The teen athlete died of hyperhydration,having drunk at once a large amount of water

Update: February 2019

Everyone knows that without water a person dies in a few days, and
also how dangerous dehydration is for the body, especially
childish, but not many have heard about hyperhidrosis.

If you drink a lot of water in one hour, the risk is high
development of acute uremic intoxication, hypokalemia, and
ascites, swelling of the brain, lungs, leading to a deadly
to the end

The tragedy happened to a young man from Atlanta (USA). 17
old professional footballer Zairis Oliver from Douglas School
County High School, died after one of the football matches due
the fact that he drank a lot of liquid in a short time.


Опасно выпивать много воды за короткое времяA teenager
severe poisoning from excess fluid occurred,
ingested. Exercise after the match, as well
very intense heat, caused thirst and made the athlete go to

How many drank a teenager is impossible to install, but
overwork, heat, and a large volume of water have led to irreversible
process – overhydration.

Home after school, a teenager took Mom and in the car he
complained of sharp pains, abdominal cramps. After Oliver
went home, he fell to the floor, the ambulance quickly delivered
football player to the hospital. The boy fell into a coma from the onset of edema.
brain, he did not respond to any external stimuli, doctors
I had to connect it to a ventilator
and other means of life support.

All methods of intensive care and attempts to remove a teenager from
severe condition was ineffective. 5 days after
what happened the machines turned off, and Zairis died. Hyperhydration
happens when consuming 3 liters of water in 1 hour and requires
immediate dehydration therapy, otherwise lethal

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