The symptoms of chlamydia in men – treatment,effects

Update: November 2018

Chlamydia – a group of infectious diseases, pathogens
which are chlamydia. This is the kind of microorganism that
is not a bacteria, not a virus, chlamydia – 
prazitnye agents that multiply intracellularly, therefore
diagnosis of cure and treatment of chlamydia in men is significantly
difficult. The cunning of this pathogen is that almost in
half the cases of chlamydia in men, the symptoms are not
manifests itself.

With constant stressful situations, poor nutrition,
lack of proper rest when a person has
impaired immune system weakens adequate immune response
for infection – chlamydia can affect the cardiovascular system,
respiratory system – chlamydial pneumonia, musculoskeletal –
chlamydial arthritis, organs of vision – conjunctivitis, but the most common
localization of these infectious agents – urinary system
men Urogenital chlamydia is manifested by symptoms of cystitis,
простатита и  уретрита. You can determine this disease
only through specific immunoassay (ELISA) assays,
serological and molecular biological method. Chlamydia
infections are a health hazard because they have
multiple complications – impaired potency from ascending
genital tract infections, joint damage, male infertility,
vascular and heart diseases.

Therefore, if there is the slightest suspicion
urogenital dysfunction, should be excluded or confirmed
diagnosis of chlamydia. In men, they treat this disease.
Venereologists, infectiologists, urologists.

Ways of Chlamydia Transmission in Men

Chlamydial infection among all sexually transmitted diseases
by taking the leading place. Every year in our country 1.5
million people develop urogenital chlamydia, most often
Chlamydia is registered at the age of sexual activity 20-40
years, today there is an increase in the incidence among
13-17 year olds. The source of the infection can be persons with
asymptomatic, and with the active course of the disease.

Ways of Chlamydia Transmission in Men и женщин.

  • Contact. The most common is
    sexual transmission of chlamydia, and regardless of the method
    contact. Possible, but unlikely contact household way or
    family-friendly, through common personal hygiene items, clothes, bedding
    accessories, dirty hands.
  • Вертикальный: Антенатальный -во время
    беременности женщины и  интранатальный — во время рождения
    child is passed from mother to baby.

Signs of Chlamydia in Men

In 46% of men, the disease is asymptomatic, but
even in this case, the person is a carrier of infection and
potentially dangerous for the sexual partner. Incubation period
Chlamydia is 14-28 days, and often the first symptoms
diseases are noted already two weeks after doubtful
contact. What is chlamydia? Symptoms and signs
diseases may be as follows:

  • In acute chlamydia in men, the symptom is subfebrile
    body temperature 37.2-37.5С, general weakness, increased
  • From the urethra may be vitreous, watery or
    mucopurulent discharge, especially noticeable after sleep.
  • When urinating, itching, burning, first drops of urine are possible.
    may be cloudy.
  • Acute inflammation in men may be accompanied
    bleeding during ejaculation, or at the end
  • The external opening of the urethra may be swollen,
  • Sometimes men feel unpleasant or painful sensations.
    groin, lower back.
  • After infection, the symptoms of chlamydia often subside, discharge
    can only be occasionally in the morning and a person forgets about it, not
    see a doctor. Therefore, the acute phase of the disease often turns into
    chronic, leading to prostatitis, cystitis and other diseases.

Urogenital chlamydia in men – treatment

How to treat chlamydia? In men, the problem of treating this
the disease lies in the patient’s late treatment
professionals and often doctors have to deal with running
chronic urogenital chlamydia.


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When treating chlamydia, drugs of choice are based on the characteristics
chlamydia, namely that the vital activity of these microorganisms
going on inside the cells. Therefore, only antibiotics
tetracycline, macrolides and fluoroquinolones are
most suitable for therapy. Use of cephalosporins,
sulfonamides and penicillins is not advisable, because they are not high
natural activity against chlamydia.

Before treatment, the attending physician determines the duration of infection,
the onset of the first symptoms, intolerance to any
medications, possible allergic reactions and other chronic
diseases. Also on the basis of laboratory tests specified

  • Immunity
  • The state of the hepatobiliary system – liver, gallbladder,
  • Intestinal microbiocenosis
  • The condition of the urogenital tract

In the treatment of chlamydia in men, drugs are selected
specialist also taking into account the associated STDs – diseases
sexually transmitted diseases because chlamydia is often
accompanied by other infections:

  •  Антибиотики. The following are assigned

    • Tetracyclines: Doxycycline – Unidox Soluteb, Dorix,
      Vibramycin, Vibra Tabs.
    • Macrolides: Azithromycin (Sumamed, Zitromaks, Hemomitsin),
      Josamycin (Vilprafen) and Clarithromycin (Clarbact, Fromilid
    • Fluoroquinolones: Ofloxacin (Floxin, Zanotsin, Tarivid, Ofloksin),
      Levofloxacin (Tavanic, Glevo, Levostar, Flexid), Ciprofloxacin
      (Tsifran, tsyprobay, tsiprinol, Cipro-bid), Spiramycin (Rovamycin),
      Norfloxacin (Nolitsin, norbaktin), Lomefloxacin (Lomfloks),
      Sparfloxacin (Sparflo).
  • Sometimes in the treatment of chlamydia in men with complicated
    process, use immediately 2 antibiotics, as well as antifungal
    remedies (Pimafucin, Fluconazole):

    • azithromycin with ciprofloxacin
    • rifampicin with ciprofloxacin
    • доксициклин с ципрофлоксацином.

There is no single treatment for chlamydia in men,
since in each particular clinical case a qualified
the doctor determines the individual scheme of complex treatment, taking into account
all associated diseases, age of the patient, his
individual sensitivity and other factors.

Хламидиоз у мужчин — effects инфекции

With advanced forms of chronic chlamydia in men, treatment
which was not carried out, or was not very effective,
the patient is at risk of developing such serious diseases as
prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis.

  • Симптомы простатита — при воспалении
    prostate gland in men have pain in the rectum, in
    Difficulty in starting to urinate, in the groin,
    выделения из  уретры слизистые или водянистые, нарушается
  • Симптомы уретрита — зуд в уретре, частые
    urge to urinate, purulent or mucopurulent discharge,
    chronic chlamydial urethritis may cause stricture development
  • Симптомы эпидидимита — это воспаление придатка
    testicle, which is usually characterized by high body temperature,
    an increase in the appendage, which ultimately leads to
    infertility and impaired spermatogenesis.
  • Болезнь Рейтера — хламидийные конъюнктивит,

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