The temperature at which the coronavirus was established dies

The temperature at which COVID-19 dies is set.

Scientists from the French University of Provence (Université de Provence – Aix-Marseille I) identified temperature required for the death of coronavirus. This is stated in a message posted in an electronic scientific library bioRxiv.


During the experiment, the researchers heated the coronavirus cells to 60 degrees Celsius for an hour and found that after heat exposure, some of its strains could multiply. Completely coronavirus died after heating to 92 degrees for 15 minutes.

The study used African green kidney cells. monkeys infected with a strain of coronavirus from a patient from Germany. Scientists placed the infected cells in two test tubes – sterile and with biomaterial. When heated in a clean environment, the viruses died, and in non-sterile coronavirus was able to continue reproduction to a level necessary to infect a person.

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