with the development of pregnancy, the presence in the diet sweets and starchy foods can lead to rapid weight gain fruit, because right now its main growth is going on.

As practice shows, it is easier to have a baby with optimal weighing 3-4 kg than a hero weighing more than 4 kg. Besides, excess carbohydrate intake negatively affects both pregnant woman, and the health of the unborn child.

Many children, having reached the milestone at 30 weeks, have already taken steady position. He lies in the uterus, curled up in a glomerulus, and located head down.

If the baby has not yet taken the head presentation, or is legs down, doctors recommend performing special exercises so that the fetus rolls over. Ignore these recommendations impossible, since the position of the baby depends on how they will proceed childbirth.

Right at this stage will visit a specialist in family relationship. This applies primarily to those women who already have have an older son or daughter.

The fact is that children are very sensitive and jealous of the appearance of in the family of a new member, all the more so small to which there will be riveted all the attention of parents. To avoid difficulties related to the senior’s behavior it is necessary to prepare him for the birth of a brother / sister.

Many women get scared even thinking about sex over long periods. pregnancy. However, this is a mistake. Sex is an integral part of absolutely all family relationship. The benefits of sex, and especially female orgasm in pregnancy is a scientifically proven fact.

You only need to understand that sudden movements can bring discomfort, so enjoy intimacy without fanaticism. With accepted head presentation and with intense sexual intercourse, the baby may well turn around in the wrong position.

Therefore, if there are no contraindications, threats to the development of pathologies pregnancy – having sex is not only prohibited, but also recommended.

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