The weight of a newborn: why the baby is badgaining weight

In the first minutes of a child’s life, a doctor who takes birth,
weighs and measures the growth of the baby. These numbers are large
meaning, every mother knows them by heart for the rest of her life. Weight
the newborn plays a big role in determining
the life of the child, his physical development. Therefore,
being in the hospital, the babies are weighed every morning. What does it depend on
child’s weight, what factors affect him, consider
in more detail.

нормальный вес новорожденного ребенка

what is the normal weight of a newborn

Какой нормальный вес должен быть у новорожденного?

According to modern data, the normal weight of a newborn is
показатели диапазона от 2,5 кг до 4,5 кг. it
average performance, a kind of bar, in which the child’s weight can
be considered good.

Parents of medium height and medium weight are born
дети преимущественно имея вес в 3 — 3,3 кг. These
numbers to some extent can be considered optimal for
newborn baby. With such a weight of the baby, even with a narrow pelvis, a woman
will be able to handle natural delivery. Child will
It is easy to go through the birth canal and the number of possible complications
usually associated with a large child weight, may drop to
minimum. Therefore, during pregnancy you need to control
the weight of the future baby, for example, using ultrasound results, where
the machine automatically determines the weight of the fetus. Weight gain pregnant
can also report a potential weight problem.
fetus. The gynecologist will tell you what kind of food will help you.
keep the balance and gain the number of kilograms that fit into
established norms.

таблица веса

таблица веса (клик для увеличения)

Если ребенок родился недоношенным, либо это дети из двойни, то в
In this case, the weight of the newborn child will be below normal, but
pathology can be called only when the weight loss
It will be critical and not show a positive trend in development.
Such children usually gain weight during the first year of life.
and may even overtake the peers who at birth had
normal weight.

An important factor is the heredity. At least
one of the parents had a “heroic” weight at birth, then
In total, the children in this family will be born exactly large. If
both parents are low in weight and are short, the baby will be born to them
to match – tiny and not exceeding the optimal bar


Если ребенок плохо gaining weight

Бывает такое, что новорожденный плохо gaining weight в течение
первых четырех недель после появления на свет
. Normal baby
должен набрать за первый месяц жизни от 500 г до 1,2
. If the figure is even slightly less than the lower norm,
Parents should sound the alarm. The faster you identify the cause
weight loss, the faster you can make a decision and fix
the situation. It is about the health of your child. Factors
influencing low weight gain in the first month of life can

  • Недоедание. The child receives a small amount of food and
    he simply has no place to take calories and increase weight. Make sure
    that you apply to your chest correctly, you hear throats when
    feeding Give the baby a breast at the first call. If by
    medical reasons you are not breastfeeding, make sure that
    the baby gets enough of the mix and you make it
    strictly according to the instructions. – How to properly attach a child to
  • The baby does not eat well.
  • Стресс матери и ребенка. If the family is dysfunctional
    situation, oppression, mother exhausted and forced to do a lot
    home and other work – the child lacks attention and care,
    often crying, constantly in a state of anxiety. it все
    влияет на существенный недобор weights. Want your baby to grow
    healthy – provide him comfort and satisfy him
    emotional need to communicate with you. You did not notice that in
    orphanages most kids have a little thin
    body type? it не связано с тем, что они недоедают. it связано
    with emotional perception of the world, with the absence of love
    native person.
  • Существуют некие проблемы со здоровьем. If you have
    there is the slightest suspicion about the violation of your health
    child, be sure to tell your local pediatrician about this –
    better to be safe once again.
  • Кормящая мать курит — это также влияет на потерю веса
    in newborns (smoking with HB);
  • Some tips for nursing mom for proper organization

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normal weight gain in newborns? 

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Know that your baby’s developmental rate can only be judged
по совокупности всех факторов, в том числе и weights. Be
are healthy!

Что делать, если новорожденный ребенок плохо gaining weight?

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