Things to do at home quarantine for teens and children

In almost all countries of Europe and the CIS, an emergency regime has been introduced situation due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many private enterprises, state and public institutions are now in quarantine. Vacations announced at educational institutions students until the problem of coronavirus infection will be decided. This means that many children are now at home. Naturally, a question arises from parents: What to do подростам и детям на период карантина?Hobbies for children and adolescents during quarantine


Самые распространенные увлечения для детей и подростков воquarantine time:

  • If we talk about spending time in comes the idea of ​​watching educational children’s television shows. This is the most convenient option for both children and their parents. Now, children’s TV channels broadcast easy and understandable programs, so that they receive education remotely. Also suitable option to attract children with informative cartoons;
  • Board games will interest kids and teens for a long time and will help their development. TO for example, a game of “Monopoly” will teach children to distribute correctly finance and handle money, while Jenga coordinates motor skills and sense of balance. Card games will help develop intuition and calculate the opponent’s steps in advance;
  • Reading Art Books – Easy and short stories will help you correctly and clearly articulate your thoughts;
  • Drawing will improve creativity and fantasy
  • Game of association; “Cities” are the most common oral games for several people who develop a quick reaction and speedy thinking in children;
  • Computer games are not the best a useful pastime, but help dispel boredom.

Self-development and home education

  • Learn a foreign language – during quarantine, children will have plenty of free time to to do education. Start teaching your child basic rules of linguistics of other languages ​​and gradually complicate tasks. Demonstrate reading books in English using a personal example, show how simple sentences are made, help to learn poem. This will create favorable conditions for further learning foreign languages.
  • Sports exercises at home: Exercising will help your child be fit. Squatting, push-ups, twisting, strap and other types of exercises can be done without third-party attributes. It promotes development sports in children;
  • Comprehensive education – provide encyclopedic dictionaries for children so that their thinking developed not only in one direction. Reference books from categories “Dinosaur Atlas”, “Historical Monuments”, “Underwater world “,” Space “,” Nature “will help the child get interesting knowledge about the world without leaving home;
  • Culinary skills for children – the most necessary skill that is useful to every child. Be it boy or girl, it makes no difference: to cook tasty and healthy food always important.
  • Housekeeping – Take It children into assistants for homework. This will help work out the habit of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

Children and adolescents are very sensitive, so home quarantine can negatively affect their mood. Try to captivate them interesting and entertaining activities so that they spend time with benefit.

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