Third week of pregnancy


  1. Debut features
  2. What can a woman feel?
  3. The presence of secretions
  4. Determining the presence of pregnancy in the third week
  5. Ultrasonography
  6. Temperature
  7. Lifestyle recommendations

By and large, it is the third week of pregnancy that represents a peculiar discovery of this process. Since conception to the body of a woman begins to occur quite serious changes.

Perestroika concerns almost all body systems. Is changing also hormonal levels, which affects metabolic processes. However, so far there are no tangible hints of real pregnancy.

Debut features

3 weeks of pregnancyIn the third week, the symptoms are quite subjective. Unable to determine them with special appliances. You can only compare them with signs ICP.

For this reason, a fairly serious number of expectant mothers confuse them with the approach of menstruation soon. Woman not guesses about his own position until about the fifth or sixth week of pregnancy. However, sometimes it can make you sleepy, dizzy, lack of appetite and so on.

What can a woman feel?

Sensations in the third week of pregnancy are not associated by women with direct pregnancy. Although very rarely a woman is capable of to catch intuitively that a new life is beginning to emerge in it.

However, this is extremely rare. It could probably to be explained by the arisen experiences which cause tremulous family planning. After all, sometimes women really want become pregnant and do everything possible for this.

The third week may be perceived during the ICP period. it due to the presence of characteristic symptoms that are very similar to those that appear shortly before the onset of menstruation. Especially the mammary glands, which are poured.

Sudden changes in mood, which due to the onset of hormonal changes. It could be moodiness, an increased level of temper, nervousness, tearfulness and all that jazz.

Some potential mothers in early pregnancy may just want to sleep and nothing more. However, one must understand individuality and uniqueness of each individual pregnancy. Therefore, some have the possibility of a sharp rise forces.

The presence of secretions

During this period, discharge may occur that will have light milk color. They usually have a mild sour smell.

Do not be scared if they appear. What if if the color changes and an unpleasant smell appears, it’s worth considering because it usually indicates the presence of an infectious focus.

In this case, it is better to contact a professional gynecologist for qualified advice.

Determining the presence of pregnancy in the third week

Symptoms during this period may indicate a relatively early motherhood, and can be the same as usual harbingers menstruation. You need to understand how to distinguish it all.

Sometimes a woman can come across certain thoughts smearing discharge that disappears without a trace the next day. Even if pregnancy has already occurred, then a special test is unlikely to demonstrate it.


It works on the principle that when the level in the body rises hCG hormone, dye strips are stained. But on that the period the hormone concentration in the woman’s body is too insignificant. Therefore, it is advisable to wait until the periods of menstruation will come. After that it will be possible to do a test repeatedly.

The processes that occur inside the female body, are interconnected. When the immune system a certain signal is given, the process of perestroika begins. Organism in this case, usually begins to function in a new mode.


3 weeks of pregnancyThis method of determining pregnancy is much more effective than tests. If not is anxious to find out the details, then you can sign up for a procedure Ultrasound

Currently, there are many opportunities for this. Session allows you to define quite a lot.

In the pictures obtained as a result of such a study, you can usually consider the birth of life.

There the embryo looks like some kind of small white spot that located directly in the cavity of the ovum. Vascular endometrial mesh provides blood supply and nutrition.

In the third week, the doctor is able to conduct a study on the basis of which can confirm the onset of the long-awaited pregnancy. Ultrasound usually does not allow you to see clear data, but a special sensor allows you to accurately determine the presence pregnancy.


If the temperature is constantly kept at about 37 degrees, it is not necessary to join the ranks of patients with a cold. Such the condition is normal for pregnant women. An alarm may be a temperature increase of up to 38 degrees or even higher. Low early overshoot represents the norm. It is through her that the reaction takes place organism to the appearance of a foreign body.

Lifestyle recommendations

It is very important to organize a normal diet. In the first month important processes are formed that will then provide direct effect on the formation of fetal organs. therefore a pregnant woman is required to eat normally.

Diet should be carefully thought out and balanced. You should eat in small portions of approximately five times a day. It’s better not to bring hunger.

It is advisable to eat vegetables, fruits, low-fat fish and meat. On this during pregnancy there is an especially acute need for folic acid, iodine and calcium.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol beverages. In the third week, like in any other, nothing can be done. like that.

This period determines the health of the unborn baby. is he is very vulnerable to a variety of negative factors. Therefore, it is important to guarantee reliable protection.

We must try to avoid stressful situations, because they can have an unpleasant effect on the health and expectant mother, and unborn baby. We must try to eliminate the risks of occurrence colds, as well as physical stress.

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