The use of sinuforte from antritis is expensive, butIs it effective?

Update: November 2018

A lot of conflicting information on websites and forums about
expensive medication for the treatment of diseases of the paranasal sinuses
– Sinuforte. This remedy for sinusitis and sinusitis is advertised in
networks as a very effective, natural medicine, a lot
positive reviews that it really helps in treating
of this affliction.

This article will help many to figure out who can use
this means to whom it is categorically contraindicated. here we
consider the negative aspects of its use and effective
component of the drug, so that many can avoid
serious errors in the treatment of sinusitis.

The treatment of sinusitis Sinuforte should be approached very
individually, since it helps one patients very well
clean the sinuses, in others, on the contrary, causes deterioration, or
just has no effect. Приведенная  ниже информация ни в
In no case should not be taken as a substitute for medical
consultation of a qualified otolaryngologist.

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Does Sinuforte really help with sinusitis?

This question interests most people with chronic
sinusitis After all, the drug is very expensive, its price ranges from
1600 to 1800 rubles, and the composition of Sinuforte according to the instructions is
лиофилизат свежего сока и экстракта клубней европейского
cyclamen. It is known that cyclamen in folk medicine is widely
used as a unique tool, relieving patients forever
from chronic sinusitis, sinusitis, polyps and adenoids.

At antritis stagnation of purulent contents in the sinuses
occurs due to impaired air circulation, mucosal edema,
therefore, most often the mucus becomes thick, dense, its accumulation
increases and the outflow becomes difficult. Going on
vicious circle. What effect does cyclamen have on sinus?
Saponins – substances contained in this plant acts on
receptors in the sinuses, energizing sensitive neurons
trigeminal nerve. When cyclamen juice gets into the nasal cavity
purulent contents liquefy, swelling is reduced
mucous membrane and outflow of fluid increases significantly.

If the patient has a history of the slightest signs
various allergic reactions to herbal, food
products, etc., the effect is often completely opposite.
When applying Sinuforte with sinus may appear
short tears, headache, burning, sneezing, if
such phenomena quickly pass, then the drug should not be canceled.
However, if the patient had a more blocked nose, an even greater
swelling of the mucous membrane, there was significant skin irritation,
redness, urticaria, shortness of breath, up to angioedema, should
stop using it and consult a doctor.


If the patient has doubts about the alleged
allergic reaction to his cyclamen, not to spend money
in vain, you can try to use the popular treatment recipes
sinusitis cyclamen, and determine whether there is an increased
sensitivity to cyclamen juice or not.

The recipe for making cyclamen drops from antritis

To do this, thoroughly clean the cyclamen tubers with a brush,
then rub it on a fine grater, squeeze or skip through
juicer. In no case can not be used for instillation
pure juice, it should be diluted with boiled water
1: 4, and add sunflower oil or homeopathic thuja oil
in the proportion of about 1:10, otherwise you can get a burn mucous
nasopharynx that worsen the situation. Bury in the morning no more than 2
drops in each nostril, should lie on the side in which the nostril
bury the juice, then lie down for another 5-10 minutes.

Сначала будет  ощущаться сильное жжение и многократное
sneeze. If there are no allergic reactions, then such a procedure
should be done every morning for 7 days. Already for 2-3 days of the sinus
will begin to clear, purulent discharge can go out in a very large
quantity. Kalanchoe juice has a similar effect. AND
cyclamen, and Kalanchoe so many women grow at home
as a medicinal and ornamental plant, so finding it is not
will work.

При использовании сока цикламена или  Синуфорте от
antritis is necessary to strictly observe the dosage, since saponins
overdose can have a negative effect on
respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems of the body.

How to apply Sinuforte?

ANDнструкция к препарату дает понятные разъяснения как правильно
dilute the lyophilisate, illustrating step by step actions to
drug preparation. The main conditions for competent application
drug is thoroughly shaking the solution for complete
dissolving powder, should be 2 before use spraying
produce in the air, and when injected into the nose should be delayed
breathing because ingress of an aggressive irritant in
airway is dangerous.


Are there any drops of Sinuforte?

Since the use of cyclamen must be strictly metered
no Sinuforte drops exist, this remedy is available
only as a lyophilisate for the preparation of the solution and is used
in the form of a spray to clearly control the dosage.

Does Sinuforte help everyone?

Given the above, this drug can have a very
effective action for cleaning and excreting purulent contents
from the sinuses, provided that: Синуфорте

  • The patient has no allergic reactions in the history of
    any medicinal plants, chemicals, food
    immediate or delayed type
  • The patient has no polyps, cysts in the paranasal sinuses.
  • The patient does not suffer from arterial hypertension
  • Strictly followed the rules for the use of funds
  • If complex treatment of sinusitis is conducted, together with
    antibacterial, vasoconstrictor, immunotherapy, etc.

Can Sinuforte be used during pregnancy?

Even natural herbal preparations can not all be applied.
during pregnancy. Neither during pregnancy nor during breastfeeding
Sinuforte can not be used. The effect of medication on growing
children’s body has not yet been thoroughly studied, and the extra negative
side effects for a pregnant woman to anything. For today
day there are a lot of drugs for the treatment of rhinosinusitis, which
разрешено использовать during pregnancy.

 Can Sinuforte be used for children?

The instructions for the drug stipulate contraindications for
use of this remedy for children under 5 because
studies in this direction were not made. According to
For some sources, the age limit is
and 12 years, and 16 years. This is because of the growing child
the body is likely to appear inadequate response
fragile immune system – allergic manifestations of various
degree. Therefore, the medicine for sinusitis Sinuforte is considered
drug for the treatment of adults only.

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