Things you don’t need to take with youmaternity hospital

Зачастую будущие mothers берут с собой в maternity hospital огромное
amount of useless things. What if it comes in handy ?! The list is real
необходимых в maternity hospitalе вещей не такой уж и большой, остальное же
remains an unnecessary load in bags. But one could do without
luggage, in which there is nothing superfluous. If you do not want to run on
maternity hospitalу с тяжёлыми сумками, не берите ненужные вещи.

лишние вещи в maternity hospital

Electric kettle

Сразу везти чайник с собой точно не надо. Possible (and then
far from a fact) you will need it. If, for example, you do not
there will be opportunities to go for boiling water, and he, boiling water, will
extremely necessary. If this hypothetical situation happens, then you
ask to bring this household appliance from a relative or
friends Во многих больницах в коридоре стоит холодильник,
kettle and microwave. About paid individual wards and talk
not necessary: ​​they have all their own.

�”Pre-pregnant” clothes on the statement for the young

Neither shoes with heels, nor favorite narrow skirt or blouse with
deep neckline you just do not come in handy. Do not forget that
during pregnancy you scored some extra
kilograms that will not leave immediately after birth. Clothes you just
will not fit in size. The stomach, even if it was small, has not yet
will have time to pull up, and the chest due to the onset of lactation will most likely become
several sizes larger.


Have pity on your baby. He needs to adapt to a new world.
Проще это сделать с настоящим запахом mothers, её кожи. Do not obscure
its artificial flavors.

Postpartum Bandage

послеродовой бандаж

This good and useful thing you may need after
выписки из maternity hospitalа. In the first days after birth, the doctor does not
рекомендуют его носить (за редким исключением, требующим
certain indications on health).

Pacifier for baby

Nipples are the main enemies of breastfeeding. Successful lactation
assumes the child stays at the breast, for each of his
requirement. Using a dummy will be a disservice if you
want to breastfeed Breast milk is produced in
The answer to suckling a newborn. Due to dummy attachment
can be reduced and lactation will be minimal, there will be no milk
to grab. (how to wean the baby from the nipples)

Много детской косметики

детская косметика для новорожденных


Universal hypoallergenic baby cream and soap enough with
head. За несколько дней в maternity hospitalе остальное (а особенно,
various gels, shampoos, oils, bath foams) you just don’t
have time to need.



The most useless thing you can think of for
пребывания в среднестатистическом российском maternity hospitalе. You just don’t
let it ignite, which is very correct.

Sling or Kangaroo

In the description of the sling or kangaroo model you purchased, it is allowed
Using this thing since the birth of the baby? Even so
pediatricians strongly discourage their use in the early days
for carrying a baby.

Silicone nipple covers for breast

накладки на соски

For 2-3 days the situation in which the lining on the chest will be
useful, unlikely to happen. Yes, and you need to buy them clearly
size, and the breast after feeding changes. So such
acquisitions, if u need to do, then only personally and after discharge
from the maternity hospital.

Laptop or tablet

Even if your baby was born a very calm baby, and giving birth for
You have no problems, use your free time and silence is not for
entertainment, but for sleeping. You will not have many opportunities at home.
plunge into the embrace of Morpheus. If you still can not sleep, it’s better
возьмите обычную книгу.

Pillow under the head and for feeding

As usual, and the pillow for feeding takes up a lot of space.
Yes, the hospital is not the top of convenience, but for the sake of several days is it worth it
to carry an extra bag?

Красивые костюмчики для крохи

В первые дни жизни малыша удобней пелёнок и кофточек еще
nothing came up :)

Well, have your bags become lighter? Now you can safely go to
maternity hospital!

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