There is a connection between injury and development.oncology

Update: February 2019

In clinical practice, there are enough cases when on site
injury, fracture, gunshot wound, burn through a certain
time tumors develop, so there is a hypothesis that
chronic mechanical or thermal tissue irritation
приводит в дальнейшем к oncology в месте повреждения. So,
It is believed that:

  • long-term presence of stones in the gall bladder, bladder,
    kidney stones, renal pelvis – increase the risk of
    neoplasms in these organs
  • chronic injuries to dentures or carious teeth – cancer
    oral mucosa
  • burns and injuries – skin cancer
  • permanent thermal damage to the tissue leads to domestic
    skin cancer (kangri cancer)

However, opponents of such a theory refer to the fact that, to
example, after world wars, multiple injuries and injuries
приводили к «эпидемии» oncology, а редкие случаи возникновения
cancer at the site of injury was just a coincidence.


Proponents of the theory of the linkage of cancer and injury claim that
mechanical damage plays a role in the occurrence of a tumor not
immediately, and after 10-20 years.  Trauma itself does not lead to
cancer development, tissue damage and inflammation have
stimulating effect on carcinogen accumulation in place
damage, especially in post-burn scars. Combination
carcinogens and damage can have a different effect – like
stimulation of carcinogenesis (tumor development) and its

  • Stimulation of tumor growth – it is known that cells are able
    proliferation is highly susceptible to carcinogen, and since after
    injury occurs tissue proliferation then it contributes
    accelerating the occurrence of cancer. Damage is especially dangerous.
    leading to chronic inflammation of the tissues, then increase
    factors stimulating carcinogenesis.
  • Inhibition of tumor development – too intense damage
    leads to cell death, i.e. a target for exposure
    carcinogen die and tumor growth does not occur.

The effect of injury, provoking oncology, depends on the duration
and the strength of the damaging effects. Single exposure in less
stimulates carcinogenesis to a greater extent than repeated or prolonged
tissue damage, for example:

  • if prostheses are rubbed for a long time – skin cancer
  • if for a long time many shoemakers get needle pricks on
    пальце в одном и том же месте, то развивается спиноцеллюлярная

An interesting fact is that liver damage
(an important organ of metabolism in the body), which can
lead to the development of tumors in other organs. Experiments on
animals show that:

  • introduction of carbon tetrachloride (hepatotoxic poison)
    causes esophageal cancer, kidney cancer in rats – this
    due to a change in metabolism due to damage
    the liver.
  • in cirrhosis of the liver in rats not receiving carcinogens, a violation
    metabolism of hormones leads to the appearance of breast cancer.

What has been said above indicates inconsistency and complexity in
determining the dependence of injuries and carcinogenesis. But it is clear that
при формировании групп риска oncology, следует учитывать лиц с
various injuries sustained both in household and in
production conditions.

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