Thirteenth week of pregnancy


  1. Fetus
  2. Stomach
  3. Woman nutrition
  4. Ultrasound scan
  5. Feel
  6. Pain
  7. Colds and Diseases
  8. Temperature
  9. Discharge
  10. Bleeding
  11. Screening
  12. Alcohol and smoking
  13. Sex
  14. The dangers

At 13 weeks of gestation, hormones calm down. Changeable the mood goes away. No nausea, improved appetite.

The frequency of urination also returns to normal. The uterus grows and goes into the abdominal cavity. At this stage, all organs begin move, so shortness of breath and heartburn may appear.

13th week of pregnancyAnd after long walks you can feel tired, and there will also be a feeling of heaviness in limbs. Therefore, walk slowly, allocate time walks, relax more.

If you feel tension in the uterus, especially if it’s quite often, you should consult a doctor tone. If there is petrification of the abdomen, you need to lie down and to study the load.


The size of the fetus is 7.8 cm., Weight – 20 g. The fruit is growing quite quickly. Now the unborn child has all the baby teeth.

The pancreas of the fetus produces the first insulin. Torso begins to grow faster, so soon the head will not seem so big compared to him.

At this time, the child moves almost continuously, since it necessary for the normal development of the muscles of the limbs. He rests only during sleep.

The bone tissue and muscles of the child are formed. In the digestive no less important process takes place in the system: villi appear, who in the future will be involved in food processing.

A voice unit is also laid. From week 12 sex is determined, sex cells and prostate develop glands. Appearance becomes more pronounced and characteristic.

Also, the fetus begins to distinguish between the taste and smell of food, which a woman consumes, which is why during pregnancy you don’t will like some products. The fetus learns to suck, yawn, smile and grimaces.


Now, due to the tone of the uterus, heaviness in the lower abdomen can be felt. If this happens quite often, it is best to consult a doctor. If you feel normal, but sometimes you are worried about pain, better just lie down.

Woman nutrition

Now you need to control your desires in food, otherwise you will gain weight, which in the future is fraught with complications. Roast, use flour, salty and sweet in small portions, completely Little.

The toxicosis is gone, but now heartburn can come. Now it is recommended to eat bran bread, fruits, vegetables, cereals, lean meat, cottage cheese.

Ultrasound scan

13th week of pregnancyIf you have already done the screening and surrendered a series of tests before they became registered, then before going to the doctor you will only be given a general urine test.

You will be referred to a dermatologist in order to pass a smear. Though this is usually done in the 12th week.

During the study, they may detect the presence of genitourinary diseases, and also check the condition of the flora.

For some women, ultrasound at 13 weeks is the first examination, so before that the pregnancy proceeded without complications.

In this case, the woman will see her fetus for the first time, listens to his heartbeat, and the doctor will assess the state of life fetus, check for severe defects that are incompatible with life, conduct a study (screening) study for the presence of chromosomal abnormalities. Also, the first ultrasound will set the exact date and will report the number of fruits.


The chest is still very sensitive and growing in size. Can there will be a feeling of “tightness”, so you have to replace ordinary linen, because it becomes cramped.

Colostrum may appear. Also thanks to hormonal pigmentation may appear on a woman’s body, namely age spots on the face, darkening of the paranasal region, darkening strips from the navel to the pubis. After childbirth, this will disappear.


If you feel abdominal pain that provokes bloody stretching, discharge about this should be told to the doctor. And in the time of the next hemorrhage urgently to go to the hospital.


Restrict any motor activity. Pain may appear on the side of the abdomen, this comes from the fact that the uterus and muscles, holding it stretch. It’s not dangerous, but better for a while lie down.

If you feel pain in your legs or cramps in your calves, your the body lacks calcium. In this case you need to consume food made with plant foods that contain calcium.

It is not advisable to consume animals, as it bones because of them fontanel, this can lead to bad consequences when the child goes through the birth canal.

Colds and Diseases

13th week of pregnancyThe first weeks of pregnancy a cold was more dangerous than it is now, but there are times that a cold causes premature birth or abnormal development of the baby. If you runny nose, headache or headache, it is necessary immediately start treatment, at least by folk methods.

If the condition does not improve, but stands still or worsens, urgently need to see a doctor. No need to be treated by myself serious drugs.

Particularly increases the likelihood of illness in the fall and winter, so during these periods you should dress warmer and try not to walk in crowded places.


At this stage of pregnancy, the temperature still remains low-grade marks. If your health is normal, you are not feel it, and you have no bloody or yellow-green discharge, your the condition is normal.

But if the temperature rises to 38 degrees and holds two days, you need to see a doctor who will prescribe antipyretics for you. These are usually medications that contain Paracetamol or homeopathic antipyretic.


Allocations for 13-1 weeks may become more abundant or liquid, but their smell and color should not change.

If the secretions of the curd consistency bubble, change your color, smell or cause itching, irritation, pain and discomfort, need see a doctor immediately. It could be a genital infection or threatened abortion.


At the 13th week, bleeding can be frequent, but most of they do not pose a threat to the fetus or woman. Still, consultation with a doctor needed.

It could be:

  • Exfoliation or presentation of the placenta;
  • Consequences of hematoma;
  • Physical damage to the uterus or hematoma;
  • Neoplasms;
  • Fragility of blood vessels;
  • A bruise in the abdomen.

Not all of these causes are dangerous, but it’s better to go to hospital and establish the cause of the bleeding, this can be done on Ultrasound, which at the same time and will check the condition of the fetus.


The screening study is being conducted for the first time on the 11th-16th weeks. It is of two types: biochemical and ultrasound.

Screening to detect or not in the fetus the presence of chromosomal diseases. Collar area checked nasal bone, fetus, and he is also examined for physical defects.

A woman is tested for the presence of proteins in the blood and hormone levels. If the risk of development shows 1: 350 and below is a bad result. Screening also checks for violations. chromosome structure, but this does not always provoke pathology.

Alcohol and smoking

During pregnancy, the use of any alcohol is prohibited, and also no smoking. If you do not comply with this rule, then then expect bad consequences. This is especially dangerous at the 13th week of pregnancy, since it is Now there is a laying of all the internal organs of the child and his external systems, and an unhealthy lifestyle can adversely affect this one. All harmful substances pass through the placenta to the fetus, therefore, a woman must carefully monitor her health.


Sex during pregnancy is allowed. So you can not be afraid. Moreover, during pregnancy, a woman’s libido rises due to exposure to hormones.

So now you can experience new sensations that never experienced before. You can’t have sex only in case you feel bad and you have a risk of miscarriage.

The dangers

At week 13, the chance of developing candidiasis increases (thrush). Thrush symptoms – severe itching, vaginal pain, flocculent discharge.

Thrush is caused by a candida fungus that shows itself on 13 weeks due to hormonal changes and worsening immunity. If you find signs of thrush, you need to see a doctor who will establish the right treatment for you, safe for the fetus.

You should also remember that for 13 weeks you should discard tight clothes (it is better to wear loose) and heels. Do not carry weight. Heeled and lifted weight, nerves provoke the uterus, and causes you pain Feel.

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